Infinitas (2017) – All Will Know

1. Behind Your Mask

You keep feeding their desires.
With a blatant twist in mind.
Only reaching for the helpless.
A shepherd leading just the blind

So you know I used to follow. Not anymore!
I‘ve seen through you and carried on.
(You) make them believe no other sun will shine again
- But yours that is painted with false-faced dedication

Free from the shame.
I‘m better off without your light.
I can‘t believe it took so long
We live to shine.
We‘re better off without your light.
Your barren ways lead us no more

You said your offer won‘t come twice.
That I should leave it all behind.
A glimpse of doubt can make you nervous.
Who would have thought?

I paved your way and felt regrets.
Turned around and set an end. Don‘t be so shocked.
This blinded sheep has seen a light

No make-believe can block the sun forevermore.
Behind your mask I found the weakest of them all
I gave it all
– all that you claimed while giving up what I deserve.
Surviving is not living in your realm

Now feel the sting of disappointment.
Find another one to blame.
For the reasons to your downfall.
For your loss within your game

2. Dead World

Sometimes I see a face in the mirror.
Cold eyes are watching me, my soul starts to shiver.
No fear, no mercy, no sign of emotion.
Just like a mask this face shows no motion

This dead world is pushing me down.
All I see is hate it‘s making me frown.
Bad faith, distrust, social exclusion.
Religious wars and racial collusion

It hasn‘t always been this way.
In my heart the world will stay.
But my mind is not the same.
I‘m afraid the world.
I knew will start to fade away

Wake Up and you‘ll see something is wrong.
It‘s where we go to.
And not where we‘re from.
Who will live, Who will die
This world is crumbling,
you can‘t deny

This dead world is near to the end
Faith has spoken,
no way to prevent
Hear my words my message of fear
The seal is broken,
vengeance is near

It hasn‘t always been this way
In my heart the world will stay.
But my mind is not the same.
I have lost my innocence.
I‘m afraid the world.
I knew will start to fade away.
It starts to fade away

Can you see it burning?
This dead world is shining bright.
Reveals its blazing beauty
Got cured of mankind

3. This Circle Never Ends

Time strikes back again.
This circle never ends.
In those cycles your affection dies
What is there left to lose?

the mental cause of sanity’s paralysis.
Emotions chose to lie!

You hesitate to free yourself.
The weight of the world keeps you down.
You’re so afraid to let it go.
And now time strikes back again.
While this circle never ends.
The ashes around convince you to burn

Stuck here? That’s what you think!
Safe here?
Stagnation wins!
Stay here?
Why would you choose the bare remains of suffering?

Salvation’s calling!
Just take its hand and rise.
See new lights and start to chase new heights.

Abort and stop the futile fire!
Deplete the rush and stay in line.
Breathe into me.
Desires sincere.
Resurrected from the fallen.
I‘m seeing clear.
Medicate the broken.
With hopes of the forgotten. Revive!

Keep still! Tolerate the deadening
Keep still! Leave me where I am!

Believe us – Deceivers.
There is more than just stalemate.
More visions craving life
Believe us – Deceivers.
There is more than just stalemate.
Believe and find.

Abort and stop the futile fire!
Deplete the rush and stay in line.

4. Age Of Paranoia

Alone and restrained inside your mind.
So tired of voices that tell you what‘s right
The windows show broken worlds to you
Stay inside and feel safe.
But you know there are other ways.
Take the chances and find the better days

Driven to search for more.
Beyond the door are reasons to long for.
You‘re not the first one to run a red light.
And not the last one to win the last fight

You run to find a cure to this madness
Demise won‘t keep control. So don‘t let it
Somewhere ahead lies the freedom you need to feel

Breathe Out – Breathe In.
You‘re running down a lonely road.
Always searching for the sunlight.
Refuse to fear.
The age of paranoia and contempt

The world was blackening.
This is your reckoning.
Now the horizon shines bright before your eyes.
You leave the past to be.
A silent memory.
Now the horizon shines bright before your eyes.
Still feel the shadow‘s grip on your neck.
Don‘t dare to slow down.
Freedom‘s near!
Just breathe it in!
Afraid of the voices behind you.
You found assuring peace in hope.
See for yourself – Don‘t blink now.
And realize what you‘ve become

5. Beyond The Fears

Beyond The Fears / Find The Core

Dreams will never be the same.
I watched them fade away.
And never come back.
If all it takes is to believe this altered fate
- Consider fate a lie!
Deny! Accept this lie!

Failed to resurrect the urge.
To grow and to bloom

There are greater plans for me below these could have beens.
Dig deeper, find the core!

Somewhere beyond the fears I bury my regrets.
And stay focused.
Then everything will feel so real again.
My eyes are open

In my thoughts I‘m already gone.
Within my heart it rages on.
The battle of tomorrow and today

Still there are memories to praise.
But I am stuck in yesterday.
Believe! Deny!
Accept this lie!
Call me a hypocrite.
As long as I survive.
Nothing‘s left to idolize.

Distracted and feeling wrong.
Buried beneath the glow.
This warming energy
I sense but cannot reach.
Perdition’s grip is strong.

Reasons scattered in the air seem to fog my sight.
Right now I’m paralyzed!
No strength to be and to believe.
Afraid to see where I lead…

I just won‘t understand what is going on inside

Accept and reveal the sorrow.
Every step through every day
– infected with chaotic obstructions to obliterate.
My yearning for peace in a future I‘ve seen.
And believed to be true
– If I fight for it.
Still breaking down the walls.
And I know that I should never find an end
to this will that defies all the lies!!!!!
Somewhere beyond the fears I bury my regrets!
Then everything will feel so real and I stay focused!

6. Stain The White

Scars to tell the stories.
Carved into layers of white.
Forgiving and forgetting.
Reminding and desiring
Urge to get `em out.
The system sucks it in
More cuts to keep it bleeding.
Drain everything from nothing.
Regret what didn‘t stain.
The white still longing for the grey

Longing for the grey.
I give myself away
Another cut could mean freedom to this mind

I hear the call.
Feel the words I have to say
They‘re just one breath away.
Reject it all.
They are like stitches in the skin.
And take my breath away

Blank stares hollow out the sense.
Of visions within words.
I must but cannot feel
The bleeding to reveal

Clocks deny the answers.
A meaning to come is a meaning that‘s gone.
But the scars will tell the stories.
Reminding and desiring

Here comes the rush.
Of sights to sounds
Pulsating inspiration.
Ink to the knife

Rip it open – Stain the white

A flood between the wanted and the forced
A channel that connects what divides.
Pleasantly watching it all turn to grey.
I feel at ease once more.
This final stain will close the wound that I‘ve adored

Another rush.
This scar is fresh and burning.
Pulsating inspiration.
Ink to the knife

7. Ruins

Ruthless backfire strikes again.
Incisions to the vein of life – Wither!
Shed deceptive securities.
Infest the wrong and breed in their soul
Inwardly exhaust the core.

Shed deceptive securities.
Pest has grown into a shell.
Merge with the darkness!

Time doesn’t heal - Time is the wound!
Seal it with fire and live with the scars.
Watch it break open and bleed through the eyes.
Truth bound in seasons of lies.

We watch the helpless find a way.
They‘re running from the void.
They can‘t look back to where we stay.
No place for the guilty and broken

Seduced by distractions and still in delay
Accept new beginnings
– give in to the pain.
What was is now gone!

One more step.
Meet the ground.
Diminish the foolish.
Set borders to expectations as they thrive

Hatred is mine
– Hatred for time. Betrayed and abandoned.
Deceived and forgotten

We watch the helpless find a way.
They‘re running from the void.
They can‘t look back to where we stay.
No place for the guilty and broken

Let me go in despair.
For I cannot take the blame for this anymore.
I gave it all I have to give.
The walls still bury me alive.
Within the ruins of this life I hide

Anchor of the broken lets them run within eyeshot

Force-feed the revelations to the dreamers
Erase the illusions sprouting from blissful oblivion

Deliver the host from its burdens of being
Deliver the host…

Shed deceptive securities.
Pest has grown into a shell.
Merge with the darkness!

Within the ruins of this life I hide

8. From Desires To...


9. Cold Reality

Shut all the blinds
– stay away from the lights.
The essence is yearning to bleed
Cleansing drips of perfection refine
what still matters to me

All the time nothing seemed to break my peace of mind.
Now I find my world
became the monster feasting on my flesh

I‘ve come a long way.
From desires to cold realities.
The hurt within will salvage my soul.
When I head straight to the fall
I lost myself along the way.
Just to find I‘m not astray.
The hurt within will lead my soul
When I stand up after the fall.

Carved out
– sculpted hollow and free
Emerging from the splinters I got tired to see.
Stuck in my back they remind me of balance and fortune

Recall the strife I felt for ages.
Lock it to my heart.
No pain will forever tear my soul to shreds!

The grass will be greener than before
when I stand up from the fall
Repaint the picture of what you used to think.
And be inspired by a life yet unknown.
Water the wastelands beneath your feet and run.
The trail of passion is to grow along the path you take

10. Vicious Destiny

Feel that sting inside.
In apathy I reconcile with all the hurt.
Flesh is all that burns.
The core instead will learn to push past the tides.

See all the memories fall.
The evidence gone.
Of what I believed and of what I have dreamed.
The evidence gone.
This road is all I have.
So bittersweet is the end in sight

This way is haunted by desires and long lost faces.
The further I walk the more I miss the presence of their warmth.
But they are out of reach.
They are out of reach…

Fearful I‘m running from the past to forget
what the future will hold.
Anxious denial of pain to come.
Vicious destiny.
Free me from this vicious destiny.

This road is all I have.
So bittersweet is the end in sight.
This road is all I have.
Not knowing if I find my light.
Right now it‘s inevitable to escape
what was and realize what is.
The only way

See my body tremble from the insight
that‘s growing deep within.
Exist to fail

11. Waves

So clear
– so far the shore keeps on asking for more.
Relentlessly claiming the soul
that loved and lost but strives

Take me or leave me I couldn‘t care less.
The vessel you want is a wreck in the sand
You lead – I drown.
The faith washed away
Illusions won‘t change who I am

And the air around me calls longingly for me.
Pointing to horizons and leaves me to mourn.
The light I‘ve lost and fall into the flood

Let there be waves.
Feel their engaging stream.
Float to find the answers. Believe and receive.
Think of the days when you praised the sunrise.
We never thought that we would just resign

We swallow lies.
We swallow doubt.
Though we are solutions.
Within the heart.
Beyond the mind.
Lies the journey to our dreams

The winds shall not deceive us.
They take the seed to soil.
We throw ourselves into you
The cliffs break bones and leave us.
Broken and petrified.
The air we breathe will heal us.
And fuel the screams of life

This can‘t be wrong.
Be one with the spirit and flow.
Life lasts beyond loss
(Can I accept what my mind asks from me?)
Waiting for you to begin
(Waiting for me to give in)

By sunrise we are all at sea
and hailing from forsaken harbors.
Shores in the offing remain unclear
as we take another tack.

Grounded between the devil and the deep blue sea
we choose to cut and run.
May the wind and the waves navigate us
to where we belong.

12. So Long