SOULBOUND short interview about “Myllennium”



Congrats for the big success of your Startnext challenge! Did you expect such great results?

Johnny: Of course we already knew that we have a great fan base who grew stronger and stronger over the last few years, but we didn’t expect this, unbelievable. It’s such a great feeling to know, that there are people out there who help us realizing our visions!

Why did you carry out crowd funding for the new release?

Johnny: We were thinking about different ways to put together our new record.
We wanted to get the fans involved, as always, so the crowd funding campaign was a great opportunity to give our fans something in return for their support over the years - aside from the new CD/DVD Myllennium.

The recording process for the upcoming full-length "Myllennium" is done, right? Are you going to delegate mixing and mastering process to others or do it yourself?

Johnny: Yeah, all the recordings are done and we couldn’t be happier.
Right now, our friend and mixing engineer Conny Schattka locked himself in his studio and is working hard to get the mixing done.

The Fascination Street Studios in Sweden will then take care about the mastering of Myllennium. With clients such as Opeth, Arch Enemy and Soilwork we are more than sure that they will do a good job on Myllennium.

Why did you name the album "Myllennium"? What is the point of the title?

Johnny: All songs of Myllennium are about time and how we use it to shape our life.
Time has so many different facets in so many ways and we tried to figure out how we can put them all together. We came up with the idea, that everyone should ask themselves: How do I use my time and what are my goals with it. So in the end it’s my time, it’s my era, which I have to justify – this is Myllennium.

As far as I listened to a couple of songs (as demo) from "Myllennium", I felt you have a clear direction and confidence for what you do, so the album would be like “This is Soulbound!”. That's wonderful! How do you describe your latest music style with the album?

Johnny: We wanted to create our own style, music we would like to listen to. It took us a lot of time to experiment and to find out who we are sound wise and how we wanted to sound on our new CD. It was an interesting and challenging process but in the end we were very satisfied and we can’t wait to show you the results.

Do you have any plan to invite guest musicians for "Myllennium"?

Johnny: Actually we thought a lot about getting other musicians or bands involved in the process. The recordings were a very intimate process from the very beginning and in the end we felt like, if we’d “destroy”, this intimacy the record wouldn’t end up like we wanted it to. So the only one who was involved in the production from day one is Kai from Parasite Inc. It’s an honor to have him and his brutal voicings on our record!

Could you tell us details about the live DVD, which will be released with the album?

Johnny: A very good friend of ours – Alexander Sommer, produced the live DVD. He put a lot of effort in this project and we couldn’t picture anyone else doing the job. Being recorded live was a pretty big deal for us. Knowing that someone, who we trust is responsible for it, was a big relief. It was recorded at our homecoming concert – Metal Christmas 2013.

When will you be ready to release the new album and DVD?

Johnny: The official release date is on our release concert: 25.09.2015. The estimated time of publication for our crowd funders is in July.


Live Photos by Geerd Jacobs Photography

Many band guys in Germany told me Soulbound are a pretty passionate live gang! So I’m really looking forward to watching the live DVD. And of course, I can’t wait for the first full-length studio album "Myllennium". I’m honored to be part of the album as crowd-funding backer and I think every backer of the album would be feeling like that. So, good luck and keep up the good job!   

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