TASTE OF EXTREME METAL – “Beneath A Blackened Sky” Leviathan

I proudly present the awesome song “Beneath A Blackened Sky” by Leviathan from their brand- new album ”Beyond The Gates Of Imagination pt.I” with some statements by Tobi! Here we go!

Leviathan “Beneath A Blackened Sky”
If you want to listen to the song with more greater sound condition, click the link below and play the audio file :)
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The reason we chose the song as a single:
Tobi: "After we had finished the music for the song, we decided very fast to choose this one as the album opener as well as the first single for the new album. It was very obvious because the song is a perfect summary for the new record, it has everything that you'll find on the album: technical guitar riffs, epic orchestra, a touch of classic melodic death metal and progressive song-structures."

About the music:
Tobi:  "Well Beneath A Blackened Sky was written actually in late august and early September 2010. I had the main ideas for the first 1 minute 30 seconds of the song as well as the main idea for the chorus. Jonas then worked the orchestra out especially on the intro and after that the whole song really came together very fast. Basically in about 3 weeks we had the whole 6 minutes written."

About the title:
Tobi:  "The Title was also my idea. When I listened to the first ideas I had written down it just came across my mind, this picture of dark clouds rising on the horizon. Jonas was first not too pleased with it, because he didn't have an idea for the story behind the song, but then he came up with this picture of black clouds rising above a black sea, polluted by oil."

The artwork of the single “Beneath A Blackened Sky”

About the lyrics:
Tobi:  "Around the time we wrote the song, the media was full of reports about the oil spill in the gulf of Mexico, caused by anj explosion on the oil plant deep water horizon. Jonas then felt like he wanted to write about this topic and came up with the chorus lines and around that he build the whole story of the song. Basically the whole song is about the cruelty with which corporations run a high risk for the environment and the wildlife just to increase their profit. This is something that too many people tend to ignore until finally a catastrophe like the one in the gulf of Mexicon or Fukushima happens.


Through the wallows of poisoned water
Through the mists of ill longing I shall walk
To share my vision of demise

We leech on to the ashes with fires in our wake
Need to comfort our languorous limbs
"Black gold" as you call it is death in liquid form
Closing your eyes will not simply unmake

Claiming forces that we cannot tame

Will greed and recklessness reign
Till only ashes remain
Secured by disbelief
Above the blackened sea
See the biotope that we spoil
Between the acid and soil
Is where our fortune lies
Beneath a blackened sky

On a seaside hidden from your sight
I’ve seen their corpses washed ashore
Black clad by the earth’s pouring blood

Do you believe in afterlife
Believe there’s judgement for your failure and crime
Then let old mammon be your guide
‘Cause I don’t care what dream you live
No one will forget no one will forgive you

(Music by Jonas Reisenauer and Tobias Dahs / Lyrics: Jonas Reisenauer)

Beyond The Gates Of Imagination pt.I

1. Prologue
2. Beneath A Blackened Sky
3. Where Light And Death Unite
4. Reaper's Edict
5. Servants Of The Nonexistent
6. The Scourge We Wield
7. About Fangs And Feathers
8. Sway Of The Stars





As you found out after listening the song “Beneath A Blackened Sky”, they accomplished making much greater music than their past and has huge grown up!

The album is already out on September 16th!
You can download the song as free on their Myspace by the way, check it out!
Leviathan Myspace - "Beneath A Blackened Sky" free download available!

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