GERMAN EXTREME METAL Live at B-hof Würzburg

On 14th April 2012, finally this amazing show German Extreme Metal (organized by Hakan Gülsem) came true! It means those four kick-ass band – PARASITE INC., BLEEDING RED, ALL WILL KNOW and SOULBUND from my support bands shared the same stage at that night! Kai from one of those awesome bands PARASITE INC. showed me how it was… Thank you so much Kai for your efforts! So, here we go!

Well, how can I start now? We (PARASITE INC.) were looking much forward to that gig in several ways. First it was a honor for us to play in Würzburg with some bands we really like and listen to and that are also supported by you. Personally I was eager to see SOULBOUND and ALL WILL KNOW live and to share the stage with BLEEDING RED again after a long time.

Okay, we reached early at the venue (a really cool youth centre by the way) and first we met there was Johnny (SOULBOUND). First words of him were some greetings from Hendrik (SYRANIC) kinda like “you fuckers still haven’t sent your CD to me”. Hendrik I am sorry and hope it reached you meanwhile :).

After having a look at the venue and saying hello to some guys from the bands I wanted to hang out in a castle park near the venue but didn’t recognize the closing times. So, once I wanted to get back to the venue I was imprisoned there and couldn’t get out anymore… Uh-oh, I was in trouble, haha. Luckily a guy found me and opened the gate for me again, so I was back right in time for the show of SOULBOUND.

What can I say about SOULBOUND on stage? Beside that they are really friendly and relaxed guys(like all other people at this evening btw.) their show looked totally professional and motivating. Oh, and the songs are punching much more than on CD! Only problem for me, the show was too short ;).


Actually I feel sorry that I can’t say much about ALL WILL KNOW. I only was able to listen to the first 2 songs with a great show but I had to prepare for the gig behind the stage and couldn’t recognize much of them. Too bad coz I really like their songs and I hope I can see them once again with their complete line up.

Note: For some reason, Mo(on clean vocals) couldn’t join the show at that night.


Well, how can I say about our gig? It’s always hard to describe a gig of yourself coz you don’t see it like the audience sees it, of course. So I only can speak about my personal impression and for me it felt rather as a messed up one… Kevin used my wireless transmitter and already after the intro he started losing it over again. (Dude, you jump too much hahaha ;) ). I remember Benni also dropped his sticks and personally I felt like cursed with the show: First I got electric shocks from the microphone over again, then I dropped my guitar pick over again during the songs, got nervous and messed up with playing. That never happened to me before lol. What a mess. Remember: Pick holder have their sense. However I hope the people could enjoy it anyway a bit :)


I was relaxing then with another great show of BLEEDING RED. There’s nothing more to say about it: Great is just great! And it was really cool to share the stage again after years now :)


After the end of the show we joined the organizer with the other bands to a metal club not far from the venue and hung out there for a while with talking, drinking relaxing and playing table football. @SOULBOUND: You have to practice ‘til our next meeting to beat Sammy ;)

All in all it was a great evening with great people and I think I can speak also for the rest of the band if I say: Thanks to you all for the awesome time and we are looking forward to see you again. Also thanks so much to Hakan for the great organization.
Stay Heavy \m/

The blast photo of guys from SOULBOUND, BLEEDING RED, PARASITE INC. and ALL WILL KNOW! (Unfortunately, Mo and Danny from ALL WILL KNOW couldn’t join in the photo. But all you guys are always on my mind!)

The comment from SOULBOUND about this photo:
At this point greetings and thanks to Hakan and Kumi (Japan) for their energetic support of that quadripartite team. (Kumi, thanks a lot for all your effort and for all your support during the last years for all of us! - this show was for you!)

PS: As you maybe know we are still recording our album and I can tell you that the guitars are almost done now as well as many parts of the drums. We start with bass and vocal recordings soon then, so be prepared for the upcoming weeks with some news about it.

Thank you so much all guys from PARASITE INC, BLEEDING RED, ALL WILL KNOW and SOULBOUND. I really love you all! You guys rules! Kumi666

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