Sight Of Emptiness “Utter Control” (new song 2019)

Somewhere around the middle of June, I was very excited cos I had a chance to listened to "Utter Control" from my favorite Costa Rican death metal band Sight Of Emptiness for the first time and managed a quick review for the band. Check my following review about their epic new song.

Here comes the mind-blowing brand new song "Utter Control" from the finest Costa Rican modern death metal band Sight Of Emptiness! Their previous album Instincts dealt with a damn relationship between the great mother nature and humankind. And this time, they caught a new target - modern society - to give their smart attack. The destructive heavy sound of "Utter Control" discloses helpless human-beings ruled by desire and it's depicted not only with tyrants but also with technologies which could build the catastrophic humanity. Sight Of Emptiness shows you their whole new level with the futuristic modern death metal tune! 

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