Parasite Inc.

Short Interview with Parasite Inc. – Summer Breeze 2016 and the future


Hey, you guys have been quite silent these days, so I ask you about your highlights of the year so far and your upcoming activities. First of all, did you enjoy the show at Summer Breeze? How was the audience there?

Kai: Hell yeah, we did. In general the audience at Summer Breeze is always great and it was really fun to play for them. I only wish we would have had more time on stage.

Did you feel any difference between your on-stage experience at Summer Breeze 2010 for the first time and this time?

Kai: Hmm, compared to nowadays we were really not well prepared for that kind of stage - probably even for any kind of stage. There was a lot of chaos in the band and around the band at that time and chaos is truly not your friend when it comes to show preparations. I remembered that before I walked on the stage this year and it felt great to see how things have progressed.


I heard you played a new song “This World” for the first time at that time. Is it true? I’m curious about the reaction you got from the people there.

Kai: True it is: “This World” is one of the new songs and we played it live there for the first time. To be honest, I didn't check for any reactions but I guess they just listened to the song?

Did you have time to enjoy the fest as a metal fan? Any favorite show?

Kai: We had some schedule this year, so we missed some bands but I think everybody in the band managed to check his favorites. My personal highlights were Lost Society, Arch Enemy and Evil Invaders.

Funny story: I ran into Lost Society and took their stage picture. Since I'm not an actual photographer I simply added our logo to their stage picture that they used later for facebook. They will never know, hehe. You can check it out here: Lost Society Summer Breeze photo on facebook
Of course you also should check them live!

Do you have any plan to show us “This World” within a couple of months in any way? For example: a lyrics video.

Kai: Unfortunately, there is no such plan. I mean, we are working on a video for that but it won't be released before the next album.

Well, you played in Norway this year for the first time, didn’t you? How was the trip to the land of mighty Vikings?

Kai: It was really awesome: Intense audience, great people all around and too much moonshine for me, haha. Good times!

Did the people there go crazy with your show?

Kai: Yes they did. We never had such an intense audience before. Big kudos to the people at Karmøygeddon!


As far as I know, “Time Tears Down” is still selling well and you have passionate fans from all over the world. How are you feeling about it?

Kai: The success is still kinda surreal to us for sure and we are still often surprised what our music moves for us and for the people. At the end of the day we just feel very thankful that it is so much appreciated.

So, time flies so quickly, we are all curious about your new record. Is everything going well with the song writing process so far?

Kai: It's annoyingly slow but beside that it's going well. The songs are growing step by step and to me they sound much more focused and intense with a tighter connection between music and lyrics. I'm pretty optimistic that people who dig Time Tears Down will also dig the new material.

How long should we be waiting for your new album? Sorry, it must be a nasty question for you, haha.

Kai: Does it count when I say “It's going to be released before Wintersun's Time II”? :P

Indeed it's a pretty nasty question and I get it almost every day these days. I'm currently at a point where I've become very hesitating with any predictions about a release date. We really want to make sure that we are as happy with the new stuff as we were when we did TTD and the last thing we will do for sure is to put something out that we are not satisfied with.

Anyway, don’t you think it’s about time for making a new official music video, do you? It’s been a long time since you released “Pulse of The Dead” and the video got a big success for spreading the word about the band then.

Kai: You mean like before it's too late and we get old and crumpled? ;)

I don't think so. I even don't want to waste too much thoughts about it now. The most important thing is the music itself... everything else comes later.

Will you play at Metal Christmas, won’t you? Could you tell us about the fest?

Kai: Yes, our last show for 2016 will be at Metal Christmas in Bielefeld alongside with Nothgard, Suidakra, Soulbound and a bunch of other bands. I'm really excited for it since I've never seen some of those bands live before and it's been a while since we had the chance to see our friends in Soulbound and All Will Know.
Thanks for your TIME!






Metal Christmas Bielefeld



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Summer Breeze 2015 Day 4 – Live Photo Report by Kai (Parasite Inc.)


Day 4


Kai: The final day and I actually had a tight running order with Pripjat, Dust Bolt, Breakdown Of Sanity… and I just missed them all when I got hired as an “undercover beer server” for those two guys in the picture. So I started late on that day with the dudes from Hackneyed. Tobi (the preferred sound engineer of Hackneyed and also my band) packed their songs into a punchy and crisp sound! Good sound to a good show – did anyone expect something else?





When I reached to Cannibal Corpse the band had already started their set. The securities seriously had no easy job with the waves of incoming crowd surfers and the head banging people seriously had no easy job with keeping up to the merciless head banging of Corpsegrinder, haha. Hm, he has that big tummy actually just to keep a proportion to his neck, does he?


6_Cannibal Corpse

Exactly 10 years ago I have seen Dark Tranquility for the last time on Summer Breeze. Haha, those dudes have become pretty old… oh, wait…



Let’s better continue with the next band: Nightwish. Once after the split with Tarja and the entering of Anette I lost my interest in that band, because I never could get much into Anette’s voice in combination with the band. With Floor they got a powerful and versatile voice back to the band and I enjoyed almost every minute of that show with its huge sound and stage effects. Almost? Yes, because giving the audience almost 8 minutes of stupid outro music is just not sugoi! Or did I miss a point with that?






With the last canned tones of Nightwish and the beginning of the rain I went to my last band that was just perfect to end this final day with another wonderful sound robe: Ghost Brigade. Only 365 days until Summer Breeze 2016…



PS: So far announced for the next year are Sabaton, Subway To Sally, Korpiklaani, Exodus and Kärbholz... Looks like I am going to have a lot of beer pause beside Exodus!


All photos at Summer Breeze 2015 Day 4 taken by Kai (Parasite Inc.)

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Summer Breeze 2015 Day 3 – Live Photo Report by Kai (Parasite Inc.)


Day 3

Kai: On that afternoon the buds from Necrotted had their show on the camel stage. I and Benni were joining them to film their show a bit (I suppose the video will be revealed later this year - If you want to see what they made out of the material you can follow them on Necrotted Facebook.

While I was just enjoying the brutal sound of Thy Art Is Murder the festival organization gave a warning for an incoming thunderstorm and since I was still carrying all my camera and PC gear with me I felt like it would be better to bring it to my car. As it turned out that was not a bad idea, because soon after I reached to my car the storm hit and the festival got stopped for around an hour.


As the rain was almost gone I continued with watching great shows of Suicide Silence and Ektomorf. Btw. obviously Ektomorf enjoyed their intense show so much that they just ignored any stage time rules and overran their stage time for around 7min.






Time for my personal festival headliner: Trivium! I think I missed the joke with an Iron Maiden song as an intro (even when it’s Trivium). However, the band started with “Silence In the Snow” into an hour of their greatest hits – performed ridiculously tight and supported by a great light show and a lot of steam fountains! Awesome!




I can’t say Matt’s talking between the songs was really entertaining but it just reflected how overwhelmed the band itself was with the possibility to headline this event. Btw. did I already mention that they were insanely tight?

Despite the release of their new album, “Cradle Of Filth” surprised the audience with a simple backdrop from “Bitter Suits To Succubi” (wtf?) and started with Cthulu Dawn into a set that covered actually everything I was wishing to hear from them, hehe. Only the sound felt a bit disappointing but that’s not uncommon for the pain stage.






All photos at Summer Breeze 2015 Day 3 taken by Kai (Parasite Inc.)

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Summer Breeze 2015 Day 2 – Live Photo Report by Kai (Parasite Inc.)


Day 2

Kai: Who the hell left the heater on 35°C? Maybe I should have waited ‘til the evening before I try to get a Summer Breeze shirt. I had luck and “only” had to wait around 45 min at this time.
The handling of the official merchandise was a bit disappointing again. 40000 people on the festival and they make limited shirt editions to 333 piece? Some persons I talked to were even like “I won’t get a shirt because I am just not willed to wait 2 hours in a line” … sounds not really economic to me. At least they split the band merchandise from the official merchandise – great!




However, after I got my shirt I started my band day with Rogash. We already shared the stage with them earlier that year and it was great to watch them playing without being busy with my own band.

The drum tech from Black Stone Cherry must be a good paid full time member of the band because without him the band never could make it past the first song for sure. Why? Because Mr. Young (drummer) was beating the drum kit so badly and messing up all the time with throwing sticks in the air that the tech was constantly running around to tighten screws, collecting lost sticks or even holding a microphone to the drummer’s mouth. Anyway I enjoyed the performance and music of the band.


I’ve already seen Onkel Tom some weeks ago and now I was finally able to get my Sodom debut! Damn that was old school but punchy!




For the next band I was curious if people are now throwing beer mugs to the singer ;) From all the shows I have seen this year, John Coffey did the most sympathetic one. I couldn’t really decide who had more fun with that show: The band or the audience?





After that I checked a bit Opeth just to feel vindicated again that progressive metal will just never ever be my kind of music. Beer pause.





Kreator is Kreator. I mean, you can’t do anything wrong with Kreator: The show, the lights, the sound – The Thursday headliner did a seasoned yet great show. Amorphis finished that hot and dusty day for me.




 All photos and videos at Summer Breeze 2015 Day 2 taken by Kai (Parasite Inc.)

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Summer Breeze 2015 Day 1 – Live Photo Report by Kai (Parasite Inc.)


Kai: October 2014 – Summer Breeze is over, my camera seems to be finally broken and the lineup for the next year looks like it won’t be my taste at all... I guess I won’t go there next year. 

2015 – 12 August … It’s a sunny afternoon and I’m on my way to the festival ground. The lineup is great, I got a new camera and a year without Summer Breeze is just like having no summer holidays.

So here we go with another fast personal report of the festival in 2015. Short side note: I try to do a bit less blabla so there’s more room for pictures (which are probably more interesting than my words)

Day 1


 Kai: For the first time the campground already opened on Tuesday and it obviously helped to avoid some of the traffic jams – at least I didn’t run into any bigger on this Wednesday afternoon. Overall you can find a lot of tiny improvements along the way to the stages: Separated footpaths for the people, more entrances to the stage area, a slightly grown camel stage and more…




I first wanted to wait for Deserted Fear with listening to Thränenkind but quickly skipped to Panzer at the T-stage. (Note to myself: Post black metal is not your kind of music).

4_Thraenenkind 5_Thraenenkind




In general the T-Stage had a great sound this year! Leaving my position at the Camel stage was not that good idea, though. After I was back from Panzer the whole area was crowded with people who were waiting to celebrate Deserted Fear. I never experienced so many people in front of the camel stage but Deserted Fear definitely deserved every ear for their (what I would call) “modern old-school death metal”!

9_Deserted Fear


Actually I’m not so into Sonic Syndicate but I totally enjoyed their live show! They sounded harder than on CD and started a good party with the crowd!




After that I was just walking around for a while, meeting with friends and enjoyed the lights of that tiny town from the main stage area. Day 1 over and out.







All photos at Summer Breeze 2015 Day 1 taken by Kai (Parasite Inc.)

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Parasite Inc. – Interview about the play through video “In The Dark”


One of my beloved melodeath bands (and my most familiar support band) PARASITE INC. released their first play-through video "In The Dark" a couple of weeks ago after the big success of their very first official music video "The Pulse of the Dead". I had an interview with Kai from the band about the play-though video and their upcoming plan. He also showed me some outtake photos from the video shooting.

Hi, how’ve you been?

Kai: Pretty busy as always but fine, thanks.

Through the latest play-through video “In the Dark”, I’m pretty happy to see that you are still fully active in the scene! And, this time, you are going to show us some outtake photos and some off-topic episodes about the video, right?

Kai: Yeah, at least that’s the plan.

Okay, first, could you tell us about the location that you filmed it?

Kai: We filmed at the bar below our rehearsal room.  The bar is well known among local musicians and the whole building is often “misused” for photo and video shoots. For example you can check out the latest music video from our colleagues of Skeleton Pit:


In those pics, I recognized there were two different locations. Could you give us any explanation about it?

Kai: Oh yes, we first wanted to shoot it at Stefan’s living room to have a more comfy ambience but things didn’t work out well and after we checked the (not so great) results we decided to do it again.

You guys look very relaxed in some pics. How many times did you do another take for that?

Kai: After our first try we didn’t want to do it in hurry again and took a whole day for setting up everything. Since we only had a single camera we played the song a couple of times in the main angle and later filmed it additionally from different angles – you know, just tried a few things to see what would work and what not.

Did you use any special equipment for the shooting?

Kai: Nope, we just bought 2 additional lights to get a better lighting.  We had a laptop connected to a stereo for the backing track and our ordinary gear - that was all then.

Did you feel nervous about the camera that filming up-close view of your guitar play especially the solo part?

Kai: As for me: Sure, haha.  I’m not so into being filmed. I dunno about the other guys though.



There was the former guitarist Kevin at the shooting, right? Did he join to play there?

Kai: No no. He kinda belongs to the inventory of the bar and is often there and I only took some pictures of him for his personal purposes.

By the way, did you start writing new songs for the next album?

Kai: Yes, we are currently writing on new songs and preparing first steps for the next release.  Everything is still in an early stage so I can’t give you any further details about it yet.

Do you feel huge pressure for making another great album after the smashing success of “Time Tears Down”?

Kai: Hm, it’s so-so. I think there’s basically no feeling of pressure when it comes to the quality of new songs – we just do what we always did then. But seen by the matter of “time” there is surely some pressure because the challenge is to write the next album in a much shorter period of time. Anyway, at the end of the day it’s all about the song and we’d never compromise a song over time.

Will you plan to release the new album next year?

Kai: We can’t be more concrete about that yet but yes that’s the plan.  

Are you excited to play in Norway next year?

Kai: Of course, we’re totally super excited to do that!

Could you tell us your upcoming live schedule?

Kai: Next we’re going to have a show in Regensburg on 10th July and the day after we’re going to play the only festival show this summer at the Sunstorm festival.  There will be some more shows later that year but we mainly keep it rather quiet and just focus on the next release. (Btw: This time we won’t promise to be faster than Wintersun with the release, haha).

I’ve just remembered the saying “Once bitten, twice shy” somehow, hahaha. Seriously I’m happy to hear that you already started writing new songs for a new album. Thanks a lot for your time for this interview!


PARASITE INC. Official Facebook


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Summer Breeze 2014 review by Kai (Parasite Inc.) – Day4

Bands bands bands bands and shitty weather - Summer Breeze 2014!


Day 4 – Metal Marathon

Saturday – I must admit that 4 days of rainy and cold festival weather can be exhausting and so I changed my plan a bit, skipped Callejon, Texas in July and some other bands and started late on that last day with Impaled Nazarene.

1. Last Day

There are bands that need a huge stage set and sophisticated lights to make their show perfect. Impaled Nazarene is one of that bands where it works the other way around: It just wouldn’t fit to their music. Luttinen (vocals) started the show with preaching and drinking beer but switched soon to whiskey to get his vocals in shape for the 14 songs of devastation that were hitting the T-Stage. I loved it!

5. Impaled Nazarene-3

Wintersun - Almost 10 years after their first show in Germany (also on Summer Breeze) they were finally back and it was great to see the huge steps they made with their show, especially with the sound and the perfection of playing. However with all that delay of Time 2 it felt almost like derision when they introduced The Way Of The Fire as a new song. I think I am going to check the band again in 2020 (after they finished building their studio palace in 2016 and releasing Time 2 in 2018, haha).

7. Wintersun 8. Wintersun

Speaking of time: Right after Wintersun it was time for me to finish Summer Breeze 2014 with the Saturday’s headliner Heaven Shall Burn. Like Machine Head they awaited the fans with an impressive stage decoration and an awesome light show – inclusive huge fire and steam fountains. From the opener Counterweight to the encore Valhalla – HSB destroyed the whole place with a set of their greatest songs. Maybe you like their music or not but HSB are just an incredibly strong live force!

10. Heaven Shall Burn

1. Counterweight
2. Land of the Upright Ones
3. The Omen
4. Combat
5. Voice of the Voiceless
6. Hunters Will Be Hunted
7. The Martyrs' Blood
8. Behind a Wall of Silence
9. Godiva
10. Black Tears
11. Awoken - Endzeit
12. Die Stürme rufen Dich
13. Of No Avail
14. The Weapon They Fear
15. The Disease
16. Trespassing the Shores of Your World
17. Valhalla

9. Stage Shall Burn 11. Heaven Shall Burn 13. Heaven Shall Burn 12. Heaven Shall Burn

In the end this was a hell of a festival – the weather sucked many times but the line-up was one of the best line-ups ever and it was fun to watch every single band. I only wish I had seen more of them - haha. Anyway, after Summer Breeze is before Summer Breeze. See you next year hopefully – cheers.

Kai (Parasite Inc.)

 Parasite Inc. official website




Summer Breeze 2014 review by Kai (Parasite Inc.) – Day3

Bands bands bands bands and shitty weather - Summer Breeze 2014!


Day 3 – pink mud

Kai: Friday –Dark clouds, rain, mud and cold temperatures were welcome me on the festival ground. Most of the people didn’t care about the rain at all but you could feel the mood is not the same without that sunny weather.

1. clouds over summer breeze

Okay not at the t-stage: Omnium Gatherum delivered some great moments to forget about the shitty weather and took the audience through an exciting set with their great songs like “new dynamic” or “the sonic sign”.

3. omnium gatherum 4. omnium gatherum 2. omnium gatherum

Right after Omnium Gatherum I rushed over to the camel stage for the old school death band Wound. Actually I only wanted to check them out for some songs but since I like old school death metal I got stuck there and missed Primal Fear.


Next band should have been JBO but I decided to stay away after I saw them throwing pink dust bombs all over the area. And I don’t like to wear pink. Machine Head must have been not happy about it as well because their stage set got covered with pink dust as well. Even the rain that started after their show couldn’t wash away the pink color… to the joy of many pink colored people that had to wait for the next real shower.

6. JBO

My next band was Ignite which started under massive rain but made the sun shine for their fans with a lot of hits from the album “Our darkest days”.

8. Ignite 9. after the rain... 10. ...there is more rain

You know it is too much rain when the camera gets wet inside your jacket and so I decided to skip Gamma Ray for a rest and a quick stop at Annisokay.
Jesus, their singer looks like Jesus… with glasses. Okay I didn’t like the Miley Cyrus Cover “Wrecking Ball” but their show was really great. Wall of death? Circle pit? They made it happen in front of the small camel stage.

14. annisokay-2


16. hooray there is sun 17. august burns...

August Burns Red entered the stage and for once on that day the sun came out to support their show with a red burning august sunset… what an atmosphere and what a 1st class metalcore show that found its climax with a huge audience choir at “Empire”.

18. red 19. red

I can’t say a lot about Carcass… again… I mean once I saw them at Wacken in 2008 and was disappointed with their “reunion” show. This time I was able to get more into it: Jeff made a lot of funny comments and tried to speak some words in German (which was probably as horrible as my English here but it was fun). I think I don’t need to say anything about the hits?

21. waiting for machineheads

After having a rest it was time for Machine Head. Gosh, I expected much but I even got more. From the stage to the music from the lights to the pyros: Machine Head gave 100% and hijacked the audience entirely with a catchy set. Latest when thousands of people sing along to “darkness within” you know that Machine are the perfect band to lead this festival.

22. Machine Head 26. Machine Head 24. Machine Head Machine Head be continued


Parasite Inc. website


Summer Breeze 2014 review by Kai (Parasite Inc.) – Day2

Bands bands bands bands and shitty weather - Summer Breeze 2014!


Day 2 – good bands – bad bands

1. The main stage+

Kai: Thursday – hell that’s going to be the best metal day ever! First band: The Unguided.
Okay forget about The Unguided… I missed it. Let’s get over to the good stuff:

Of Mice And Men cancelled their appearance, so it was a pleasure to see Hackneyed instead of them on the Pain Stage. Hackneyed surely have not won the price for the best sound on that day but on the other hand, who needs the perfect sound when you can simply crush everything away with freakin’ low ends and an agile appearance?

4. Hackneyed 3. Hackneyed 2. Hackneyed

6. Caliban



Kai: Next Band: Caliban. Circle pits, wall of death, flying people, flying shoes... the whole area was moving from the very first second to an excellent sound and show! Unfortunately I couldn’t watch the show ‘til the end because of one of my main acts this year: Arch Enemy.




8. Caliban7. Caliban

9. Arch Enemy


Kai: And with Arch Enemy it’s time for <Face palms round 2>: Who the hell placed them that early in the running order? The venue was definitely more packed than at the headliner later.





Just let that short video tell you everything you need to know:

11. Arch Enemy

10. Arch Enemy

12. Arch Enemy




Kai: It’s been exactly 10 years since I have seen Equilibrium for the last time on Summer Breeze and a lot has changed in the band: The original line-up is almost gone and the feeling has changed from “viking honey wine” to “Bavaria beer party”. However the music was still the same and the party was big as usual with their old and new hits.





Kai: Actually I was looking forward to Down but I decided to ignore them entirely and take some pictures of the venue instead. I seriously don’t want to watch a band that blames the audience for being boring while the band itself is playing boring music and the singer is drunk on stage…

16. Night 22. Nuclear blast tent

Kai: At least I had more time to enjoy God Dethro… I mean Winter Of Sin: The band around Henri Sattler is one of my latest death metal discoveries and a real sinister jewel. That was fun… death metal fun, hehe.

21. Winter of sin 19. Winter of sin 20. Winter of sin

Kai: I skipped the awesome show of Behemoth for a better position at Children Of Bodom but honestly I had very mixed feelings with their appearance. First: A big “thumbs up” for the great sound and a sober band that smashed through a set packed with nothing but hits. Musically it was perfect for me and I enjoyed every single song but beside that everything had just that gigantic taste of routine and seen by the non-existent light-show and the non-existent stage set it even didn’t feel right to have them as a headliner on the main stage.

Sure, in the end it’s all about the music and possibly it’s complaining on a high level but damn it, if you are one of the main acts on one of the biggest metal festivals in Germany you may please act as one.

26. Bodom 23. Bodom

24. Bodom2

27. Bodom

Kai: So after their last song “in Your Face” I left the main stage with some mixed feelings about one of my favorite bands and quit day 2 with a bit Testament and Eskimo Callboy.

28. Eskimo callboy

… to be continued.




Summer Breeze 2014 review by Kai (Parasite Inc.) – Day1

Here is the fabulous review of the incredible dream fest SUMMER BREEZE 2014 by Kai from PARASITE INC.! Since I knew the fest had such an amazing lineup including 3 gorgeous headlining bands: Children Of Bodom, Machine Head and Heaven Shall Burn, I was extremely curious about everything from the fest. Thanks so much Kai for his huge efforts for the review! So, let's start from the beginning!

Bands bands bands bands and shitty weather - Summer Breeze 2014!

Kai: Ladies and gentlemen, guess what? It's 2014! And guess what? My this year's Summer Breeze hvacation probably contained the best line up of bands since I visited the festival for the first time back in 2002.

I'm not that guy who's actually drinking a lot on festivals anymore. So I can remember more of the bands and write it down in another tiny report for you guys. So, enjoy some notes and impressions from Summer Breeze 2014!


Day 1 - Nuclear Blast Label Night
Kai: As usual, Day 1 belongs to Nuclear Blast and the renamed party tent that from now on is called "T-Stage" in memory of the late Michael Trengert who was one of the organizers of the festival.

So it's a rainy Wednesday afternoon when I reached right in time to the T-stage for Lost Society. From the shoes to the music the band is the full evil reincarnation of pure 80ies thrash metal mixed with some sweet guitar solos and an insanely agile performance. Awesome! If you have the chance to watch those guys live you better do.

Lost Society

2. The T-Stage 4. Lost Society 3. Lost Society 6. Lost Society

Actually I only knew some videos before of the next band: Tenside! A very pleasant modern metal appearance and a fat sound started the party on the Camel stage. Who cares about rain with such a great band? Obviously no one because the area in front of the stage was already well visited.

Btw. it was awesome to see that the Camel stage well visited all the days and a lot of people joined the smaller bands there. Many bands were acting highly professional and sometimes you had to wonder how those bands could still only play on such a small stage. More about that later ;)


8. Tenside 7. Tenside

A huge facepalm to the merchandise booth: Seriously, 35000 people and they can’t manage a merchandise booth where you don’t have to wait 2 fucking hours to get a shirt before it is even sold out on the official opening day? At least crowdsurfing wasn’t necessary this year and it was less chaotic. Anyway I experienced not less people avoiding the merchandise booth because of the long waiting times.

1. waiting line at the merch booth 9. The weather is getting better - not 10. Waiting

Back to the bands: I should mention that somehow after Lost Society’s appearance every band felt like acting in slow motion and so did Unleashed. The Swedish viking death metal forefathers were not running around like crazy on stage but finest death metal classics don’t need an agile appearance… they just need to be smashed into the audience.


15. Unleashed 13. Unleashed-2

And here ends my first day. I was not that much prepared for the cold rainy weath and decided to safe my energy for the next days. Time to get my pants tightened and start the Summer Freeze.

11. Sun chairs in the VIP area


... to be continued.

 PARASITE INC. Homepage 


PARASITE INC. short interview about their latest activity


Could you introduce us your new second guitar player Dominik with his history?

Kai: Well, I’m pretty new to Dominik and don’t know him well yet.
He is a founding member of his former pop-rock band “Livid Halcyon” in which also Benni played before. The band split up in 2012 and after being apart from the music for a while he joined us now. He also loves cool beer and is a very relaxed guy and tight a player.

Check Dominik Sorg on the past post 

What happened with Kevin? Weren't there any bad feelings between the band and him?

Kai: Frankly said, we all had our downs with that situation but there are definitely no bad feelings between us basically and we are still good friends like we were before.
Kevin had and has some plans, struggles and continuous changes in his life that started to make it difficult for both of us to keep going together in the future.

The whole process started already a while back in 2013 and after he got a great opportunity at the end of last year to work outside of Germany, we had to find a solution how we could go on without losing too much time again with such problems.


Well, how was your latest show at Rock am Härtsfeldsee last weekend?

Kai: Totally amazing and another awesome experience! We were happy and thankful to welcome so many people in front of the stage and to the signing session after the show.
Only the set was planned a bit too tight: We packed the 30 minutes with songs but forgot to leave a bit time for talking. In the end we ended the set exactly after 30:00min.


How about the signing session there? Did you meet with a lot of new and old fans?

Kai: Thanks to Sepultura there were a bunch of people that missed the signing session: The promoter changed the schedule because the band wanted to see their world cup soccer game. Surprisingly a lot of people made their way to the session anyway and it was great to meet with a lot of old and new fans there!

1 2 4

Live photos by Rainer Ruber at (You can find more photos there!)

I heard Arch Enemy did another killer show at the fest, right? Did you see them?

Kai: Yes, I watched their entire show and for me it was also the first time with their new singer. I knew the band with Angela’s voice for around 13 years now and I still miss her a bit for that but Mrs. White-Gluz is seriously a more than worthy replacement and the show was simply killer – as usual. Can’t wait to see them again on Summer Breeze!
Stefan and I also took the chance and made it somehow to a quick and humble handshake with Michael where Stefan also gave him our CD. Probably he will rather use it as a frisbee than listen to it but it felt great to give kind of something back to the band that influenced us in many ways.


By the way, you made another awesome job with the graphic design through the new merch and the stage side banners, congrats! Did you get any feedback about it at the fest?

Kai: Thank you very much! Yes, we already got some positive feedbacks from friends and fans at the fest and just added the shirts to our online shops as well.


So, where can we buy the killer new shirts?

Kai: It can be ordered via our online-shops and we also ship worldwide:

PARASITE INC. bandcamp 

PARASITE INC. official online store