BLOODSHOT DAWN – The road to another masterpiece vol.1


Since you have an excellent fan-base in Japan as well, I should ask you about Doug’s withdrawal because that was a kind of stunning blow for us. Could you tell us what happened between Doug and the band?

Josh: Doug and Bloodshot Dawn had a long and prosperous relationship, and honestly, even though we have parted ways we remain good friends and will always support each other's projects. In fact I went to see Doug’s band, Unfathomable Ruination, just one week ago which was a fantastic chance to catch up with him. Unfortunately Doug wasn't happy with the musical direction of the band, and felt it was better to leave than stay in a band he wasn’t fully happy with. We were in agreement with that viewpoint and so the decision was mutual. We wouldn’t want anyone to stay in the band if they were no longer enjoying the experience fully. Doug is a one of a kind drummer and I look forward to maybe sharing the stage with him in the not so distant future!

However, we were absolutely relieved the result that Janne from DEALS DEATH joined the band for Doug’s replacement. How did it happen?

Josh: Janne was one of our first candidates, he has played for Bloodshot Dawn as a stand in last year when Doug could not play for a 2 week tour with scar Symmetry, and some headline shows in the UK. He was the natural choice as he is a lovely guy too, so we simply asked him and he quickly expressed interest. The guy is immensely talented and hungry to make extreme metal, so is a perfect addition to Bloodshot Dawn. And don't worry about the logistics of him living in a different country, as we all have our own recording set ups at home, and we can write and send songs to each other to via the internet, and have band meetings on Skype!

You can shoutout the first full-length “Bloodshot Dawn” was a blockbuster album as a DIY band. Are you feeling any pressure for the second album?

Josh: Thanks for your kind words, we are honoured with the reception our debut has had over the past two years! As far as pressure goes, we understand the fans expect a lot, but we do too! We are not feeling too much pressure, as I would say the great feedback we have been given has been fuel for us to come back with something to overshadow the debut. Bloodshot Dawn was our first album for each of us as musicians as well as a band so there is definitely room for improvement in all aspects of the music (not just technical ability). We are hoping people will enjoy the record, and accept the progression our music takes, but it will not just be a copy of the first album. We have already done that, haha! We are really happy with how it is sounding and we have a lot of new ideas that we think the fans will love, as well as improving on what you can hear in the first album!bsd_interview_2014_pt1_image2

Is there anything you can tell us about the proceedings and results of new materials for the new album so far?

Josh: It's all very secretive at the moment but I can say we have lots of music and it's sounding extremely brutal, epic and fast... Watch this space because there is a lot on the way with a series of 4 videos showcasing contributions from each member of the band!!

Currently, Ben is touring with Scar Symmetry, right? Is everything going well?

Josh: Ben is home now so I will pass you to him for this

Ben: Hey Kumi! I have just finished touring with scar Symmetry one week ago. It was a short, 5 date tour in Eastern Europe. We visited Moscow & St. Petersburg (Russia), Minsk (Belarus) & Riga (Latvia). Sadly we had to cancel the first show in Kiev (Ukraine) due to the social and political problems. The tour was an incredible, but surreal experience for me! I was filling in for Per Nilsson, a guy who has had a huge influence on me as a guitar player, so it was more than a dream for him to ask me to fill on for him. Scar Symmetry are one of my favourite bands, so it was a huge honour! Now it's back to work on the new Bloodshot Dawn album for me and I'm super excited for everyone to hear it when it's done!

I would love to ask you about Kickstarter. So, why did you decide to go on as an unsigned band?

Josh: Essentially, we want to be able to create a bigger, better album, and give more back to the fans. This includes high quality album production, amazing art, more music videos, longer tours (across more countries), and much more. The first album was completely self funded, and although we produced the album professionally and did a considerable amount of touring, our personal finances took a massive hit as a result. This time around, with such a great response from our awesome fans we decided we will ask for their help in order for us to deliver them something really special. That being said, we have already funded some of the aspects of our second record ourselves, so the cogs are turning already! We are going to be offering some really special rewards for fans who invest in the kickstarter project. Some packages include limited edition Merch only printed for kickstarter investors, as well as unique items like the "bitchez love chicken" drum skin from our official music video for “Vision”, and stage banners we have used on tour! We are even looking into offering the chance at starring in a music video with the band if you are a very ambitious fan! These are just a few of the package ideas, and there is a lot more that we will be announcing very soon!

Do you already have a circumstantial schedule for kickstarter? Could you explain us about the project?

Josh: We are currently working hard to give you, the fans, a great insight into the making of the album! This preparation is taking time, but rest assured the wait will be worth it! Dates are not set in stone, but will be announced very soon!

What is your goal with the project?

Josh: To bring the fans an album that is something really special, in every way. Great songs, great production, art, merchandise, and of course great tours in as many countries as we can. Between us and our incredible fans, we are sure we can make an unforgettable Extreme metal album and we would love to come out and see as many of you as possible! With your support we can make this happen!


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