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Legacy Of Vydar at Out and Loud Fest 2014

Here’s the first review about OUT & LOUD Fest by one of my support bands LEGACY OF VYDAR. Daniel from the epic melodic death metal band told me about their show and some interesting stories of what happened behind the scenes.


Daniel: Oh my God, the Out&Loud 2014. What should I say... it was fucking amazing, in every kind of view. I will just start with the festival itself and then talk about our Newcomer Stage and Bandcamp.

So the Festival itself was actually very good. It was small, but that was a good aspect. You were able to reach the Festival ground within 5 minutes from the Campground. All of the 3 stages were very close to each other and everywhere were possibilities for eating, drinking and listening to music. And one of the most important aspects: you didn't have to wait long for beer! haha.

And now comes the important part. So when we arrived we had to get some VIP shit and then were able to enter the festival ground with our cars. The Securities just opened the gates for us. Later one Security told us they can't let us enter the Festival ground with cars anymore because their boss got angry and they even had to tell Blind Guardian to fuck off. So they had to camp on the Parking lot with their tour bus! They refused to let the fucking headliner enter the Festival ground!!!! hahaha

As we had to play on Thursday we quickly built our tents and then went to our stage. And the stage was awesome! When I arrived at the stage the first time, Soulbound was at the end of their set. The sound was awesome and Soulbound made an awesome show. Johnny's just a show-master! The sound-check before our concert was the longest we've ever had. We had 1 hour (1 HOUR !!!!!!) for the sound-check. Usually we got a short line check and then we have to get over it haha. While preparing backstage, all the people already arrived at the stage. On every band the stage was full of people. That was because of the good organized playtimes. While a band on the Newcomer Stage was playing, the Indoor and Main Stage had a break. So all the people went over the festival ground and stopped where the music has been playing - at the newcomer stage.

Out&Loud_LOV1 Out&Loud_LOV2 Out&Loud_LOV3

Daniel: And now I have to tell something about the crowd. The crowd was so awesome! There was no grumpy idiotic moron metalhead that had some problem with the band because of no long hair or whatever. Every single one just was there for music and having fun. And they had! You only had to raise the metalhorns and eeeeevery single one raised them too without waiting for someone to do it first. That was really awesome.

Out&Loud_LOV4 Out&Loud_LOV5

Daniel:  When we were done with the gig we had some talk with the fans, hang around with them at the merch table and then left to the camping ground. The Bandcamp was awesome. We've met a lot of the other bands and had a lot of fun with them. And Johnny had a bit too much fun haha. One night we had some beer at our place with Johnny until 4-5am. Flo woke up in the night and stood up to get something to drink. This was around 6 or 7am. And Johnny still was sitting there having some beers haha. When I woke up I've asked him if he slept at all and he said with almost gone voice "3 hours". Haha his voice was sooo damaged, on Saturday he wasn't able to talk at all. Kai from Parasite Inc. was going to get him some spray for the voice, but I don't know if it helped.

Saturday was the day with the big bands. Vader, Ensiferum, Amon Amarth, Blind Guardian. And on Sunday morning the last bands left, including us. I was really sad when I had to leave and get back into normal life. It wasn't just because we played on an awesome festival as a band with big bands like Amon Amarth. It was because I enjoyed the time with all the other bands so much. Supporting each other and raising something together makes me actually very happy. And proud. And I will give all my energy and passion to get every single one of our brothers where they belong - on the Main stage!"

Out&Loud_LOV6 Out&Loud_LOV7 Out&Loud_LOV8

A new Legacy Of Vydar's interview will be coming up soon, stay tuned!!!

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Legacy Of Vydar Interview Nov.30th 2013

Hi guys, how is it going? The epic new EP “Damned” is out now, congrats! How does that make you feel?

Flo: Relieved...and a little bit proud.

Actually I was worried about “Damned” when I knew you put clean vocals in it. I’m still into the first full-length “A Hundred Miles” and it contains no cleans then. Now I have to say it was an unnecessarily worry. Obviously there’s some cleans in the EP but all songs didn’t lose its strength! So, did you get any feedback about the EP so far?

Flo: I was worried, too. There was the determined plan to add clean vocals but we didn't know how it would actually sound like when we're at the recording. But I'm quite happy with the result and I think it makes Damned sound more interesting and mature.

Did everything go smooth through the recordings and accompanying work? There was some problem for printing the cover art, right?

Flo: The recording itself was one very relaxing thing. We recorded all the instruments and vocals in less than 10 days which is a lot less than we needed for four songs from A Hundred Miles. This time we recorded everything by ourselves since we finally bought some recording equipment.
The mixing and mastering was again done by Hendrik from Syranic who did an amazing job. Of course it took some time - more than expected since we needed to coordinate our sessions around my new job and the learning of Hendrik for his exams. So far: standard.

We had some issues with the printing company who fucked up the design since it should have been a bit brighter. But who cares, maybe it's a bit more damned like it is now ;)

Well, the cover art is just interesting. It had been a bit long time until I found the beard guy on it, haha. Is he a kind of the leading character of “Damned”? How did you come up with the unique idea?

Flo: Just to calm you: Somebody even asked how we got hold of a monkey. In fact the beard guy is Dodo - painted with soot. We wanted to create a really damned and parched impression of a hopeless person who is fighting through a desert or something similar. Plus, Dodo really wanted to roll in that pile of dirt.

Could you tell us the song-by-song story of “Damned”?

Flo: Well, there are no real stories told on Damned in the meaning of a plot. It rather covers some of the big topics in life like your own impact on your destiny (Choice), time and death (Damned), the will and the guts you need to chase down your goals even when they seem out of reach (Surrender) and a little bit of critics to politics, society and religion (Wake Up).

I just wonder why you don’t make an official music video for spreading the word about Legacy Of Vydar?

Flo: Stay tuned ;) There's still a lot do plan and do, but it will come.

I guess you don’t like to categorize your music but I would love to describe Legacy Of Vydar as “Epic Battle Metal”. What do you think about it?

Flo: We used to call it Epic Death Metal. It's still ok, and of course we won't struggle against Epic Battle Metal.
Since there have been added a lot of impressions from different genres in my opinion the most fitting title would be Melodic Death Metal. But that's a matter of taste ... if somebody thinks it's Disco Pop and still likes it I'm totally fine with it.

So, I’m curious about your future album already, I mean the second full-length. Do you have an obvious plan or an obscure imagery about it so far?

Flo: Very obscure. It depends on the impact of Damned and on how much time I will find for writing new songs. But I can see distant times where a second LoV-LP is existent. Haha... oh dear.

Could you give any message to passionate Vydar fans and new listeners?

Flo: You got one nice taste of music ;) Thanks for listening and of course spread the word. We appreciate all kind of feedback just get in touch via our Facebook page. Horns up!

Get your copy of “Damned” on: https://legacyofvydar.bigcartel.com/product/damned-ep-2013

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Legacy Of Vydar – Choice (from the new EP Damned)

LEGACY OF VYDAR short interview on June

I’m absolutely psyched to know that you guys are working for another epic mythology! I suppose the new record will be called “Damned” as an EP, right?

You're damn right! :D

Well, I found something in your recording-related photo. Are you going to use clean vocals on the new record? I love the epic non-clean style of A Hundred Miles though.

Yes, there are going to be clean vocals on "Damned", mainly sung by Daniel. But don't worry, the shouting of Dodo will remain the dominant form of lyrics. We rather use the clean vocals simultaneously to the shouting on some occasions to create some variety. Anyway, there will be very, very few little parts where the clean vocals stand alone. Beside clean vocals there will be backing shouts and gang shouts to spice the whole thing up.

The Lyrics of the new songs are dealing with the similar theme as the past releases like the North Myth based style?

Yes and no. I think that all the tales of North Mythology have been already told by a lot of bands. So we decided to not do it again. Yet, as we still are fans of the North Mythology (maybe we can add some pictures of Dodo's tattoos someday) we are using metaphors and allusions to it in order to tell our stories about for example hope, despair, choice and death - kind of the big things in life which I think the Vikings had a great mentality to.

When I think about A Hundred Miles, I can’t ignore the great sound production (mixing & mastering) for the brilliant songs. Do you already have an obvious plan about it for the new record?

I'm glad that you like the sound on "A Hundred Miles", because we don't plan to change our sound engineers. After we finish the recordings, Hendrik of Syranic will do the mixing and I hope that we can also win Benni of Parasite Inc for the mastering again.

Still, the sound will change a bit. Looking back we all agree that the drums have been a bit too dominant on "A Hundred Miles". Since we're playing with 3 guitars, we want to give them a little bit more space in the in the whole production.

Do you have any plans for another full-length by the way?

I don't know, yet. Maybe we will record another EP after "Damned", maybe a full-length album. It depends on how much time we have to write new songs and how fast after "Damned" we can stand the madness of another recording session. :D

The following question would be just for fun. As far as I know, you guys often wear matching outfits on stage, one day with formal suits with bow ties, and the other day with kinda exercise cloths, right? What are you aiming for, haha? (Sorry but I’m curious!) I guess most of your fans prefer you to wear Viking-soldier-style outfits or so, huh?

Oh haha, we just try to do something different and funny in the grim and evil metal community. Let's see if metal heads can actually laugh. :D

But seriously, I'm glad you asked this. The thing I really dislike about metal is that a lot of people are like: "You need to look like this...", "You need to like this...", "You need to drink this...". For me, that's bullshit. You need to love the music, that's all.

Be strong now ... there are no Vikings anymore. :D

Could you tell me your upcoming plans as the band?

We wanna release "Damned" as soon and as good as possible and then play as many and as good gigs as possible. So I guess, we got the standard plans. Ah, wait... next weekend we're going to play on the Celtic Rock Open Air together with Eluveitie. It's gonna be wild.

Thank you so much for your time for the interview. I’m really looking forward to your new record! Love you damned Vydar guys!

We love you, too. :D

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TASTE OF EXTREME METAL - “A Hundred Miles” Legacy Of Vydar

Finally, the first full-length album “A Hundred Miles” will be out very soon! I’ve been waited for a long time for this epic 6 pieces of metal warriors Legacy Of Vydar’s new stuff and the time has come! I am glad to show you the title tune “A Hundred Miles” on my blog, so check it out with the short interview with
Daniel and Flo ;)

Legacy Of Vydar “A Hundred Miles”

If you want to listen to the song with more greater sound, click the link below and play the audio file :) Click the audio file “A Hundred Miles” by Legacy Of Vydar

Q1: Could you give me the release information of the full-length album "A Hundred Miles"?

Daniel: Our Album "A Hundred Miles" will be released on the 16th of October. It has been a very long time until we got it finished. Exactly one year ago we started the recordings for the new Album at the 16th of October 2010. So we wanted the release date to be the 16th of October 2011. Within this year we worked as hard as we could to let our first Album sound as perfect as it can be. And the result is awesome. With Hendrik from Syranic as the producer and Benni from Parasite inc. which did the mastering we had an incredible and very talented team. Every song is an epic masterpiece. So be prepared for the 16th of October !

Q2: I would love to introduce the awesome song "A Hundred Miles" from the album to metalheads all over the world, so, do you have any description about this song?

Flo:   A Hundred Miles is the title track of our new album because it, probably, is the most typical LoV song on it. Referring to the music we used the full range of styles that we stand for. There are Viking, melodic death and some slightly Metalcore-touched elements that we combined. On the story: At the beginning of the song there is a Viking guy who is, obviously, dying and at the same time remembering what has led him to this miserable situation. By that time he has realized that what was taught to him by self-made religious or political leaders has been wrong and that his drive for heroic doings was used for their evil intentions. Seeing his own dying reflection in the ice of a frozen lake it becomes clear that not these manipulators but instead he has to pay this with his life. Like always, there is a deeper meaning: Don't let yourself be blinded by whatever whoever is telling you - instead always use your own brain for what it was given to you.

Q3: How is your plan after releasing the album? Will you have some tour with the album?

Daniel:   After one year full of recording sessions we can't wait to get back on the stage again ! We're full of passion and prepared an awesome new show for our fans all over the world. We will play many gigs and festivals here in Germany, but without a producer we can't play in Tokio, Sao Paulo or Guadalajara as our fans wished. So you still have to wait some time until we can get there and set the world on fire. But with everyone of you which helps us spreading the word and tells his friends about Legacy Of Vydar we're getting closer and closer to play gigs for all of you guys. So spread the word and stay tuned for the 16th of October !

If you have ever heard of the EP ”Face To Face”, you could noticed how they got a huge growing and evolved more epic and muscular with this new stuff. We won’t be able to keep our eyes off their upcoming activity!

11th Oct. 2011 – Kumi666

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