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Bleeding Red’s released the first official video!

Bleeding Red's first official music video "Wasted Screams" is out!


GERMAN EXTREME METAL Live at B-hof Würzburg

On 14th April 2012, finally this amazing show German Extreme Metal (organized by Hakan Gülsem) came true! It means those four kick-ass band – PARASITE INC., BLEEDING RED, ALL WILL KNOW and SOULBUND from my support bands shared the same stage at that night! Kai from one of those awesome bands PARASITE INC. showed me how it was… Thank you so much Kai for your efforts! So, here we go!

Well, how can I start now? We (PARASITE INC.) were looking much forward to that gig in several ways. First it was a honor for us to play in Würzburg with some bands we really like and listen to and that are also supported by you. Personally I was eager to see SOULBOUND and ALL WILL KNOW live and to share the stage with BLEEDING RED again after a long time.

Okay, we reached early at the venue (a really cool youth centre by the way) and first we met there was Johnny (SOULBOUND). First words of him were some greetings from Hendrik (SYRANIC) kinda like “you fuckers still haven’t sent your CD to me”. Hendrik I am sorry and hope it reached you meanwhile :).

After having a look at the venue and saying hello to some guys from the bands I wanted to hang out in a castle park near the venue but didn’t recognize the closing times. So, once I wanted to get back to the venue I was imprisoned there and couldn’t get out anymore… Uh-oh, I was in trouble, haha. Luckily a guy found me and opened the gate for me again, so I was back right in time for the show of SOULBOUND.

What can I say about SOULBOUND on stage? Beside that they are really friendly and relaxed guys(like all other people at this evening btw.) their show looked totally professional and motivating. Oh, and the songs are punching much more than on CD! Only problem for me, the show was too short ;).


Actually I feel sorry that I can’t say much about ALL WILL KNOW. I only was able to listen to the first 2 songs with a great show but I had to prepare for the gig behind the stage and couldn’t recognize much of them. Too bad coz I really like their songs and I hope I can see them once again with their complete line up.

Note: For some reason, Mo(on clean vocals) couldn’t join the show at that night.


Well, how can I say about our gig? It’s always hard to describe a gig of yourself coz you don’t see it like the audience sees it, of course. So I only can speak about my personal impression and for me it felt rather as a messed up one… Kevin used my wireless transmitter and already after the intro he started losing it over again. (Dude, you jump too much hahaha ;) ). I remember Benni also dropped his sticks and personally I felt like cursed with the show: First I got electric shocks from the microphone over again, then I dropped my guitar pick over again during the songs, got nervous and messed up with playing. That never happened to me before lol. What a mess. Remember: Pick holder have their sense. However I hope the people could enjoy it anyway a bit :)


I was relaxing then with another great show of BLEEDING RED. There’s nothing more to say about it: Great is just great! And it was really cool to share the stage again after years now :)


After the end of the show we joined the organizer with the other bands to a metal club not far from the venue and hung out there for a while with talking, drinking relaxing and playing table football. @SOULBOUND: You have to practice ‘til our next meeting to beat Sammy ;)

All in all it was a great evening with great people and I think I can speak also for the rest of the band if I say: Thanks to you all for the awesome time and we are looking forward to see you again. Also thanks so much to Hakan for the great organization.
Stay Heavy \m/

The blast photo of guys from SOULBOUND, BLEEDING RED, PARASITE INC. and ALL WILL KNOW! (Unfortunately, Mo and Danny from ALL WILL KNOW couldn’t join in the photo. But all you guys are always on my mind!)

The comment from SOULBOUND about this photo:
At this point greetings and thanks to Hakan and Kumi (Japan) for their energetic support of that quadripartite team. (Kumi, thanks a lot for all your effort and for all your support during the last years for all of us! - this show was for you!)

PS: As you maybe know we are still recording our album and I can tell you that the guitars are almost done now as well as many parts of the drums. We start with bass and vocal recordings soon then, so be prepared for the upcoming weeks with some news about it.

Thank you so much all guys from PARASITE INC, BLEEDING RED, ALL WILL KNOW and SOULBOUND. I really love you all! You guys rules! Kumi666

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BLEEDING RED – Timo interview at Rock It on March 24th part.II

If you didn’t read the interview part I, check this out first: BLEEDING RED – Timo interview at Rock It on March 24th part.I

The original German interview is on Metalnews.deThank you so much again to Sammy for sharing it!

Sammy: As someone reads your lyrics there can be recognized: You are a band that takes care of the content. What’s going on inside you when you write that lyrics? What do you want to achieve with it?

Timo: From the beginning it was clear for me: I don’t want to write scrap lyrics. I want to produce something awesome and attach great importance to a sense into lyrics. And then people come to speak about it automatically. It shall be a cause to start thinking for the one who listen to it. I never want to instruct someone. It shall raise questions.

Timo: We can chose “thoughtcrime” for example: “thoughtcrime” is a term that was characterized in George Orwells roman “1984”. But for me it is a term that is up to date today. It can happen that you are out of the game If you think about or speak out something. Also as a band. Personally I admit myself “thoughtcrime”: I scrutinize things that are tabu.

If I would speak it out honestly the newspaper would say “what a wicked band”. For myself it’s a “thoughtcrime” to scrutinize what is not allowed to be scrutinized in the society. If 95% or 99% don’t scrutinize things because they are tabu then I think: There has to be something behind it and something is going wrong. Therefore a “thoughtcrime” is really important for me, coz I love to commit thoughtcrimes and I am proud of it. I only can advise: Do a “thoughtcrime”. Screen a tabu theme. It’s fun and enhance your horizon.

Sammy: Meanwhile you have gone a bit further than the average underground band. What do you think is your secret of success.

Timo: Yesterday I have discussed with a friend about it. We are doing it, because we want to do it but even we are doing it really good, it could be that everything breaks down and nobody wants to listen to it. I think right now we hit the pulse of time somewhere. With the lyrics, with the music. But that’s not all. We have Flori our 5th man that is standing behind us. He is doing the promotion work with his full heart and soul. Then we find an awesome artwork and thereto a really awesome layout. It are always people that love to do it and have fun with it. There’s nobody that earns much for it.
Or our buddy Hirschi from the MetalManiacs Ebnat: He is doing the homepage and likes to do it for us and with us. I think that’s what we are living of: The people around us. Just Metal: We like to make Metal and the people around us like to do something for metal… and then it runs and something awesome is rising.

All live pictures by Jürgen Ilg

Sammy: Thank you for the interview. The last word belongs to you…

Timo: Thanks to all the people who put their heart blood in our purpose. Like I said, nobody earns something with it and it’s important to have you. That’s awesome.


BLEEDING RED very first full-length “Evolution’s Crown” is available now!

BLEEDING RED – Timo interview at Rock It on March 24th part.I

Awesome band is just awesome! Bleeding Red’s very first full-length “Evolution’s Crown” is out now. Sammy (the manager of Parasite Inc.) had an interview with Timo at the CD release party venue Rock It Aalen on March 24th! The original German interview is on

Thank you so much to Sammy for sharing it! Okay here we go!

Sammy: The Show is over, how did it go?

Timo:  Yes, super awesome or? It was an awesome show and what is very important: The audience was super wild. And if the audience goes crazy, I go crazy too. If the audience is lame, I become lame somehow, too. But if it is like today and the audience freaks out, then I also freak out. And then it becomes a really awesome gig. And so it was today!

Sammy: With “Evolution’s Crown” your Label debut is released now. Almost 2 years ago the demo was there. How has the label search been proceeded? Are you glad to be accommodated?

Timo: The search of a label was rather slow. Over and over we got offers, partially also from famous labels. But in the end it never came to a result and nobody of them dared. But now a small new label has dared: Rock Road. Our album is the second CD that will be released there. Well, they are really new and fresh and it’s going to be worth for them. So far we are really satisfied and can do there what we want. Because we are really independent with promotion stuff, the label gives us a free hand. That’s cool.

Sammy:  You have been in the studio for the 3rd time now: EP, demo, album. Is there already a kind of routine?

Timo: No, not a bit. Until now there never was any routine. Always something new, always new tasks and problems that you have to overcome. You always learn something new but to speak from “routine” it is really too early.

Sammy: The album is out. What’s next? After it was relatively silent the last year, does it continue with live gigs now?

Timo: Well, maybe relative quiet but we had several gigs though. But also this year we don’t have any big plans. Quite cool gigs we already have: Next week in Böblingen (city in Germany) at Casa Nostra (youth center) for example. Already that sounds awesome somehow. We play on the Maniacs Of Rock Festival, on the Crowfield Festival in Schwäbisch Gmünd (city in Germany). It’s a very new festival with different music styles: On the first day “dance-floor” , on the next day “metal” . But I have to say: Last year we have been on more festivals. We don’t have planned anything with touring. So far there are confirmed 7 dates but if the album should hit, there will be the one or another festival for sure. For that we hope at the moment.

Sammy: 2012 – It means 5 years band history…

Timo: Manu (guitarist) maybe would say now: 6 years. But something in between is right. It depends on what you count. We started in 2006 but as a pure cover band. We were not called Bleeding Red and we have not written own songs. In the end of 2007 we started for real.

Sammy: Well, how do you see the career of the band at the moment when you think about the last 5 years?

Timo: At the moment it means for me: Since 2007 it was only going plane but anyway upward all the time. And now after 5 years it pays off then anyhow. You also can go within a half year to the top or somewhere else. For us it was plane but continuously. Always a bit more, always a bit larger. And if you look at gigs like today, where 240 paying guests (270 guests overall) stand in front of you in that small “Rock It” (club), it is really awesome. Then it is worth all the shit you have to take on. Well, we have experienced much crap in that 5 years but in the end it is worth it.

All live pictures by Jürgen Ilg

To be continued to the next week!
the first full-length
Evolution’s Crown
out now!

..and the album is also available
in Japan! Check it out!

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BLEEDING RED “Evolution’s Crown” CD release show on March 24th 2012

BLEEDING RED interview about the upcoming full-length “Evolutions Crown”

Part I. The interview with Timo

bleeding red_interview_image2

Q1: How is the recording process going so far?

Timo: We're almost done now, I'm still in the studio every few days. We just have to finish editing the drums, put some decent keyboards under some parts to get a dreadful atmosphere, and mix some parts. It should then come back from the mastering on 5th January.

Q2: The album artwork is available now and it looks awesome! Who had the idea for that?  Is there any concept / theme in it?

Timo: We've found British artist Jonathan Straughan by chance on the internet. The whole thing was already finished and available for purchase. It fitted our purpose perfectly, because our lyrics deal with humans at a crossroads.

Timo: They can either fuck everything up in the future or evolve to a higher level. So the future of mankind lies in the human hand. I want to emphasize that we don't want to show that the earth herself is threatened by mankind - because she isn't! She can get rid of us and heal itself if she wants to, and it seems like we've gotten another chance.

In addition, the album title "Evolution's Crown" mixes up Darwinism's and Creationism's terms for the human kind. By combining them, we wanna make clear, that none of those paradigms has ever completely understood reality. So you can say, the album shows up new ways of thinking, while humanity is at the crossroads of self-destruction and evolution. And that is what the whole cover symbolizes.

Q3: Could you tell me details of the upcoming album? How many songs will you put it on?

Timo: There are going to be twelve songs on it, including two instrumentals. Each song is full of honest, aggressive and direct Metal from slow to really fast pieces! Also the songs from the 2009 Unmaster can be found on the album - with new, more brutal drums and a new mastering!!!

Also the track-list is official, already:
1. Bloodforce
2. The Running Man
3. Nameless
4. Wasted Screams
5. Thoughtcrime
6. Unmaster
7. Involution
8. Calm Before The Storm
9. Tritoxine
10. Frequencies
11. Goddess Of Black
12. Calling For Your Downfall


Q4: I heard the new album will be available on March 2012 via the label. It means all metalheads in the world will have a chance to get a copy of them in their countries, right? Are you guys ready for taking over the world, haha?

Timo: We definitely are! We want to touch and wake up people around the world and for that, we are perfectly prepared, I think. Our label "BLACK BARDS" took care of this, they are doing a great job, just as our manager Flori Milz does! I think the album can be purchased online all over the world via this link (it's a German page, sorry):

Of course, it will also be in record stores around the world!

Q5: Well, I would love to show the EP "Unmaster" to metalheads before the upcoming full-length will be out. Could you introduce the song "The Running Man" from the EP?

Timo: The Running Man is based on the 80's movie with the same title. It is about us humans being distracted by TV every day. Instead of thinking, questioning, and really living, they just want to be entertained and lied to via the propaganda shows every day. And because the whole elite plans rely on a distracted, mislead, dumb population, we want to help change that state with this song.

Q6: How is your plan for 2012?

Timo: Everything is based on the new album. After the release, we plan to play a lot of summer festival shows, perhaps organize a little tour in fall, and so on.
Of course, as soon as the recordings are done, we also start writing new stuff for the next album, already! In the end, we would love to play gigs all over the world, we will see...

Thank you so much Timo!



Part II. TASTE OF EXTREME METAL - “The Running Man”


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The Running Man
Something’s wrong in this fucked up world
It’s a world built upon lies
With the truth staying in the shadows
For your ratings they’re the price
Without reflection people believe just what they see
It’s the end of knowledge, no more arts
In their minds nothing but TV
Sadistic killers hunting you down
hypnotizing society
Your blood will keep them watching
As worth of life finally deceased
Information, a thing of the past
Valuable tonigh’s your death
You’re the Running Man
Time for your last breath
Come On!
Yeah, you’re the Running Man - prepare!
Prepare to be sent deep down below
For they can’t wait to see you running
Now it’s time to start the show
There is no choice
Now you’re running for your life
You’re the Running Man
Kill them in the final strive



Subzero, Buzzsaw
Assassins for their god
Fireball, Dynamo
Servants to your law
Watching the fight go down in fire
Struggling for air as the flames grow higher
Something’s wrong in your fucked up life
an existence built on lies
With the truth staying in the shadows
For your ratings I am the price
Without reflection people believe just what they see
It’s the end of my life? Want my death?
Time for your last breath!
You’re the Running Man - prepare!
Prepare to be sent deep down below
For they can’t wait to see you running
Now it’s time to start the show
This is my choice
Now I'm fighting for my life
I'm the Running Man
Kill you in my final strive

Unmaster – the copy of mine :)

Okay, I would love to tell it to you once again - Bleeding Red’s professional first full-length
Evolutions Crown will be out on March 21st. Check it out and make sure to get a copy of yours! Bleeding Red FACEBOOK

Bleeding Red studio reports on Oct. 2011 – Pt.2

Tuesday 20th

Timo: After a long night I'm heading to Schwäbisch Hall! We've decided to record only in the afternoons, so it is 2p.m. and I am perfectly recovered!

Today some info concerning the equipment we use: As you may see on the pictures, we're not using my gorgeous white Gibson Explorer (for now). For the studio, we've chosen a 25 year old Les Paul, because we achieve an even fatter sound because of the solid body and more sophisticated mechanics. But at least it stays in the (Gibson-) family. We use Marshall tube amps and speakers and to the guitarists among you: We're tuned down half a step and use 11-53 strings – pretty fat ones!

On to business: After completing the new song, we're recording Thoughtcrime, which is one of my eleven favourite songs on the album! ;) We're in a good flow and the verse riff combined with its two-voiced lead creates a sound wall which stunned us! Not so stunned we get during the middle part, in which I record the second voice, first, which appeared to sound very strange (not abstract, just bad) on its own and i get a devastating comment by the producer Roger. Of course, we take it with humour and after laughing our asses off, I suggest to let me record the first voice to it and...Bang! The part kicked ass immediately! That was a pretty interesting experience for both of us! Don't judge a part before it's finished. 8 p.m.: The two songs are finished. On schedule for tomorrow: Nameless!






Wednesday 21st

Timo: First of all a little  addendum to yesterday's entry: We've found that even the so-far version of Thoughtcrime has burnt into our heads this night. The mezmerizing effect of its rhythm nearly didn't stop! Is it legal to publish stuff like this? OK, just as we've planned, we're taking care of Tritoxine today (haha). In order to provide you with flexibility in listening to our stuff (it's all about free will), we've chosen to separate the melancholic clean guitar intro into a track of its own. The title „Calm Before the Storm“ comes to my mind immediately because it perfectly fits what happenes during the piece. So we started shredding, did a lot of experimenting and finished an awesome song! Because the intro part contains only clean and solo guitars, it will be done on our clean and solo day. That's why we've finished Tritoxine within 3 hours today. New friggin' record!

With kinda struggling, seems Bleeding Red’ recording is running well. Their new album will be out on March 2012!

I’ll have some interview with then soon, so stay tuned!

21st Oct. 2011 - Kumi666

Bleeding Red studio reports on Sept. 2011

Hell yeah! Im happy to be a supporter for this kick-ass blackened death metal band  Bleeding Red. They are just working hard for their upcoming full-length album and Timo the singer/guitarist from the band brought me those impressive studio reports from Studio 141. Here we go!

Wednesday 7th

Timo: After numerous sessions recording the rough versions of our songs at Michael's house it had finally begun: I went to Studio 141 to transfer our 60 minutes of mixes to Roger Grüninger's system. I felt at home again in the studio immediately – just like it was two years ago when we recorded the demo. After 6 hours of analyzing the stuff it became clear that the album is going to kick ass! 

One last question for this day was to be cleared: What about the song that hasn't got lyrics yet? Are we gonna record it at all and hope that I'm gonna write something good enough in the short time left? So I showed the instrumental version to Roger and he was stunned – of course the song has to make it to the album! So our mission is to write some fuckin' good lyrics for it while producing the rest of the songs! Oh yeah!

Monday 12th

Timo: Not knowing what we were going to do today I drove to the studio. I took some new strings and stuff with me but the plan had been something else: We decided to edit the songs beforehand, so we won't spend much effort to record parts which wouldn't stay in the song, anyway. (Note: Yes, sometimes, the songs contain parts which have to be kick- ed out in order to enhance the song. This happens to the most experienced bands ;)).

Although I was already used to this part of the recordings, once again it sometimes hurt and I almost got dizzy watching our producer Roger experimenting around with (major) parts of the songs! All I could think of during most of the time was „Damn, I need some beer!“. But after working together for another 6 hours on two songs (Frequencies + Goddess of Black) and after Michael had joined, too, we found ourselves a great way of combining the three opinions to songs that will – again – kick ass!

Monday 19th

Timo: After a week of editing the song structures and drums, the guitar recordings finally began today! I had chosen the newest song (the one without lyrics) to start with, in order to already manifest it! This means, I have to work on the lyrics. Damn, I need pressure in order to work best. But that's how it is! So after setting up the guitar and the right amp, we found out that the distortion pedal needed a new battery.

No problem, I'll just quickly get a new one. Big mistake! After i drove to a little photo shop in town, I came back with the battery, installed it, set it all up and: No sound. Did i fuck up the pedal now?? No, but the fuckin' battery was empty! „What?? I had just bought it. Ok, just keep cool, drive to the shop again, get another one.“ He took back the battery, tested it – empty. A packed battery, fuckin' empty...So can I just get another one? Of course not, it was his last one. Got the money back and had to drive to a further away supermarket with a long queue of people at the end. „Man, this shit has to stop!“.....Soooo after a stressful time I finally recorded a good 2/3 of the song and left the studio at about ten. On my ride home – it was dark and lonely – I also got a rough idea for the still missing lyrics. Let's see!

Sounds tough about their recording stuff but every recording is just like that kinda hard task, huh? *grin*

Okay, to be continued in my next blog!

Studio blog Timo, Bleeding Red (September, 2011)
Studio141with Roger Grüninger

Pics: Jürgen „Anderson“ Ilg, Showtime Photos