Hi there,

this is Kumi from Tokyo, Japan. First of all, thank you very much for visiting my site and checking those brilliant bands. I hope you can find your favorite, buy their music and have fun. It could be a big help for indie bands for sure.

Well, I am a huge metal fan and supporting my favorite indie extreme metal bands in the world, especially in Germany as you can see. The important point of my support work is I do it for showing my respect and gratitude to those bands for their amazing music, so I never get any income from that. I do not concern about any music business, I am against the music industry and only work directly for bands. So, I do not bargain with any promoter / label / whatsoever for promoting bands. Thanks for understanding.

Music is a miracle.
I really can't thank enough for every single genius metal band for its existence and what they have been giving us via their music: happiness, passion, hope and strength. As long as you agree with my words, please pay for music and support for their long existence. Support underground, support metal! Horns up!

If you have more interests about my bands support activity, check the interview I got by a German music webzine.

Contact me to: kumi666.com@gmail.com   (it's only for metal band people)

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