Leviathan – The Recording Diary at Big Easy Studio

Did you guys check the dramatic and philosophical fabulous progressive melodic death album - Beyond The Gates Of Imagination pt.1 already? They are just in the middle of making the new one and Tobi from the band showed us their recording process, so here we go!

Tobi: This march we returned to the Big Easy Studio to finish our work on "Beyond The Gates Of Imagination Pt.2".

Tobi: On these pictures you can see the cabinets and the amplifiers that we used for the recordings. It's very funny, in every area of modern life digital equipment is taking over, but when it comes to creating a great guitar sound the best thing still is to use a real tube amplifier. That is why Jonas and me still rely on an ENGL / Digitech Racksystem and an ENGL Powerball.

Tobi: On the side of guitars, Jonas and myself we usually use our main live guitars that we use on stage also in the studio. Jonas used his Jackson RR24, that is now featured on every of our releases.

Tobi: …and I recorded all my parts with the brand new Fernades Vortex guitar that I just got right before the release of "Part 1" in September 2011.

Tobi: On this picture you see the recordings for the slide guitar solo. This was kind of an interesting experiment. On one hand it's not very common in metal and on the other hand I also had mostly played slide guitar for fun and never with the intension to record something that way. But everything worked out very well and it will give the new record another taste and a wider range of musical variability.

Tobi: Talking about the record in general, it is going to be also something surprising for all of you. It still has the typical Leviathan sound, with a lot of keyboards, guitar riffs and Jonas screams. But we tried to again expand our musical universe and this new CD will show you the most dark and heavy parts that we have ever written as well as the most melodic and catchy melodies that we ever recorded.

The latest statement from Leviathan about the recording process:
“We are done now with all instrument recordings!! We finished all acoustic guitars today and now we are having about one month off from the studio. In that time Jonas will write the vocals as well as all orchestrations and in May we will return to the Big Easy Studio to finish the new CD!!”

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