Summer Breeze 2015 Day 1 – Live Photo Report by Kai (Parasite Inc.)


Kai: October 2014 – Summer Breeze is over, my camera seems to be finally broken and the lineup for the next year looks like it won’t be my taste at all... I guess I won’t go there next year. 

2015 – 12 August … It’s a sunny afternoon and I’m on my way to the festival ground. The lineup is great, I got a new camera and a year without Summer Breeze is just like having no summer holidays.

So here we go with another fast personal report of the festival in 2015. Short side note: I try to do a bit less blabla so there’s more room for pictures (which are probably more interesting than my words)

Day 1


 Kai: For the first time the campground already opened on Tuesday and it obviously helped to avoid some of the traffic jams – at least I didn’t run into any bigger on this Wednesday afternoon. Overall you can find a lot of tiny improvements along the way to the stages: Separated footpaths for the people, more entrances to the stage area, a slightly grown camel stage and more…




I first wanted to wait for Deserted Fear with listening to Thränenkind but quickly skipped to Panzer at the T-stage. (Note to myself: Post black metal is not your kind of music).

4_Thraenenkind 5_Thraenenkind




In general the T-Stage had a great sound this year! Leaving my position at the Camel stage was not that good idea, though. After I was back from Panzer the whole area was crowded with people who were waiting to celebrate Deserted Fear. I never experienced so many people in front of the camel stage but Deserted Fear definitely deserved every ear for their (what I would call) “modern old-school death metal”!

9_Deserted Fear


Actually I’m not so into Sonic Syndicate but I totally enjoyed their live show! They sounded harder than on CD and started a good party with the crowd!




After that I was just walking around for a while, meeting with friends and enjoyed the lights of that tiny town from the main stage area. Day 1 over and out.







All photos at Summer Breeze 2015 Day 1 taken by Kai (Parasite Inc.)

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