The unprecedented unique project – “Draw Me Your Favourite Dinosaur!” by Dan

Instead of my senseless explanation, check the statement below by Dan the guitarist from one of my support bands Midnight Realm about his unprecedented unique project "Draw Me Your Favorite Dinosaur"!

The statement about the project  "Draw Me Your Favorite Dinosaur" by Dan

"Ever wondered what dinosaur your favourite metal band or musician loves? No!? I have...

In this blog you'll find a collection of illustrations from musicians, artists and other all round awesome folk from the world of music who have sent me a drawing of their favourite dinosaur.

The idea began a few years ago when i started asking bands to send me a sketches of their favourite dinosaurs in the additional comments section of their web stores. Since then i've had all sorts of pictures sent to me through the post or to my email inbox. Some have been really detailed, beautiful pieces of art; some have been hilariously crude doodles. All have been awesome.

My eventual goal is to organise all the images I have received (and still currently receiving) and turn them into a book that I can sell with the profits going to charity. I'm a long way from that yet so any help to reach my goal is appreciated; if you are in a touring metal band, or know someone who is in one please tell them to get in touch with me! I would be happy to add your dino to my growing collection of images!

For now though, take a look at what's been sent to me so far, I hope you enjoy your stay. "

Contact: drawmeyourfavouritedinosaur[at]

You can find drawings of my support bands on the official site: Draw Me Your Favorite Dinosaur