BLOODSHOT DAWN – The road to another masterpiece vol.2


You have made the incredible success on Kickstarter campaign already. Congrats! Have you estimated to get the enthusiastic feedback like that way?

Josh: The feedback we have had has been insane. People from all around the world backed and funded our record! An incredible 293 people decided to back us on this project and from this we have a good bank roll to make the beast that is looming sound incredible!!

Such stunning guests you have revealed for the upcoming album! How did you involve those brilliant musicians to your new songs?

Josh: We have decided to put all 5 guests into one song!! As metal fans we would love to hear nothing more than Chris Amott and Per and the rest shredding off against ourselves in one epic song!! For Per/ Sven/ Teemu we have become friends with them because of touring with them, we bullied them into chipping in to the new effort (by threatening them with tour pranks XD). Andy has followed Benjamin on his solo competitions and was happy to collaborate with us, and I was fortunate enough to speak to Chris regarding some bookings and simply asked the question, he quickly offered his insane licks to complete a simply incredible bunch of guests! We are over the moon!


How about the album producer Jacob Hansen? Do you think the great results of Kickstarter so far made it possible?

Josh: Absolutely! Thanks to the crowd funding we have been able to schedule the recording for the very close future and also have the mix and mastering booked!! (Tight schedules all around) Jacob is a high class producer and would normally be well out of budget for an unsigned band like us! The kickstarter has made it possible for us to get it produced how we want it to be essentially.


You also revealed the awesome cover art (by Pär Olofsson) of the new album. It looks like a horror SF movie and tickles the imaginations for its story. Do you have the clear concept for the art?

Josh: The artwork is all symbolic of certain aspects of the human race! There are multiple hidden meanings behind the artwork designed for album 2! It also ties in nicely with album 1's artwork continuing on the Apocalyptic feel with a complete twist on what many people pictured the first cover as.

The artwork is a vision humanity's lust for survival showing a huge alien creature attacked a futuristic city! On the back cover there is a machine sucking in dimensions to power said city, which represents humanity's will to do whatever it takes to survive. The alien represents a looming shadow of consequence for what we are doing to our planet and world.... There are more twist within the inlay to reveal more of the story and to add more context to our concept for this project!

We chose to do this vision as a Sci Fi scene as we love this sort of artwork but as said above it is all ambiguous in meaning.


One of the Kickstarter rewards “be drawn into the album artwork” is extremely unique I think. Could you tell us which situation will the backers be drawn? “Running from the apocalyptic city” is the only hint you revealed so far, right?

Josh: This is correct! This piece was added simply as a fans chance to be immortalized and we had to come up with a cool idea to put people in the album cover in a subtle manner! What better war to have the people drawn in the album is there, than having them fleeing for their lives on fire hahaha!


By the way, the latest announcement about the upcoming Japan Tour made us crazy because we miss you guys so much. How about you?

Josh: Well put it this way... The offer came around for a return and we scheduled our album release to coincide with the tour!! We love Japan so much you guys have given us such a boost in fan morale! We will never forget EMOJ volume 1 so we have been aching for a return! When the lovely gentlemen at BnF called us we already had our bags packed to make a return... In all seriousness we can not wait to be back and meet all you wonderful people again. You are the reason we do this!


The fact that Sight Of Emptiness will be your buddies through the tour made me overwhelmed as well. What do you think about the band?

Josh: I love these guys!! Met them at bloodstock 2012 and have been good friends ever since!!! Incredible musicians and massively underrated!

Could actually be happier about sharing the stage with my Costa Rican bros !


I’m a bit worried about the timing between the new album and the tour. Do you think we are going to have a chance listening into the new album before the tour?

Josh: We will for sure be streaming the album prior to release! Hoping for a first look during October for the fans so stay tuned, we are coming with full force!!!!

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