Trick Or Treat

Short review for Trick Or Treat’s new album “Creepy Symphonies”

On this chaotic era, music seems more important for everyone than usual. In fact, many musicians keep putting their efforts for creating new songs during the hard time. Honestly, I'm thankful from the bottom of my heart to those wonderful artists for saving our mental health and for giving positive energies to our daily life.

2022 already became an amazing metal year. I have several huge favorite albums so far. Most of them are from death metal genre but I'd love to share my feeling about Trick Or Treat's fantastic new album Creepy Symphonies cos it's one of those huge favorites in 2022!

"Today is the scholar of yesterday."

It's just like once they came back to their source, refilled themselves with fresh spirits from their original home Evil Needs Candy Too, threw it into an evolution-pot together with up-to-date ingredients including experience, technique, wisdom, passion, love and fun, blended all the elements together and ta-da!

The album reminded me how I fell in love with their music at the time of Evil Needs Candy Too and also reminded me the reason why I kept following their path until today. I'm still a big fan of Rabbits' Hill albums especially pt.2 is one of the greatest metal albums in my whole life but finally Creepy Symphonies tightly grabbed my heart and made me moving forward to fall in love with their new music.

Every song in the album is absolutely enjoyable of course, especially the final track "The Power Of Grayskull" has a similar spirit with my most favorite TOT song "Showdown"(from Rabbits' Hill pt.2), it's just dramatic and pumped. As I always say, the only way that you can feel music is listening to it by your own ears, not from any reviews, never. So, if you felt something curious about the Trick Or Treat's new album Creepy Symphonies, check it out right away, pay for their music and support them. Let's get creepy. Let's get fun. Kawabunga!

Trick Or Treat is:
Alle Conti - vocals
Guido Benedetti - guitar
Luca Venturelli - guitar
Leone Villani Conti - bass
Luca Setti - drums

Trick Or Treat Official Website here!




... and, world peace!

"... the music will break through anyway. We defend our freedom. To live. To love. To sound." - Volodymyr Zelensky