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Happy New Year everybody! Here's the first post on 2018. To come straight to the point, I asked two simple questions to the band on kumi666com: 1) What was your biggest highlight of 2017? and 2) What is your New Year's resolution? So, my big thankfulness goes to the following bands with their exciting answers!

Bloodshot Dawn, Sunless Rise, Black Therapy, Parasite Inc., Meadows End, Kambrium, Soulbound, Leviathan, Bloodspot, Sight Of Emptiness, Sapiency, All Will Know, Irreversible Mechanism, Ravenpath and Burn Down Eden!!!

Bloodshot Dawn

"The highlight of our year was hearing the final mix of Reanimation our new record! Over the whole of 2017 we have been shaping the sound and music from writing to recording and also writing the lyrics! With all the changes in the line up it has been a fresh challenge that we have embraced and enjoyed! To hear Per Nilsson's final efforts and the way he helped expand our sound was nothing short of a dream. The fact that me and Morgan are huge fanboys for his work in Scar Symmetry it made it all that more special.

Our New Years resolution is to play in new territories around the world to try and bring our music further field! Naturally we plan to visit our faithful fans as always to. Also we plan to blow crowds away with our updated set and live show so keep your eyes peeled for live devastation!!

Happy new year to all our friends in Japan!"

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Sunless Rise

"For our band the highlight of the year was presenting our new track during Japan tour. The journey itself was something of landmark nature to us. It was our first live experience outside Russia. And it was so amazing. Events like these fill us with energy and make us keep going.

In 2018 we're planning to fully concentrate on making our new concept full-length album. Can't predict to release date, not even approximately - because there's tons of work to do and the whole idea is pretty monumental."

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Black Therapy

"Our biggest highlights of 2017 was the European tour with Wintersun and Whispered. We had a lot of fun, met a lot of people and made great memories. For New Years... we have something big in the works, so we are keeping our fingers crossed on that!"

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Parasite Inc.

"Highlight 2017: New rehearsal room + finally back in songwriting and recording. Resolution 2018: Give 100% for the upcoming album + play as much shows as possible!"

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Meadows End

"2017 has mostly been about recording our fourth full length album. We've worked hard and spent most of our time in the studio or in the rehearsal room and we can close 2017 with safisfaction. The biggest highlight of 2017 though must be the signing of a record deal together with Black Lion Records for the album to come! We can easily say 2018 will be an exciting year!

Our New Year's resolution must be to continue to work hard and have fun! To keep having a high rate of interaction with our fans and to make sure that our coming album becomes as great and widespread as the material and our fans deserve!

Happy New year Kumi and all readers! We wish you nothing but the best!
Thanks for your continous support of Meadows End! Devilspeed into 2018!"

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"Hi everyone!
Our biggest highlight was meeting our fans at RockHarz Open Air 2017! Thanks for this great support!
Our New Year‘s resolution is to make our best album so far! And it looks already very good that we will do it! Get well into 2018!"

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"For us 2017 was certainly again a fantastic year full of memorable events. A couple of weeks ago we started working hard on new songs and on bringing Soulbound to its next stage of evolution! Stay tuned! We promise you thrilling news for the next months! As well this years highlights were, of course, the shows and festivals we've played. For us the "Metal Christmas 2017 Festival" was one of our best shows with an awesome crowd and a lot familiar faces. We are very proud and thankful to see people being touched and inspired by our music and to see that the crowd of fans who are following us is growing bigger and bigger every year.
Beside the stage we are also happy being blessed with interesting talks and making new friends in music business. Those people are vital for our progress and as always the list of fellows that we feel thankful for is long. We are overwhelmed by the support and back-up we get. Additionally we are happy to welcome back Jonas on bass guitar after he spent a year abroad. At same moment we’d like to thank Johnny Ramirez for his incredible effort and devotion he put into our band while stepping in for Jonas on Bass.

Finally we want to thank our friends, families and fans for backing us up and giving us the opportunity to do what we love! Stay safe and healthy and have a splendid new year!"

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"Our highlight this year was obviously to finally get back together after nearly four years apart and to start making music again. I guess we all didn't really notice before how much we missed each other and making music together, because no matter what we did on other project, it never was quite the same as with Leviathan.

Our biggest goal for 2018 is to get back on stage in March and to finish the new record in order to be able, to release it in early 2018. We can't wait to be out there again to play shows and create new music. It has been way too long since the last concert and the last album."

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"It might be a quite spontaneous christmas-show in Bielefeld with our friends of Soulbound and All Will Know.
There was plenty of sweat, blood and enthusiasm and it was the last show of a very exhausting year. More sweat and blood in our next shows! We intent to create new songs and a new record, but it will take as long, as it needs. So we still don´t know, when we will enter a studio... but that's an important topic these days.

c ya!"

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Sight Of Emptiness

"I would say that actually was open for the mighty Slayer, share the stage with ...you know... one of the pioneers of metal, it's more than dream come true. You can't explain it with words. It's kinda like ascent in there where you feel actually to share the stage with people like that. I would say like that every single metal band in the world has been influenced by them. So, get to know them, share the stage with them. It was dream come true actually for Sight Of Emptiness. So, yeah: Slayer! 2017 highlight!

Well, to start recording the new album as soon as possible. That would be the first step. And then, with that, comes along on touring. So, obviously as every band in the world we want to promote the album as much as possible and go to places that we've never been before and we'd visit the places we've been before. You know, it's always good to get together with the old and new friends. So, yeah, that would it be for us: A new album and then touring."

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"Our biggest highlight in 2017 was definitly our show last Friday in Frankfurt! It's our hometown and we had an awesome crowd at the 35th anniversary of our good friends Tankard!
Our new year's resolution: release our 3rd studio album and play some great shows!"

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All Will Know

"Our 2017 highlight was releasing our new album Infinitas and well, new years resolution... maybe to play the new songs a lot live and show and celebrate them with as much people as possible! "

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Irreversible Mechanism

"Our biggest highlight in this year of course that we’ve finished recording of our 2nd LP album. 

We have a lot of suggestions to come and play shows in different part of the World, so our goal in next year will be finally come and play in all these places and countries, to meet lots of new people and have fun, and, of course, play music. Have a nice holidays and Happy New Year!!"

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"Our biggest Highlight in 2017 was the Gig at Rock unter den Eichen Festival (RUDE) 
and for next year, we are going to record our 2nd Full Lenghth Album \m/"

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Burn Down Eden

"I guess the biggest highlight of 2017 was the 10-day tour in summer. It was a great experience.

In 2018 we want to release the 2nd LP and play as much shows as possible... maybe another tour, too. We wish you great holidays, too. Greetings!"

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