Summer Breeze 2014 review by Kai (Parasite Inc.) – Day4

Bands bands bands bands and shitty weather - Summer Breeze 2014!


Day 4 – Metal Marathon

Saturday – I must admit that 4 days of rainy and cold festival weather can be exhausting and so I changed my plan a bit, skipped Callejon, Texas in July and some other bands and started late on that last day with Impaled Nazarene.

1. Last Day

There are bands that need a huge stage set and sophisticated lights to make their show perfect. Impaled Nazarene is one of that bands where it works the other way around: It just wouldn’t fit to their music. Luttinen (vocals) started the show with preaching and drinking beer but switched soon to whiskey to get his vocals in shape for the 14 songs of devastation that were hitting the T-Stage. I loved it!

5. Impaled Nazarene-3

Wintersun - Almost 10 years after their first show in Germany (also on Summer Breeze) they were finally back and it was great to see the huge steps they made with their show, especially with the sound and the perfection of playing. However with all that delay of Time 2 it felt almost like derision when they introduced The Way Of The Fire as a new song. I think I am going to check the band again in 2020 (after they finished building their studio palace in 2016 and releasing Time 2 in 2018, haha).

7. Wintersun 8. Wintersun

Speaking of time: Right after Wintersun it was time for me to finish Summer Breeze 2014 with the Saturday’s headliner Heaven Shall Burn. Like Machine Head they awaited the fans with an impressive stage decoration and an awesome light show – inclusive huge fire and steam fountains. From the opener Counterweight to the encore Valhalla – HSB destroyed the whole place with a set of their greatest songs. Maybe you like their music or not but HSB are just an incredibly strong live force!

10. Heaven Shall Burn

1. Counterweight
2. Land of the Upright Ones
3. The Omen
4. Combat
5. Voice of the Voiceless
6. Hunters Will Be Hunted
7. The Martyrs' Blood
8. Behind a Wall of Silence
9. Godiva
10. Black Tears
11. Awoken - Endzeit
12. Die Stürme rufen Dich
13. Of No Avail
14. The Weapon They Fear
15. The Disease
16. Trespassing the Shores of Your World
17. Valhalla

9. Stage Shall Burn 11. Heaven Shall Burn 13. Heaven Shall Burn 12. Heaven Shall Burn

In the end this was a hell of a festival – the weather sucked many times but the line-up was one of the best line-ups ever and it was fun to watch every single band. I only wish I had seen more of them - haha. Anyway, after Summer Breeze is before Summer Breeze. See you next year hopefully – cheers.

Kai (Parasite Inc.)

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