Live videos from Metal Up Your Life on 06-Feb-2016

The Last Hangmen, All Will Know, Soulbound and Darkest Horizon shared the stage at Metal Up Your Life. You also can see some guys from Burden Of Life and Parasite Inc. in the absolutely stunning photo below!


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So, here we go with some fabulous videos from the concert filmed by!!!

Off-stage shot 1 - merch booth


Off-stage shot 2 - couch potatoes ~ Kötti from Burden Of Life, Johnny and Felix from Soulbound


Incredible beautiful gifts from my support bands. I love you all!!!


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SOULBOUND short interview about “Myllennium”



Congrats for the big success of your Startnext challenge! Did you expect such great results?

Johnny: Of course we already knew that we have a great fan base who grew stronger and stronger over the last few years, but we didn’t expect this, unbelievable. It’s such a great feeling to know, that there are people out there who help us realizing our visions!

Why did you carry out crowd funding for the new release?

Johnny: We were thinking about different ways to put together our new record.
We wanted to get the fans involved, as always, so the crowd funding campaign was a great opportunity to give our fans something in return for their support over the years - aside from the new CD/DVD Myllennium.

The recording process for the upcoming full-length "Myllennium" is done, right? Are you going to delegate mixing and mastering process to others or do it yourself?

Johnny: Yeah, all the recordings are done and we couldn’t be happier.
Right now, our friend and mixing engineer Conny Schattka locked himself in his studio and is working hard to get the mixing done.

The Fascination Street Studios in Sweden will then take care about the mastering of Myllennium. With clients such as Opeth, Arch Enemy and Soilwork we are more than sure that they will do a good job on Myllennium.

Why did you name the album "Myllennium"? What is the point of the title?

Johnny: All songs of Myllennium are about time and how we use it to shape our life.
Time has so many different facets in so many ways and we tried to figure out how we can put them all together. We came up with the idea, that everyone should ask themselves: How do I use my time and what are my goals with it. So in the end it’s my time, it’s my era, which I have to justify – this is Myllennium.

As far as I listened to a couple of songs (as demo) from "Myllennium", I felt you have a clear direction and confidence for what you do, so the album would be like “This is Soulbound!”. That's wonderful! How do you describe your latest music style with the album?

Johnny: We wanted to create our own style, music we would like to listen to. It took us a lot of time to experiment and to find out who we are sound wise and how we wanted to sound on our new CD. It was an interesting and challenging process but in the end we were very satisfied and we can’t wait to show you the results.

Do you have any plan to invite guest musicians for "Myllennium"?

Johnny: Actually we thought a lot about getting other musicians or bands involved in the process. The recordings were a very intimate process from the very beginning and in the end we felt like, if we’d “destroy”, this intimacy the record wouldn’t end up like we wanted it to. So the only one who was involved in the production from day one is Kai from Parasite Inc. It’s an honor to have him and his brutal voicings on our record!

Could you tell us details about the live DVD, which will be released with the album?

Johnny: A very good friend of ours – Alexander Sommer, produced the live DVD. He put a lot of effort in this project and we couldn’t picture anyone else doing the job. Being recorded live was a pretty big deal for us. Knowing that someone, who we trust is responsible for it, was a big relief. It was recorded at our homecoming concert – Metal Christmas 2013.

When will you be ready to release the new album and DVD?

Johnny: The official release date is on our release concert: 25.09.2015. The estimated time of publication for our crowd funders is in July.


Live Photos by Geerd Jacobs Photography

Many band guys in Germany told me Soulbound are a pretty passionate live gang! So I’m really looking forward to watching the live DVD. And of course, I can’t wait for the first full-length studio album "Myllennium". I’m honored to be part of the album as crowd-funding backer and I think every backer of the album would be feeling like that. So, good luck and keep up the good job!   

SOULBOUND Official web site

SOULBOUND Official facebook



Soulbound’s crowdfunding – Be part of “Myllennium“

The social network made a borderless world and you can feel more closer to the people from other countries than before wherever you live. Such a fabulous environment you have because you can easily know about tons of metal bands in the world, and it doesn't matter they are major bands, indie bands or DIY bands! On the other hand, internet society totally messed up the value of music, you can easily dig it on YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, blah blah blah... without paying... to the valuable art. It's not only about money but also your respect. Of course it has been said over and over again but the most awful fact about it is those kind of people who do not pay for music accuse the times and try to evades its responsibility.

I love one of genius quotes by A. Einstein - "In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity." I think it's a great chance to make it better by both of bands and true fans for fighting against exploiters via buying music directly from bands and kicking out thieves hopefully. Crowdfunding could be one of the finest ways! It would be a test for bands and fans as supporter. Bands should put all passions and efforts to make music professional because no one want to spend money for its earning some spare cash with irresponsible work. And about you, fans, if you love metal music from the bottom of your heart and never want to see the world without metal, now it's time to make an action. Show your respects for bands and its music, be their epic supporter. It's a kind of "pay it forward campaign". As a token of gratitude for their awesome music, you spend money for their music and spread the word about them to other people. It's simple and useful.

Well, here's the newest crowdfunding campaign by one of my support bands SOULBOUND. They are struggling to make their first full-length "Myllennium“ professional with full-force. Hopefully, you check it out and be part of it, thanks.

SOULBOUND crowdfunding campaign page



SOULBOUND released a new music video “Towards The Sun”


The energetic alternative extreme metal force SOULBOUND released the brand-new music video "Towards The Sun". It's filmed at Metal Christmas 2013 and the song is from their current record "Towards The Sun" but it's rerecording version. Check it out!

SOULBOUND are going to release a new record called "Blind Progress" as EP, it will be out on August 1st.

Check more info on SOULBOUND Official Facebook !

SOULBOUND new EP "Blind Progress" pre-order: SOULBOUND Official Online Store 






Soulbound at Out and Loud Fest 2014

Here’s another awesome review of OUT & LOUD 2014 by my beloved alternative metal band SOULBOUND. They talked enthusiastically about the three-days-metal-party with the legion of New Wave Of German Metal!

Oh. My. God.

Who would've thought of that? A band from out in the sticks plays on a stage almost 220 miles away and the crowd goes freakin' nuts.

Thank you, Out&Loud! We couldn't have asked for more! Absolutely incredible! It was a big family reunion more than "just" a festival. The New Wave Of German Metal met for the very first time in it's entirely. A bunch of tents, lots of booze, awesome concerts and a whole lot of fun.

Arriving at 6 in the Morning, we set up our tents and filled the fridge. It was the 29th of May and we were about to hit the stage in 10 hours. Enough time for us to get to know the festival area a little better. The camping site was already packed and full of people. More or less sober. We entered the actual festival area and checked out the stage we were gonna play on later that day. The stage was already set up and we couldn't wait any longer to get up there.
Unfortunately we still got some time to kill so we strolled around the festival, had a few pints and made friends with the security guys.

Finally, 2:45pm, off to the stage! Bloodspot were already tearin' it up and the crowd was goin' crazy. Aw yeah! They put on one hell of a show and more and more people bulked up in front of the stage.
We never had this much time to prepare, 1 hour! We all went through our warm up routine (naked push ups ;-), power-slides, amp-curls) and got on stage at 4pm sharp. And… holy shit. People everywhere. People who have never seen us before were down there screaming our lyrics in our faces and went completely insane! Our sound engineer Holger did a great job and we had an awesome time up there in the spotlight!
Be sure to check out the pics Bettina from Dark and Sweet things shot during the concerts!


We cleared the stage for Spirit Of The Future Sun, Legacy of Vydar and Rotovathor who continued the party!

We went back to the camping site and… let’s say, things got a little crazy. As the night progressed, the ground got covered with empty bottles more and more and the talking got a little out of hand. Parasite Inc. were convinced about the Egyptian pyramids actually being rocket launch pads, Flori was constantly talking about UFOs and at 7am Johnny’s vocal chords gave up and his voice went completely down the drain. Time to hit the bunks. Even after a couple hours of sleep, he still sounded like a chipmunk with asthma.
The next two festival days can easily be described as “epic”. Yeah, we hate that word as much as you do, but there’s no way around it. Blind Guardian, Saxon, Amon Amarth, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Powerwolf, Sepultura, Behemoth, Rage, Xandria and many more shared a festival with us! Couldn’t get better than this.
After 3 days of music and partying we loaded up our stuff and headed back northwards. As we arrived at our rehearsing room to unload, we were pretty worn out but couldn’t stop thinking about the past few days. We had an amazing time and were absolutely blown away by the festival crowd!

That's how it's done, Out&Loud!
See you on stage!


pic_by_Kai merch_booth camping

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Soulbound short interview – “We’re hitting the Studio right now to record a few new tracks.”

It’s been a lil long time since we had an interview last time, huh? How have you been?

Mario: Tell me about it! Far, far too long! We’ll, as you might know, we’re hitting the Studio right now to record a few new tracks. Jonas and I just finished their recording sessions; just three more to go and hopefully we’ll be able to show the guys out there our new stuff as soon as possible! We’re not even planning to play any gigs during our time in the studio, cause we really wanna put all our time and energy in it.

Did you play much gigs since Towards The Sun was released?

Johnny: Yeah, quite a few, there were some pretty big shows among them where we really had a blast! It kinda was a good reward for spending so much time on ‘Towards the Sun’. Now the time has come to reap our award (laughs). We’re still getting so much positive feedback, feels really good.

You guys are currently working for some recordings, right? For what? Will you going to release the first full-length?

Patrick: We will definitely release a full-length-record, but not right now. We’re recording those tracks so we can send them to record companies and agencies. Plus, we’re doing this because we’re considering recording an album there and we wanted to get an idea first how we would get along with the people of Cubeaudio-Studios and how the recording session itself would feel for us.

Is there anything you can tell your fans about details of the recording stuff at this point in time?

Felix: We took off our recording session with a whole different approach. ‘Towards The Sun’ was recorded in many different places with different equipment each time. This time, we wanted to do it different, all magic will happen at Cubaudio-Studios. Also, this is our first time actually working together with a producer; it really took the recording process on a whole new level. Anyway, we don’t want to beat the fans to the punch; all we can say we’re having a whole lot of fun recording those tracks and we can’t wait to show you guys our new stuff!

As far as I saw photos of the recording, you guys’re in a very good mood and enjoying it, right? How can you keep your motivation for it? I guess recordings are tough stuff, right?

Jonas: We’re doing the thing we love with the people we like most, together, as a unit. It’s as simple as that. Besides, right now, we’re getting to know a studio and producers who’re really trying to push us forward, beyond the stage that we’re in now. This process by itself is motivation enough. Sure, recording sessions are pretty tough, but all in all, if you’re hearing the music you create coming together for the first time, it really speaks for itself, awesome feeling! It’s the thrill to create a musical piece and show it to the people out there and see how they react, that’s kinda one of our drugs that we’re addicted to (laughs), besides playing gigs, of course.

I found out you’re going to produce some new designed shirts, right? Can you tell me about it? Who designed it?

Jonas: Right, we designed some awesome new T-Shirts, all of them were conceived by out guitar guy Patrick. Of course, all of those T-Shirts are fair-trade and high-quality, we don’t want to sell some cheap bull-crap which wears out after washing it two times. We want people to actually wear our stuff and be happy and maybe even a little bit proud of it!

Thank you so much guys! Good luck for the new record! I would love to have a longer interview with you when you’ve finished ‘em all!

GERMAN EXTREME METAL Live at B-hof Würzburg

On 14th April 2012, finally this amazing show German Extreme Metal (organized by Hakan Gülsem) came true! It means those four kick-ass band – PARASITE INC., BLEEDING RED, ALL WILL KNOW and SOULBUND from my support bands shared the same stage at that night! Kai from one of those awesome bands PARASITE INC. showed me how it was… Thank you so much Kai for your efforts! So, here we go!

Well, how can I start now? We (PARASITE INC.) were looking much forward to that gig in several ways. First it was a honor for us to play in Würzburg with some bands we really like and listen to and that are also supported by you. Personally I was eager to see SOULBOUND and ALL WILL KNOW live and to share the stage with BLEEDING RED again after a long time.

Okay, we reached early at the venue (a really cool youth centre by the way) and first we met there was Johnny (SOULBOUND). First words of him were some greetings from Hendrik (SYRANIC) kinda like “you fuckers still haven’t sent your CD to me”. Hendrik I am sorry and hope it reached you meanwhile :).

After having a look at the venue and saying hello to some guys from the bands I wanted to hang out in a castle park near the venue but didn’t recognize the closing times. So, once I wanted to get back to the venue I was imprisoned there and couldn’t get out anymore… Uh-oh, I was in trouble, haha. Luckily a guy found me and opened the gate for me again, so I was back right in time for the show of SOULBOUND.

What can I say about SOULBOUND on stage? Beside that they are really friendly and relaxed guys(like all other people at this evening btw.) their show looked totally professional and motivating. Oh, and the songs are punching much more than on CD! Only problem for me, the show was too short ;).


Actually I feel sorry that I can’t say much about ALL WILL KNOW. I only was able to listen to the first 2 songs with a great show but I had to prepare for the gig behind the stage and couldn’t recognize much of them. Too bad coz I really like their songs and I hope I can see them once again with their complete line up.

Note: For some reason, Mo(on clean vocals) couldn’t join the show at that night.


Well, how can I say about our gig? It’s always hard to describe a gig of yourself coz you don’t see it like the audience sees it, of course. So I only can speak about my personal impression and for me it felt rather as a messed up one… Kevin used my wireless transmitter and already after the intro he started losing it over again. (Dude, you jump too much hahaha ;) ). I remember Benni also dropped his sticks and personally I felt like cursed with the show: First I got electric shocks from the microphone over again, then I dropped my guitar pick over again during the songs, got nervous and messed up with playing. That never happened to me before lol. What a mess. Remember: Pick holder have their sense. However I hope the people could enjoy it anyway a bit :)


I was relaxing then with another great show of BLEEDING RED. There’s nothing more to say about it: Great is just great! And it was really cool to share the stage again after years now :)


After the end of the show we joined the organizer with the other bands to a metal club not far from the venue and hung out there for a while with talking, drinking relaxing and playing table football. @SOULBOUND: You have to practice ‘til our next meeting to beat Sammy ;)

All in all it was a great evening with great people and I think I can speak also for the rest of the band if I say: Thanks to you all for the awesome time and we are looking forward to see you again. Also thanks so much to Hakan for the great organization.
Stay Heavy \m/

The blast photo of guys from SOULBOUND, BLEEDING RED, PARASITE INC. and ALL WILL KNOW! (Unfortunately, Mo and Danny from ALL WILL KNOW couldn’t join in the photo. But all you guys are always on my mind!)

The comment from SOULBOUND about this photo:
At this point greetings and thanks to Hakan and Kumi (Japan) for their energetic support of that quadripartite team. (Kumi, thanks a lot for all your effort and for all your support during the last years for all of us! - this show was for you!)

PS: As you maybe know we are still recording our album and I can tell you that the guitars are almost done now as well as many parts of the drums. We start with bass and vocal recordings soon then, so be prepared for the upcoming weeks with some news about it.

Thank you so much all guys from PARASITE INC, BLEEDING RED, ALL WILL KNOW and SOULBOUND. I really love you all! You guys rules! Kumi666

Check out the bands official facebook pages:


Check out the round 1 at first, if you didn’t try it yet. Bloodspot VS. Soulbound Part 1

Me: How have you guys been these weeks?

Mario: Actually pretty well, thanks! We took a little time off to concentrate a little more on playing gigs and getting new songs together, we really needed that. All this organization stuff is getting pretty dull after a while and it’s kinda nice to get your creativity going for a change. Times like these give us new energy and motivation to carry on and to remember ourselves: Fuck yeah, this is awesome!

Me: I had an interview with you guys about the new CD "Towards The Sun" already, so this time I would like to hear about your gigs those past months. How was BAD SANTA RETURNS tour on last Dec? How were the gigs with Bloodspot guys? I heard Bloodspot are the great live band! Is that true?

Mario: The gigs we played just after putting out our new CD were pretty amazing, the first ones we played were all set up for the Bad Santa Returns Tour 2011 with our mates from Bloodspot and Hope Dies First. We had such a fuckin’ amazing time touring with them and we also got to sell a whole bunch of copies from ‘Towards The Sun’! It feels really good to see people who don’t know us appreciate what we do and buy our CD after they saw you on stage.

Me: How do you think about Bloodspot’s new songs?

Mario: Holy f**k, all we can say is: Thrash- /death metal at its finest! Doesn’t matter if you’re listening to their CD or their live performance, it’ll blow you away. Buy this CD; you won’t regret it, cross my heart! They’re such talented guys and they can manage the one thing that very few bands accomplish: They sound even better live than on CD!

Me: Now a bunch of "Towards The Sun" CDs are available in Japan. How do you feel about it?

Mario: First of all, thank you, Kumi, for making this possible! Of course, it’s fuckin’ awesome to know, that a few thousand miles away your own CD is being sold in 3 of the biggest Stores in Tokyo! We just couldn’t believe it until you showed us the picture! (laughs) Right now, we’re pretty curious about how the Japanese people will react to our music; we can’t wait to find out!

Me: As you told me, you guys signed with the record label and "Towards The Sun" will be officially available in Europe on this March, right? Do you have any plans for the official CD release day? Will you guys have a release party or so? Do you guys get any nice reactions about the CD from the listeners already?

Mario: That’s right! We’ll play a few concerts with our friends from All Will Know, great guys, check them out! We’re not planning to do an actual CD release party, the release date is just the date from which you can purchase the CD in digital online stores, like iTunes and so on. Yeah we did get a lot of feedback and we were really surprised about them, since this is our first CD and we were not really sure how people would react but all in all, people who bought our CD were pretty stoked and of course we were, too!

Thanks so much Mario!

Check out Soulbound’s very first CD “Towards The Sun” !
SOLBOUND Facebook:

Soulbound’s professional music video from Towards The Sun – Halloween

References: All live pictures of the band "Soulbound" by Rune Fleiter.


I had interviews with BLOODSPOT and SOULBOUND on February, wanted to ask them about the tour together on last Dec, wanted to know what they think about each other. Okay, here we go with BLOODSPOT this round!

Me: How have you guys been these weeks?

Howdie: Well, last week we renovated our rehearsal room to make it more soundproof. Until we finished the construction works, we do our rehearsals in another room which is not that comfortable than ours. You have to know that it is very cold in Germany right now, so we are freezing all the time while working and rehearsing.. more or less anyway we are writing songs for the next album right now and as far as I can say, they are getting very brutal until now!

Me: Congrats for your success for Embrace The End tour 2011. You guys played in some other countries, right? How was that?

Howdie: Yeah, the whole tour went very well and besides Germany we played some shows in Slovakia. That was a very amazing experience! Maybe even the greatest experience in our whole band-carrier so far! We just had such a fantastic time together with our Slovakian brothers in Mandragora. They took very good care of us, making us feel comfortable, checking the hostels, getting us to the next club and just being very nice people! You absolutely have to check their music out !!!  ( If you want to get some impressions of our time in Slovakia, just check out our YouTube-channel and the "Embrace The End Tour Diaries". BLOODSPOT YouTube channel:

Me: I also would like to hear about BAD SANTA RETURNS tour on last Dec. How were the gigs with Soulbound guys?

Howdie: Just a month after finishing the Embrace The End Tour we had the possibility to hit the road again and it did simply blow our fucking minds! We met the guys of Soulbound for the first time and after being a bit unsure about what we should think of them in the beginning, it turned out to be a real and familiar friendship! We had a lot of fun together on this tour and we really enjoyed watching those fuckers going crazy on stage! We will definitely stay in contact and share the stage again!

Me: How do you think about Soulbound’s new songs?

Howdie: I'm not quite sure if they played some new stuff, which is not on their new record. But to talk about "Towards The Sun", I think it's a fuckin’ great record! After Felix of Soulbound showed it to me the first time it hit me right away! I listened very much to it after we finished the tour. To be honest, some parts are a bit to soft for my taste... but anyway... they did a really really good job on this. Although there are a lot of different styles in their music, it sounds absolutely uniform! they build up great song-structures and show that they know how to write great songs! besides catchy hook-lines and great melodies you'll find a very heavy and fast riffing to it! On stage they present the songs even more brutal and powerful!

Me: The album “Embrace The End” is the real kick-ass one and it’s one of my top albums in 2011. Did you guys get a lot of positive reactions directly from listeners in the world already? As you know the album is also available in Japan. How do you feel about it?

Howdie: Great to know, that you like the album so much! We got all kinds of different reactions from "newcomer of the year" to "disappointment of the year". But overall the feedback is very positive! Seems like some people out there really like what we are doing. Most of them are from Germany, but we also got reactions from different countries like Austria, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Indonesia, India or USA and it makes us feel really happy and proud. It's the same with Japan, we are absolutely excited about the matter of fact that our album made it into your record-stores! So we want to sent you a big kiss and say THANK YOU for your great passion supporting German underground bands! We are very honored to have the possibility to be a part of all of this!

Thank you so much Howdie!

The kick-ass of kick-ass album “Embrace The End” is available now!


Soulbound interview about “Towards The Sun” PT.II

Me: Actually, I surprised about the vocals especially in the chillout version of Down In Destruction, that's really brilliant! To tell the truth, I had not thought you were one of the best singers with the past demos before, but I was totally wrong... How did you have more fabulous vocal style or just the singing voice than before?

Band: First of all, those demos you talked about are almost over 2 years old, we all did a significant development since then and so did my singing of course. But still we’re in a process where we constantly looking to improve ourselves, we’re pretty sure that our next record will be even more awesome than Towards The Sun. This process would be pretty tough if we wouldn’t have the right people on our side who always help to improve ourselves. Plus those demos were recorded with cheap equipment, we don’t even identify ourselves with those demos anymore, it’s all about Towards The Sun now!

Me: My favorite song in "Towards The Sun" is just the title track. Do you guys have your own favorite song in it?

Felix(g): Mine’s the Chillout Remix, it shows a totally different side of us, I really like that!

Jonas(b): I’m gonna stick to Down In Destruction, it just makes me wanna do the hair windmill, hell yeah *laughs*.

Mario(d): I think I like Broken Pieces the most, I listen to it at work while I smash my work desk.

Patrick(g): I’m havin’ a real good time with Sunrise, I use it as my wakeup ringtone. Always a good start in the day!

Johnny(vo): My favorite is “Towards the Sun”. It has so much variety, it’s pretty technical, some parts are more like “In your face”, some parts are very smooth ... also it’s a cool song to perform on stage.

Me: Could you introduce each song one by one?

Band: Basically our songs are based on dealing with emotional problems we all have in our lives. Mostly about those found in interpersonal relationships.

The most important point we want to show with our music is, that we want people to deal with those problems in a positive, forward-looking manner. It’s not about caving in and giving up. It’s about standing up to those problems and about telling them exactly what you think. Don’t look back, don’t let those problems bring you down; always look forward, towards the sun!

Halloween is about someone who has to dissimulate himself towards people in society in order not to be the odd one out. Society makes us wear different “masks” to every special occasion in life; we change in order to get along with people who we think are important or are worth getting along with.

Broken Pieces is about a person who was a really big part of my life and then left me and it totally destroyed me. This song is about dealing with her like ‘I don’t need you, I’m better off without you”.

Curse Of Vanity is about someone you really can’t stand and you just literally wanna rip that persons head of. Also, it’s about dealing with it in a positive manner: Wrath. Yes, wrath is a positive thing in our opinion, as long as it is used right. Curse Of Vanity is about saying:” Go to hell! Get out of my life you jerk, I hate you!

Towards The Sun , well, it kinda explains itself. It’s all about pushing forward, don’t let anyone bring you down, go ahead, don’t look back, do whatever feels right for you and stand for it!

Down In Destruction: Depressions are becoming a bigger deal every day, especially in Germany. Some of us know what it’s like to be in such a situation and with Down In Destruction, we want people to get this thoughts out of their system in a positive and forward-looking way!

Me: The artwork of "Towards The Sun" looks totally simple but kinda expansive. What is the point?

Band: Of course we wanted the layout to be related to Towards the Sun, so we came up with the idea of designing the cover like an orbit, with planets, stars and of course the sun, which you can see once you remove the CD from its place in the case, that’s a pretty cool effect because you literally have to reach “towards the sun” in order to grab the CD and put it in your player. That way, our fans can relate even more to the concept of “Towards The Sun”.

Me: Now the whole world of Soulbound were revealed with "Towards The Sun", right? What's next? Do you have any plan for this year already?

Band: Well damn right we have! Playing even more shows, reaching even more people, having even more fun with this than we’ve ever had! We’re really looking forward to creating a new album and of course bringing you guys some fancy new T-Shirts. Maybe there will be another video, maybe some other cool stuff, stay tuned, stay with us, stay Towards The Sun!

Thank you so much guys!

Towards The Sun
1. Eclipse
2. Halloween
3. Curse Of Vanity
4. Down In Destruction
5. Towards The Sun
6. Sunrise
7. Broken Pieces
8. Down In Destruction – chillout mix

Official Web Site:


Soulbound interview about “Towards The Sun” PT.I

Me: First of all, congratulations that you guys finally released the very first professional recordings  "Towards The Sun". How are you feeling now?

Band: Thank you Kumi! It’s hard to describe how you feel after almost two years of endless weekend-recordingsessions, tons of photo-shootings and a bunch of concerts in between. All we can say is, we’re so glad that this huge project has come to an end and we’re even more stoked about showing our stuff to other people. In my opinion that’s what they call ‘to carry off the bays’.

Me: The band signed with a record label already, right?

Band: Indeed we did, we’re really happy to call Deafground Records our supporter; they’re helping us out with promotion issues and lots of other stuff. Best regards to our friend Maurizio and of course to the rest of the awesome Deafground crew! It feels really good to know that there’s someone who’s supporting us, big relief!

Me: You guys replaced the second guitarist from Jens to Patrick, huh? Do you mind if I ask you what happened in the band? Could you introduce Patrick to Soulbound fans anyway?

Band: That’s correct, well, look, being in a band is a really time consuming hobby – I’m not really sure if “hobby” is the right description for that what we’re doing, it’s definitely a whole lot more than that. You got to make the decision yourself, spend time with the band, or spend time with your friends, family and so on. Jens’ decision fell on the latter and that’s perfectly fine for us. There was no fight and there never will be, he was a good friend in Soulbound and it’ll stay this way.

Band: Anyway, let’s talk about Patrick! He’s a fuckin’ great guy and we got along with him very well since the first time we met him! You get to know each other very well, when you’re on tour and we had a whole lot of fun together! He’s a great guitar player and also an amazing graphic-designer! We’re really happy to have him and also we’re pretty damn sure that you guys will also like what you’ll see and hear on stage!

Me: I noticed Hendrik Kröger from Syranic did a great job as a producer this time again. How was the recording process with him?

Band: Damn right! Hendrik is an awesome producer, working with him was really pleasant and he really exceeded all our expectations with the record! I think the communication between the band and their producer is the most crucial part when it comes to setting up a record. We really got to know each other during this time and the mutual respect kept growing every day, we’re really happy about that. It all went so smoothly, we couldn’t imagine someone else doing the job that Hendrik is doing for us!

To be continued… Stay tuned!

By the way, “Towards The Sun” is already available at famous metal CD stores called disk union Hard & Heavy Ochanomizu, Shibuya, Shinjuku and their online store, also you can find it on Amazon Japan. Check it out!

Check it out the professional music video Halloween!

Soulbound on Facebook

Soulbound music video “Halloween” ~ behind the scene

The melodic metalcore band from Bielefeld just finished their first music video for their song Halloween. I’ve got some comments from each guy of the band, plus I put the video on the end of this blog. Check it out!

Jonas: Well, first of all, thank you for giving us the opportunity to talk about this, feels really nice to share those impressions with the world. You know, since this was our first video shoot we didn’t really know what we’ve gotten ourselves into (laughs) but I think it came out really well and we’re really proud of what we accomplished. Sure, there were some really long days at the weekend and it wasn’t always fun, especially the night where we had to shoot outside at 923561512 degrees below zero, not cool.


Johnny: Yeah I remember that night! (laughs) You jumped around like a squirrel on speed and yelled “Holy **** it’s so cold!” over and over again. Well, among those sometimes frosty days, there was one day which literally made me scream “Hell Yeah, this is awesome!” Of course I’m talking about the day were the people from our local dancing school agreed to join us at the set. It was so much fun with them, they were so disciplined and of course every single one of them was an absolutely flawless dancer. Even though we had to shoot the dancing scene over and over again in many different settings they always kept smiling and you could see that they had a really great time.

Johnny: They joked around with us and were really making us feel comfortable, thanks again guys, you were absolutely amazing!

Felix: Definitely, props to you for sticking around until the end! Oh and by the way, it was pretty awesome what a whole bunch of stuff our film crew brought along! I was like “Dude! How much gear do you need to film a music video?!” Turned out every single thing was needed to let the video look as good as it does right now (winks). Most of the place was occupied by the light equipment; I felt like I was standing in a football stadium, it was so awesome!

Jens: Yeah dude, I felt like it was 11am! Real pity though, what you gotta pull off if you want to shoot in public! One scene was shot in a subway and we thought it was no big deal but we were so dead wrong. There was so much paperwork and stuff do and sign, pretty annoying if you ask me, it felt like they didn’t wanted us there at all (laughs).

Mario: Yeah but even though some parts were not that much fun, we sure had a really great time shooting this video. We can’t thank our crew enough, there were so many people around the set who all put so much effort in this video, thank you guys! And to be honest?! I hope that this was not the last time we get the opportunity to shoot a video like this, it really was a worthy experience and a whole lot of fun!



You only see my mask
That’s not what I find in the mirror
Disguise is a cushy task
It’s the only time I see clearer
Disconnected from my reality
It’s the time for sensuality

Now face it
Be honest
Show what’s behind the mirror
My real faces

So let it out
I have no doubt

That is what I am
What I feel could just be on Halloween
I’m just feeling free
Only on Halloween
Freaking out loud
Act myself out
Shouting out loud
I take myself out

It’s my time in the year
An easy way to escape from low times
I’ll get freedom from my fear
The only day I can act in my prime
Disconnected from my normal life
It’s time for my intestine strife

Now face it
Be honest
Show what’s behind the mirror
My real faces

So let it out
I have no doubt

That is what I am
What I feel could just be on Halloween
I’m just feeling free
Only on Halloween
Freaking out loud
Act myself out
Shouting out loud
I take myself out

It’s my time in the year
An easy way to escape from low times
I’ll get freedom from my fear
The only day I can act in my prime
Disconnected from my normal life
It’s time for my intestine strife

Once in a while
To be exact on the 31th of October
Which is the only day in the year
I’m allowed to act the way I was naturally born
At the same time, I’m dying to be a hero and a monster
This day is the only day I can be free
And this day is: Halloween

That is what I am
What I feel could just be on Halloween
I’m just feeling free
Only on Halloween
Freaking out loud
Act myself out
Shouting out loud
I take myself out

Okay, it’s last but not least… CHECK THIS FABULOUS VIDEO OUT!

Towards the Sun – Track list
1. Intro
2. Curse of Vanity
3. Halloween
4. Towards the Sun
5. Broken Pieces
6. Down in Destruction
+ Bonus-Material



You will be able to check the actual release date on their Facebook page soon:

Also you can check it out their pics of the music video shooting stuff on “Gallery” tab, just try it!