To all guys from my fave metal bands

To all guys from my fave metal bands,

Though it has been told many times and many ways already, this year became incredibly difficult for everyone in the whole world because of the pandemic. Sadly, this tough moment disclosed there are many selfish humans in every society... sigh. On the other hand, it revealed there are such many unsung heroes in the world! I'm not only talking about health-care related workers, but also about artists!!!
Every beautiful art could be a powerful healer and cheerleader for many people, you know. And, for me, it's mainly metal music (especially death metal), of course! Your fantastic music gives me a huge strength and happiness 24/7 seriously and I wouldn't survive without it. So, I just wanted to shout out loud about my honest thankful feelings towards you guys for your endless efforts for the amazingly beautiful music! This year must be really cruel for you as restless musicians, but many of you guys didn't give in under such cirecumstance and kept creating your new music. You guys are truly mighty heroes!!! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

BTW, I'm so sorry that I couldn't work a lot as a metal supporter via this year due to the pandemic, my super busy regular job and an illness. Things have been total hectic these years and I only managed a couple of reviews, interviews and a distribution, and I even had to give up a metal-give-away action this year. What a shame...
I'll be total busy-bee for the support stuff next year hopefully!
Thanks a lot again. I love you all!