The photo-report from Musikmesse Frankfurt 2012 by Kai from Parasite Inc.

Kai: Hi guys and gals,
have you ever heard about the "Musikmesse Frankfurt"? It's one of the biggest music fairs in the world (maybe THE biggest). 2011 almost 1500 companies from 47 countries have presented their products there and it's kinda a Mecca for a musicians :) So, this year was the first time I was able to go there and I can tell you it was more than impressive. Started from the entrance I had problems to keep my mouth closed coz I was getting a "Wow"-feeling that stayed for the upcoming 8 hours.

the entrance

the venue

Kai: The fair takes place in several halls , so there is one hall for recording equipment, one hall with guitars, one for drums and percussion and so on… Beside the recording stuff of course I was very stoked with the guitar section. Tons of guitars and amps and most of them you can try out by yourself. Well, maybe I should stop to write too much about it and you should just have a look at the pics to get a small insight of the fair ;)

guitars, tiny usb guitars and an usb drumikits

impressive stand of EMG-pickups

Tommy Bollin (當墓林)

guitarists at the Gibson lounge

left: Jim Marshalls business car / right: guitars for In Arcane :p

left: 7-string basses / right: spacy guitars with glowing strings

ESP guitars

drum kits

spacy basses and more glowing guitars

the guitarists dream house :D

funny hair style

left: real heavy metal music instrumens / right: guitar handbags

left: the fair tower / right: a hare straight in Frankfurt

tips for a new interior?

spacy lightshows

Kai: Btw. After 3 hours I had a first cramp in my mouth haha *joking*. Honestly, it’s almost an overload of impressions if you try to go through the whole fair in one day and keep everything in mind what you see. Visit it on 2 days would be more relaxed for sure. So I took a longer rest at a sunny yard inside the venue and just relaxed a bit. After 8 hours of walking and music noise I was happy anyway to just sit in a car and get back home to continue with the Parasite Inc. album recordings. We are still inside the recoding process but we are one step closer again to be “Back for War”. So, see you soon with some news about it and since then stay heavy!

Thank you so much Kai, you rock!!!