BLEEDING RED – Timo interview at Rock It on March 24th part.II

If you didn’t read the interview part I, check this out first: BLEEDING RED – Timo interview at Rock It on March 24th part.I

The original German interview is on Metalnews.deThank you so much again to Sammy for sharing it!

Sammy: As someone reads your lyrics there can be recognized: You are a band that takes care of the content. What’s going on inside you when you write that lyrics? What do you want to achieve with it?

Timo: From the beginning it was clear for me: I don’t want to write scrap lyrics. I want to produce something awesome and attach great importance to a sense into lyrics. And then people come to speak about it automatically. It shall be a cause to start thinking for the one who listen to it. I never want to instruct someone. It shall raise questions.

Timo: We can chose “thoughtcrime” for example: “thoughtcrime” is a term that was characterized in George Orwells roman “1984”. But for me it is a term that is up to date today. It can happen that you are out of the game If you think about or speak out something. Also as a band. Personally I admit myself “thoughtcrime”: I scrutinize things that are tabu.

If I would speak it out honestly the newspaper would say “what a wicked band”. For myself it’s a “thoughtcrime” to scrutinize what is not allowed to be scrutinized in the society. If 95% or 99% don’t scrutinize things because they are tabu then I think: There has to be something behind it and something is going wrong. Therefore a “thoughtcrime” is really important for me, coz I love to commit thoughtcrimes and I am proud of it. I only can advise: Do a “thoughtcrime”. Screen a tabu theme. It’s fun and enhance your horizon.

Sammy: Meanwhile you have gone a bit further than the average underground band. What do you think is your secret of success.

Timo: Yesterday I have discussed with a friend about it. We are doing it, because we want to do it but even we are doing it really good, it could be that everything breaks down and nobody wants to listen to it. I think right now we hit the pulse of time somewhere. With the lyrics, with the music. But that’s not all. We have Flori our 5th man that is standing behind us. He is doing the promotion work with his full heart and soul. Then we find an awesome artwork and thereto a really awesome layout. It are always people that love to do it and have fun with it. There’s nobody that earns much for it.
Or our buddy Hirschi from the MetalManiacs Ebnat: He is doing the homepage and likes to do it for us and with us. I think that’s what we are living of: The people around us. Just Metal: We like to make Metal and the people around us like to do something for metal… and then it runs and something awesome is rising.

All live pictures by Jürgen Ilg

Sammy: Thank you for the interview. The last word belongs to you…

Timo: Thanks to all the people who put their heart blood in our purpose. Like I said, nobody earns something with it and it’s important to have you. That’s awesome.


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