Summer Breeze 2015 Day 3 – Live Photo Report by Kai (Parasite Inc.)


Day 3

Kai: On that afternoon the buds from Necrotted had their show on the camel stage. I and Benni were joining them to film their show a bit (I suppose the video will be revealed later this year - If you want to see what they made out of the material you can follow them on Necrotted Facebook.

While I was just enjoying the brutal sound of Thy Art Is Murder the festival organization gave a warning for an incoming thunderstorm and since I was still carrying all my camera and PC gear with me I felt like it would be better to bring it to my car. As it turned out that was not a bad idea, because soon after I reached to my car the storm hit and the festival got stopped for around an hour.


As the rain was almost gone I continued with watching great shows of Suicide Silence and Ektomorf. Btw. obviously Ektomorf enjoyed their intense show so much that they just ignored any stage time rules and overran their stage time for around 7min.






Time for my personal festival headliner: Trivium! I think I missed the joke with an Iron Maiden song as an intro (even when it’s Trivium). However, the band started with “Silence In the Snow” into an hour of their greatest hits – performed ridiculously tight and supported by a great light show and a lot of steam fountains! Awesome!




I can’t say Matt’s talking between the songs was really entertaining but it just reflected how overwhelmed the band itself was with the possibility to headline this event. Btw. did I already mention that they were insanely tight?

Despite the release of their new album, “Cradle Of Filth” surprised the audience with a simple backdrop from “Bitter Suits To Succubi” (wtf?) and started with Cthulu Dawn into a set that covered actually everything I was wishing to hear from them, hehe. Only the sound felt a bit disappointing but that’s not uncommon for the pain stage.






All photos at Summer Breeze 2015 Day 3 taken by Kai (Parasite Inc.)

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