Summer Breeze 2015

Summer Breeze 2015 Day 4 – Live Photo Report by Kai (Parasite Inc.)


Day 4


Kai: The final day and I actually had a tight running order with Pripjat, Dust Bolt, Breakdown Of Sanity… and I just missed them all when I got hired as an “undercover beer server” for those two guys in the picture. So I started late on that day with the dudes from Hackneyed. Tobi (the preferred sound engineer of Hackneyed and also my band) packed their songs into a punchy and crisp sound! Good sound to a good show – did anyone expect something else?





When I reached to Cannibal Corpse the band had already started their set. The securities seriously had no easy job with the waves of incoming crowd surfers and the head banging people seriously had no easy job with keeping up to the merciless head banging of Corpsegrinder, haha. Hm, he has that big tummy actually just to keep a proportion to his neck, does he?


6_Cannibal Corpse

Exactly 10 years ago I have seen Dark Tranquility for the last time on Summer Breeze. Haha, those dudes have become pretty old… oh, wait…



Let’s better continue with the next band: Nightwish. Once after the split with Tarja and the entering of Anette I lost my interest in that band, because I never could get much into Anette’s voice in combination with the band. With Floor they got a powerful and versatile voice back to the band and I enjoyed almost every minute of that show with its huge sound and stage effects. Almost? Yes, because giving the audience almost 8 minutes of stupid outro music is just not sugoi! Or did I miss a point with that?






With the last canned tones of Nightwish and the beginning of the rain I went to my last band that was just perfect to end this final day with another wonderful sound robe: Ghost Brigade. Only 365 days until Summer Breeze 2016…



PS: So far announced for the next year are Sabaton, Subway To Sally, Korpiklaani, Exodus and Kärbholz... Looks like I am going to have a lot of beer pause beside Exodus!


All photos at Summer Breeze 2015 Day 4 taken by Kai (Parasite Inc.)

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Summer Breeze 2015 Day 3 – Live Photo Report by Kai (Parasite Inc.)


Day 3

Kai: On that afternoon the buds from Necrotted had their show on the camel stage. I and Benni were joining them to film their show a bit (I suppose the video will be revealed later this year - If you want to see what they made out of the material you can follow them on Necrotted Facebook.

While I was just enjoying the brutal sound of Thy Art Is Murder the festival organization gave a warning for an incoming thunderstorm and since I was still carrying all my camera and PC gear with me I felt like it would be better to bring it to my car. As it turned out that was not a bad idea, because soon after I reached to my car the storm hit and the festival got stopped for around an hour.


As the rain was almost gone I continued with watching great shows of Suicide Silence and Ektomorf. Btw. obviously Ektomorf enjoyed their intense show so much that they just ignored any stage time rules and overran their stage time for around 7min.






Time for my personal festival headliner: Trivium! I think I missed the joke with an Iron Maiden song as an intro (even when it’s Trivium). However, the band started with “Silence In the Snow” into an hour of their greatest hits – performed ridiculously tight and supported by a great light show and a lot of steam fountains! Awesome!




I can’t say Matt’s talking between the songs was really entertaining but it just reflected how overwhelmed the band itself was with the possibility to headline this event. Btw. did I already mention that they were insanely tight?

Despite the release of their new album, “Cradle Of Filth” surprised the audience with a simple backdrop from “Bitter Suits To Succubi” (wtf?) and started with Cthulu Dawn into a set that covered actually everything I was wishing to hear from them, hehe. Only the sound felt a bit disappointing but that’s not uncommon for the pain stage.






All photos at Summer Breeze 2015 Day 3 taken by Kai (Parasite Inc.)

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Summer Breeze 2015 Day 2 – Live Photo Report by Kai (Parasite Inc.)


Day 2

Kai: Who the hell left the heater on 35°C? Maybe I should have waited ‘til the evening before I try to get a Summer Breeze shirt. I had luck and “only” had to wait around 45 min at this time.
The handling of the official merchandise was a bit disappointing again. 40000 people on the festival and they make limited shirt editions to 333 piece? Some persons I talked to were even like “I won’t get a shirt because I am just not willed to wait 2 hours in a line” … sounds not really economic to me. At least they split the band merchandise from the official merchandise – great!




However, after I got my shirt I started my band day with Rogash. We already shared the stage with them earlier that year and it was great to watch them playing without being busy with my own band.

The drum tech from Black Stone Cherry must be a good paid full time member of the band because without him the band never could make it past the first song for sure. Why? Because Mr. Young (drummer) was beating the drum kit so badly and messing up all the time with throwing sticks in the air that the tech was constantly running around to tighten screws, collecting lost sticks or even holding a microphone to the drummer’s mouth. Anyway I enjoyed the performance and music of the band.


I’ve already seen Onkel Tom some weeks ago and now I was finally able to get my Sodom debut! Damn that was old school but punchy!




For the next band I was curious if people are now throwing beer mugs to the singer ;) From all the shows I have seen this year, John Coffey did the most sympathetic one. I couldn’t really decide who had more fun with that show: The band or the audience?





After that I checked a bit Opeth just to feel vindicated again that progressive metal will just never ever be my kind of music. Beer pause.





Kreator is Kreator. I mean, you can’t do anything wrong with Kreator: The show, the lights, the sound – The Thursday headliner did a seasoned yet great show. Amorphis finished that hot and dusty day for me.




 All photos and videos at Summer Breeze 2015 Day 2 taken by Kai (Parasite Inc.)

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Summer Breeze 2015 Day 1 – Live Photo Report by Kai (Parasite Inc.)


Kai: October 2014 – Summer Breeze is over, my camera seems to be finally broken and the lineup for the next year looks like it won’t be my taste at all... I guess I won’t go there next year. 

2015 – 12 August … It’s a sunny afternoon and I’m on my way to the festival ground. The lineup is great, I got a new camera and a year without Summer Breeze is just like having no summer holidays.

So here we go with another fast personal report of the festival in 2015. Short side note: I try to do a bit less blabla so there’s more room for pictures (which are probably more interesting than my words)

Day 1


 Kai: For the first time the campground already opened on Tuesday and it obviously helped to avoid some of the traffic jams – at least I didn’t run into any bigger on this Wednesday afternoon. Overall you can find a lot of tiny improvements along the way to the stages: Separated footpaths for the people, more entrances to the stage area, a slightly grown camel stage and more…




I first wanted to wait for Deserted Fear with listening to Thränenkind but quickly skipped to Panzer at the T-stage. (Note to myself: Post black metal is not your kind of music).

4_Thraenenkind 5_Thraenenkind




In general the T-Stage had a great sound this year! Leaving my position at the Camel stage was not that good idea, though. After I was back from Panzer the whole area was crowded with people who were waiting to celebrate Deserted Fear. I never experienced so many people in front of the camel stage but Deserted Fear definitely deserved every ear for their (what I would call) “modern old-school death metal”!

9_Deserted Fear


Actually I’m not so into Sonic Syndicate but I totally enjoyed their live show! They sounded harder than on CD and started a good party with the crowd!




After that I was just walking around for a while, meeting with friends and enjoyed the lights of that tiny town from the main stage area. Day 1 over and out.







All photos at Summer Breeze 2015 Day 1 taken by Kai (Parasite Inc.)

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