Let’s go on with the brand new OUT & LOUD impression by ALL WILL KNOW! They told me about Newcomer Stage, about the special show with their former clean singer Mo.


ALL WILL KNOW: When we arrived at the Out&Loud Festival, the first thing to acknowledge was definitely the kind and helpful security and organization personnel. Whatever question or problem there was, they gave their best in finding the right solution or someone who could give further information. Very dedicated and focused. They certainly gave us the first sense of comfort and ease.

 After setting up the camp and having the first few drinks with our New Wave of German Metal friends we enjoyed some of the shows at the newcomer stage. And what is there to say? It was amazing! With a line-up containing so many classy bands on the other stages, you could expect that not too many metalheads would stick around to listen to bands they didn’t even know until this day. But every band had an amazingly huge and party-willed crowd in front. It really gave us a great feeling that the whole NWOGM was so well received.


 ALL WILL KNOW: On Friday it was finally our turn to bring ALL WILL KNOW to the stage and give the crowd the best of us. Looking into that sea of faces mixed with new ones and some friends that came along to celebrate with us was such an awesome moment to remember for a long time.

 What made it even more special was the fact that we had Mo on stage with us to celebrate the “contact.” songs with his great voice once more. The concert had been one of the most fun to play and we thank everyone in the audience for sing-along and sharing this positive energy with us on that very special day.

 We definitely want to come back if they’d like us to be on their billing again. And of course Flori did a great job managing the newcomer stage and helping out everywhere – so big props go out to him as well!


You can see their kick-ass performance through the following awesome photos by Dark and Sweet Things. Thanks a lot again, Bettina! 



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