Soulbound’s crowdfunding – Be part of “Myllennium“

The social network made a borderless world and you can feel more closer to the people from other countries than before wherever you live. Such a fabulous environment you have because you can easily know about tons of metal bands in the world, and it doesn't matter they are major bands, indie bands or DIY bands! On the other hand, internet society totally messed up the value of music, you can easily dig it on YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, blah blah blah... without paying... to the valuable art. It's not only about money but also your respect. Of course it has been said over and over again but the most awful fact about it is those kind of people who do not pay for music accuse the times and try to evades its responsibility.

I love one of genius quotes by A. Einstein - "In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity." I think it's a great chance to make it better by both of bands and true fans for fighting against exploiters via buying music directly from bands and kicking out thieves hopefully. Crowdfunding could be one of the finest ways! It would be a test for bands and fans as supporter. Bands should put all passions and efforts to make music professional because no one want to spend money for its earning some spare cash with irresponsible work. And about you, fans, if you love metal music from the bottom of your heart and never want to see the world without metal, now it's time to make an action. Show your respects for bands and its music, be their epic supporter. It's a kind of "pay it forward campaign". As a token of gratitude for their awesome music, you spend money for their music and spread the word about them to other people. It's simple and useful.

Well, here's the newest crowdfunding campaign by one of my support bands SOULBOUND. They are struggling to make their first full-length "Myllennium“ professional with full-force. Hopefully, you check it out and be part of it, thanks.

SOULBOUND crowdfunding campaign page