All Will Know’s new video “Behind Your Mask”

All Will Know's brilliant new music video "Behind Your Mask" from the upcoming third full-length Infinitas is available now!

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"Behind Your Mask" Lyrics

You keep feeding their desires.
With a blatant twist in mind.
Only reaching for the helpless.
A shepherd leading just the blind

So you know I used to follow. Not anymore!
I‘ve seen through you and carried on.
(You) make them believe no other sun will shine again
- But yours that is painted with false-faced dedication

Free from the shame.
I‘m better off without your light.
I can‘t believe it took so long
We live to shine.
We‘re better off without your light.
Your barren ways lead us no more

You said your offer won‘t come twice.
That I should leave it all behind.
A glimpse of doubt can make you nervous.
Who would have thought?

I paved your way and felt regrets.
Turned around and set an end. Don‘t be so shocked.
This blinded sheep has seen a light

No make-believe can block the sun forevermore.
Behind your mask I found the weakest of them all
I gave it all
– all that you claimed while giving up what I deserve.
Surviving is not living in your realm

Now feel the sting of disappointment.
Find another one to blame.
For the reasons to your downfall.
For your loss within your game

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