Summer Breeze 2011

Summer Breeze Open Air 2011 report by Kai from Parasite Inc. – Day 4

I present Summer Breeze Open Air 2011 the final day blog by Kai from Parasite Inc.! Here we go!

Summer Breeze Open Air 2011 Day4 – The final day:

Kai:  What a final hot evening and it started with a lot of fire fountains at As I Lay Dying.

A lot of flames at As I Lay Dying

Kai:  Seems they have a proclivity for it: Fire fountains at "Within Destruction" and at "An Ocean between us" and.... at every song they played including a lot of crowd-surfers and the biggest WOD this year - plain unbeatable. Their show made me really forget about that I have missed Benighted in the afternoon... shame on me. I should have more Ipanemas xD.

Kai:  Well, next one was a band I have seen last time in 2004 together with In Flames and Devildriver: Caliban... turned myself around 180 degrees and enjoyed another great show.

Caliban rocking the crowd

Kai:  Anyway I had to leave them earlier coz I also wanted to see Obscura that played unfortunately at the same time... awesome German Technical Death Metal and amazing playing skills but the vocals were so loud that I felt my ears started bleeding and I had to leave the party tent after 2 songs. Met with Basti again and btw: Anyobody hungry to pretzel?

view to the party tent and the metal market

anybody hungry to pretzel?

Obscura in action

Kai:  I decided to have another walk through the metal market while listening to Tarja from the far and prepared for my last band I wanted to see: TYR.

the party tent under under a beautiful sunset

passed the entrance controls to the stage area

Kai:  I thought Turisas made a party? TYR overcome.... the whole tent was going straight and sang to every of their songs. Great show even I am not really familiar with their music ;).

TYR in the party tent

Kai:  Finally I had a last walk over the camping-site with the far thunder of Hatebreed at the Main Stage and it looked like every year then: Destroyed people and destroyed camping-site : Summer Breeze 2011 another Metal Blast... see you next year again!

a great metal festival ends again

Basti (l.) was working at Summer Breeze 2011 and took some great photos of Arch EnemyKai (r.) stayed in the front of the metal-battle-field 4 days in a row and brought me an awesome live reports

the evidence of an entry into the
battle-field of Summer Breeze 2011

How did you feel about those live reports from Summer Breeze 2011 4days?

I would love to say thanks so much to Kai who brought me his great experience there, and to Basti who took some amazing photos of Arch Enemy while he’s working there, Benni stayed at the camping-site and enjoyed whole festival, and Kevin who became a new-member of Parasite Inc. played his final show with Hackneyed, those great guys may be more active in their brighter future with gigs and maybe a new album in 2012???

I have much expectation for their upcoming activity ! Stay metal and keep it brutal!!!

Aug. 2011 -Kumi666

high-speed killer melodic death album
“Parasite Inc.” is available

Summer Breeze Open Air 2011 report by Kai from Parasite Inc. – Day 3

This round of the blog for Summer Breeze Open Air 2011 again! Kai the singer and the lead guitarist from Parasite Inc. reported the day 3 which slowly started breakdown, haha … Here we go!

Summer Breeze Open Air 2011 - Day 3:

Kai:     Day 3 of Summer Breeze started with the Finnish Melo Deathers Kalmah.

day 3 starts with the melodic death metal from Kalmah

Kai:  What can I say?... Really great show with awesome sound but... why the hell did they quit over 5 minutes earlier? Sucked... However, it was horrible hot and even a heavy thunderstorm in the morning did not cool down only changed the stage area and the camping-site into a muddy battlefield.

after a heavy thunderstorm in the morning
most of the area turned to a muddy battlefield

Kai:  I had some more Ipanemas again (no I am not addicted!) at a shady place while hang out and watched at the people on the area. 3rd day and the smell of 33000 metalheads is kinda somewhere between piss, beer and sweat... and more and more drunken bodies adorned the whole area.

some tents and pavillons were also blown away...

Kai:  I took position at the tower to see the people going crazy at Turisas.

every band is filmed and shown on several screens around the stages

Kai:  At the Boney M. cover "Rasputin" even the people in the rear area where dancing. That was truly a battle metal show ;)

Turisas rockin the crowd

Kai:  For bridging to Amorphis I had another Ipanema (okay, I am addicted :p) while listening to Bolt Thrower. Songs like "No Guts, No Glory" or "The Killchain" rolled heavy over the area . British Death Metal at its best, yeah!

have a closer look to the Nuclear Blast stand

hot dog before Amorphis starts playing

Kai:  At Amorphis there were too many people to get closer to them, but they had best sound and lightshow so far today that ended after 1 hour with "House Of Sleep".

Amorphis' impressive Lightshow

Kai:  Only Hammerfall was better with the sound and set the people hearts on fire with playing most of their hits - really enjoyable and without a cheesy stage decoration :P.

Finish day 3 with enjoing the show of Hammerfall

Kai:  After their show I wanted to switch over to Kataklysm... I wanted but I gave it up... they had the worst sound on the festival and it made no fun to listen to them. I left the 20 years Kataklysm birthday party with a sad eye but a lot of Ipanemas inside me.

Okay, the next blog will be the final day of Summer Breeze 2011.

Aug.2011 -Kumi666

Summer Breeze Open Air 2011 report by Kai from Parasite Inc. – Day 2

This blog follows the previous one - Summer Breeze Open Air 2011 by Kai from Parasite Inc., he told me about the second day of the festival with the main stage which was finally opened this time…

Summer Breeze Open Air 2011 - Day 2:
Kai:  Arrived at the venue in the afternoon and missed The Sorrow. Well done Kai... urgh. After got stuck in a traffic jam I reached the main stage right in time for The Haunted.

whole stage area is opened at 2nd day

my first band today: The Haunted

Kai:  Really hot day and I watched them from a shady place a bit farer while having a  cocktail called Ipanema (tasty drink somehow). Oh, and btw. for you Japanese readers:

Peter (singer) said that they want to come to Japan in December this year after the cancellation of their show in May. So prepare for The Haunted in December 2011 ;)

Kai:  Well, it was horrible hot and I decided to get back to the tents of some friends and take a rest there. Only relaxed in a chair and watched them doing silly things like painting each others with water resistant pens or building weird puppets... the niveau was already dead... right...
I had already seen 3 naked people running around and people in weird costumes and all people went slowly crazy.

4 days metal chaos... first victim is the "niveau"

For those of you who don't know about the word "Niveau": Niveau is a France word and means in German a kind of intelligent level respectively mental level.

walking through the metal market

the party tent by day

a lot of metal stuff there

sun goes down again after a second hot day

Kai:  Went back to the stage area at 8.00 p.m.. I quickly met with Basti at the merchandise stand.

met Basti at the merchandise stand

Kai:  He has been working on Summer Breeze this year and got access to the stages. So I gave him my cam for making some pics of my next band: Arch Enemy.

guess which band is playing in a few minutes

the area gets more filled with thousands of metalheads

Kai:  The whole area around the main stage was crowded with people for the first time now and for me it was the best band on the festival this year... Amazing sound, playing and choice of songs. Very impressive: Steam fountains to the deep sounds of "My Apocalypse".

impressive stage view to the audience

Kai:  After having a short look to the reduced lineup (only 4 members left?) of Sonic Syndicate I only walked through the metal market until the Death Metal guys from Hackneyed started their show.

walked again through the metal market

EMP is one of the biggest merchandise seller in germany for metal music

Kai: Phil (singer) screamed like the devil in person and they really did a great show. If you like Death Metal with deep guttural growls you should check them out ;).

our friends from hackneyed destroying the party tent

That is about all of the second day of Summer Breeze 2011 with a lot of photos. Thanks so much for Kai again! It’s totally amazing and funny about the personalized and hanged “Niveau”, German metalheads have such a sense of humor, haha! Actually, I got a lot of amazing photos of Arch Enemy by Basti but I have to concern about the image rights and couldn’t put it on the blog, sorry.

 Aug. 2011 - Kumi666

Summer Breeze Open Air 2011 report by Kai from Parasite Inc. – Day 1

I’m totally happy to release this blog - the report of Summer Breeze Open Air 2011 by Kai from Parasite Inc.! He brought me a lot of photos and reports of the kick-as metal festival, so I divided in 4 and will present each day separately. Okay, let’s start with the first day without the main stage… Here we go!

Kai:  Hi my Japanese metal brothers and sisters, have you ever heard about the "Summer Breeze Festival"? It's the second biggest Festival in Germany beside Wacken and it's every year in the South of Germany in a small village called "Dinkelsbühl". Last year on stage with Parasite Inc. and this year as a metalhead I went there once again and if you like to have a small insight to how I have experienced the festival you should continue reading. :) 4 days with 90 bands on 4 stages and 33000 people... alright Summer Breeze... here we go.

Summer Breeze Open Air 2011 - Day 1:

Kai:  I reached the venue in the evening and after I got my festival bracelet I walked over  camping-site to have a lookout to some friends.

first look at arriving  the camping-site 

Kai:  Many people were still build up their tents, made barbeque or only were already drunk... my friends belonged to the latter btw.

getting my festival bracelet

walking over the camping site

Kai:  You maybe should know that most of the people that go to a metal festival here celebrate it with a lot of alcoholic drinks, a lot of crazy actions and all within a mostly relaxed and familiar coincidence.

a short watch to the sky until i go to see Scar Symmetry

Kai:  Well, first thought when I talked to some of my friends: Being not drunk on a metal festival sucks... I am too dry to understand what they are saying or doing (lol). However, after a small weird conversation I moved on to the stages.

the inner entrance to the stage area with the party tent in the background

sun goes slowly down and I can't await to see my first
band the area get's slowly filled with more people

Kai:  First band for me and first time I have ever seen them: Scar Symmetry. Great sound and awesome guitar solos... I was happy that they only played 2 songs of their new album. Like their old stuff more. Anyway a great show that ended with my favorite song "The Illusionist".

First band I am watching: Scar Symmetry

Kai:  Second band was Destruction: Finest German Thrash Metal and the people slowly got warm... but not my type of music and I only waited for Vader. With the first sounds of "the imperial march" intro the tent was already totally crowded with people and Vader made really no prisoners: 1 hour of helicopter banging to their songs + Slayers Reign in Blood as a bonus... what a blast.

A look to the Camel Stage. Mostly there
play small bands and celebrate fun music

Kai:  While "Hell" was playing something that I would describe as really really old-school I came across to Basti and Benni and we only walked around the area of the party tent and talked about upcoming days and bands.

Kai:  2.20 a.m. and the tent was only half filled at "Sylosis"...and I asked myself: why? I never have seen or heard of them before respectively known any songs but they had a killer sound to killer songs... too bad that they played only 40 minutes.

Enjoing Sylosis kick ass metal

The report of Summer Breeze 2011 the day 1 by Parasite Inc./Kai is over now. On the first day, most of the people spent the time to build their tent and to enjoy the BBQ, and then gigs started slowly in the evening without the main stage but there were some sweet bands like Scar Symmetry, Sylosis and some more. I started anticipating to the upcoming days!

Aug. 2011 - Kumi666