Summer Breeze 2015 Day 4 – Live Photo Report by Kai (Parasite Inc.)


Day 4


Kai: The final day and I actually had a tight running order with Pripjat, Dust Bolt, Breakdown Of Sanity… and I just missed them all when I got hired as an “undercover beer server” for those two guys in the picture. So I started late on that day with the dudes from Hackneyed. Tobi (the preferred sound engineer of Hackneyed and also my band) packed their songs into a punchy and crisp sound! Good sound to a good show – did anyone expect something else?





When I reached to Cannibal Corpse the band had already started their set. The securities seriously had no easy job with the waves of incoming crowd surfers and the head banging people seriously had no easy job with keeping up to the merciless head banging of Corpsegrinder, haha. Hm, he has that big tummy actually just to keep a proportion to his neck, does he?


6_Cannibal Corpse

Exactly 10 years ago I have seen Dark Tranquility for the last time on Summer Breeze. Haha, those dudes have become pretty old… oh, wait…



Let’s better continue with the next band: Nightwish. Once after the split with Tarja and the entering of Anette I lost my interest in that band, because I never could get much into Anette’s voice in combination with the band. With Floor they got a powerful and versatile voice back to the band and I enjoyed almost every minute of that show with its huge sound and stage effects. Almost? Yes, because giving the audience almost 8 minutes of stupid outro music is just not sugoi! Or did I miss a point with that?






With the last canned tones of Nightwish and the beginning of the rain I went to my last band that was just perfect to end this final day with another wonderful sound robe: Ghost Brigade. Only 365 days until Summer Breeze 2016…



PS: So far announced for the next year are Sabaton, Subway To Sally, Korpiklaani, Exodus and Kärbholz... Looks like I am going to have a lot of beer pause beside Exodus!


All photos at Summer Breeze 2015 Day 4 taken by Kai (Parasite Inc.)

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