Summer Breeze 2014 review by Kai (Parasite Inc.) – Day2

Bands bands bands bands and shitty weather - Summer Breeze 2014!


Day 2 – good bands – bad bands

1. The main stage+

Kai: Thursday – hell that’s going to be the best metal day ever! First band: The Unguided.
Okay forget about The Unguided… I missed it. Let’s get over to the good stuff:

Of Mice And Men cancelled their appearance, so it was a pleasure to see Hackneyed instead of them on the Pain Stage. Hackneyed surely have not won the price for the best sound on that day but on the other hand, who needs the perfect sound when you can simply crush everything away with freakin’ low ends and an agile appearance?

4. Hackneyed 3. Hackneyed 2. Hackneyed

6. Caliban



Kai: Next Band: Caliban. Circle pits, wall of death, flying people, flying shoes... the whole area was moving from the very first second to an excellent sound and show! Unfortunately I couldn’t watch the show ‘til the end because of one of my main acts this year: Arch Enemy.




8. Caliban7. Caliban

9. Arch Enemy


Kai: And with Arch Enemy it’s time for <Face palms round 2>: Who the hell placed them that early in the running order? The venue was definitely more packed than at the headliner later.





Just let that short video tell you everything you need to know:

11. Arch Enemy

10. Arch Enemy

12. Arch Enemy




Kai: It’s been exactly 10 years since I have seen Equilibrium for the last time on Summer Breeze and a lot has changed in the band: The original line-up is almost gone and the feeling has changed from “viking honey wine” to “Bavaria beer party”. However the music was still the same and the party was big as usual with their old and new hits.





Kai: Actually I was looking forward to Down but I decided to ignore them entirely and take some pictures of the venue instead. I seriously don’t want to watch a band that blames the audience for being boring while the band itself is playing boring music and the singer is drunk on stage…

16. Night 22. Nuclear blast tent

Kai: At least I had more time to enjoy God Dethro… I mean Winter Of Sin: The band around Henri Sattler is one of my latest death metal discoveries and a real sinister jewel. That was fun… death metal fun, hehe.

21. Winter of sin 19. Winter of sin 20. Winter of sin

Kai: I skipped the awesome show of Behemoth for a better position at Children Of Bodom but honestly I had very mixed feelings with their appearance. First: A big “thumbs up” for the great sound and a sober band that smashed through a set packed with nothing but hits. Musically it was perfect for me and I enjoyed every single song but beside that everything had just that gigantic taste of routine and seen by the non-existent light-show and the non-existent stage set it even didn’t feel right to have them as a headliner on the main stage.

Sure, in the end it’s all about the music and possibly it’s complaining on a high level but damn it, if you are one of the main acts on one of the biggest metal festivals in Germany you may please act as one.

26. Bodom 23. Bodom

24. Bodom2

27. Bodom

Kai: So after their last song “in Your Face” I left the main stage with some mixed feelings about one of my favorite bands and quit day 2 with a bit Testament and Eskimo Callboy.

28. Eskimo callboy

… to be continued.