These drawings below came from my imagination with my passion for Watership Down (by Richard Adams) and Rabbits' Hill albums (by Trick Or Treat). It's one of my individualistic metal support activities.

My review about the metal masterpiece Rabbits' Hill pt.2

Interview with Guido Benedetti from Trick Or Treat

A tribute to Richard Adams, Hazel-rah and his rabbits:

"Lord Frith always watches over you from the sky. El-ahrairah gives you tricks to survive the merciless world and gives you wisdom to change the world for the better. Someday, The Black Rabbit of Ińle will appear for taking you to the other world. All lives are mortal, thus every life is beautiful and every creature should live its life with full force. The spark of life dances on Mother Earth in harmony."

Dec.24 - 2019 Kumi666


Tribute for Richard Adams - Dec. 2016

"The Great Escape" inverted version for advertisement

From Rabbits' Hill pt.2

Inlé (The Black Rabbit of Death)

Together Again



Never Say Goodbye

Great Escape

They Must Die


The Showdown (1/3)

The Showdown (2/3)

The Showdown (3/3)

Last Breath (1/2)

Last Breath (2/2)


From Rabbits' Hill pt.1

Prince With A 1000 Enemies

Premonition (including Spring in the Warren)

Wrong Turn

False Paradise

Between Anger and Tears

Rabbits' Hill

The tale of Rowsby Woof

I'll Come Back For You

These drawings above are inspired by:

Watership Down - Richard Adams

Rabbits' Hill pt.1 & 2 - Trick Or Treat

In fact, I haven't seen the classic Watership Down movie nor the TV series so far, so the legendary book and the amazing albums are everything for my inspiration. As you can see, I don't have any good skill for drawings but I can describe it heart-and-soul drawings. And if you don't like my stuff, don't worry you can enjoy the amazing professional art by Alle Conti via Trick Or Treat's Rabbits' Hill albums. Anyway, I hope my efforts for those drawings help a bit for spreading the word about Trick Or Treat and their albums, especially Rabbits' Hill pt.2 is the best album in 2016 for me and one of the true metal masterpieces. Check it out and support the brilliant band! Thank you so much for visiting the gallery. May the El-ahrairah's trick be with you \m/