In Arcane

In Arcane interview on May 2013

Hi there. This is my very first interview with In Arcane even most you guys are very familiar to me.

Thomas: Hey Kumi, it’s always a pleasure doing interviews with you! Thank you for your interest ;-)

Fabian: Glad to be doing this! Hello Kumi!

Well, how is the recording stuff going?

Thomas: The recording process is going perfectly well! Max Widdra just finished the Bass, so we are almost done. There are only very few additions and sugar sprinkles on top to do. The whole package sounds awesome already, which is pretty promising ;-)

Fabian: We all had a lot of time for songwriting and rethinking every song over and over again. So when we hit the studio in early spring this year, we all kinda knew what was coming up and what had to be done. We had a very intense, but also refreshing time in the recording process, because all the songs that we had played live so often, finally really worked out as total pieces.

Which type of the record are you exactly making, EP or full - length album?

Thomas: It is going to be an EP.

Could you leak me the details of the new record so far as much as possible?

Thomas: The fact that we’re producing an EP is not because we don’t have enough songs, the following two EP’s are already written. In Arcane is a “Multi Artist Project” with a special goal: we want to take the concept album to a whole new level. We will traverse our musical debut in form of a multi-parted concept album. Together with author and blogger Marcel Krueger we have developed the concept for three acts of a dark science-fiction story: fifteen chapters and fifteen songs on three EP's, telling the story of a cyberpunk-revolt some-when in the near future. We provide songs and lyrics, Marcel the overall narrative and stories for each EP. But this is not enough: with Jörn Zimmermann we also have an excellent illustrator on board who brings the characters and the settings to life. We are even planning to collaborate with more artists for the project to add more dimensions to our work.

Please introduce the current members of In Arcane.

In Arcane are:
Marcel Krueger - Pen
Jörn Zimmermann - Brush
Max Sonntag - Drums
Philipp Heynen - Guitar
Fabian Horn - Guitar
Max Widdra - Bass
Thomas Fischer - Vocals

As far as I can see, the band need much more “Like” on the facebook page:
So, could you describe your musical style for the people who are interested in your music?

Thomas: At least I can try ;-) It’s always hard to describe the music you write as a band, because you always think it’s fresh and unique, but in the end it’s not. We were sick of constantly trying to be inventors of new genres or new sounds, so we returned to just creating songs. We do not want to sound like the next big thing, we want to sound exactly like the mixture of people that we are. Every single one of us has his own influences and this is the key to our music. You like metal, without being stuck in any subgenre? Check out our Bandcamp page to listen to our preproduction for the upcoming EP.

How about your upcoming live schedule?

Thomas: We are going to hit the stage again when the EP is ready. No dates for now, this baby needs all our attention ;-)

Fabian: After finishing the first EP we will be looking for live dates, but might return to the studio soon, since there is enough material to continue on. But before that, we all are very thrilled to give birth to our first EP and we hope that we can share this one with as much people as possible.

Thanks a lot and good luck for the new record!

Thomas: Thank YOU Kumi!

Fabian: Thank you for all the great support!