Summer Breeze Open Air 2011 report by Kai from Parasite Inc. – Day 3

This round of the blog for Summer Breeze Open Air 2011 again! Kai the singer and the lead guitarist from Parasite Inc. reported the day 3 which slowly started breakdown, haha … Here we go!

Summer Breeze Open Air 2011 - Day 3:

Kai:     Day 3 of Summer Breeze started with the Finnish Melo Deathers Kalmah.

day 3 starts with the melodic death metal from Kalmah

Kai:  What can I say?... Really great show with awesome sound but... why the hell did they quit over 5 minutes earlier? Sucked... However, it was horrible hot and even a heavy thunderstorm in the morning did not cool down only changed the stage area and the camping-site into a muddy battlefield.

after a heavy thunderstorm in the morning
most of the area turned to a muddy battlefield

Kai:  I had some more Ipanemas again (no I am not addicted!) at a shady place while hang out and watched at the people on the area. 3rd day and the smell of 33000 metalheads is kinda somewhere between piss, beer and sweat... and more and more drunken bodies adorned the whole area.

some tents and pavillons were also blown away...

Kai:  I took position at the tower to see the people going crazy at Turisas.

every band is filmed and shown on several screens around the stages

Kai:  At the Boney M. cover "Rasputin" even the people in the rear area where dancing. That was truly a battle metal show ;)

Turisas rockin the crowd

Kai:  For bridging to Amorphis I had another Ipanema (okay, I am addicted :p) while listening to Bolt Thrower. Songs like "No Guts, No Glory" or "The Killchain" rolled heavy over the area . British Death Metal at its best, yeah!

have a closer look to the Nuclear Blast stand

hot dog before Amorphis starts playing

Kai:  At Amorphis there were too many people to get closer to them, but they had best sound and lightshow so far today that ended after 1 hour with "House Of Sleep".

Amorphis' impressive Lightshow

Kai:  Only Hammerfall was better with the sound and set the people hearts on fire with playing most of their hits - really enjoyable and without a cheesy stage decoration :P.

Finish day 3 with enjoing the show of Hammerfall

Kai:  After their show I wanted to switch over to Kataklysm... I wanted but I gave it up... they had the worst sound on the festival and it made no fun to listen to them. I left the 20 years Kataklysm birthday party with a sad eye but a lot of Ipanemas inside me.

Okay, the next blog will be the final day of Summer Breeze 2011.

Aug.2011 -Kumi666