Instincts (2013) – Sight Of Emptiness

1. Essence
Adapting their lifestyles - to become just as one
and accepting all the creatures they have found
just consuming what they need instead of waste
the resources of a dying earth that needs the help of everybody who wants to survive
We should learn from them - the rules that reign inside their heads to comprehend
Living a dream with nothing to worry about
Stop pretending you just don't care
they'll teach you how to - believe again
Searching for freedom
no longer suffer the pain
Thousands of reasons
to seize - gain back their lands
rain and air to heal, the pain that they all went through
Living a dream with nothing to worry about
Stop pretending you just don't care
they'll teach you how to believe again
See them cry - screams the earth
loud and clear - collapse the world
Lies all around - lies...
time to fight - the war ends now
Living a dream with nothing to worry about

2. Instincts
Stronger than you - faster and pure
Somewhere far away - up in a hill
they live day and night - waiting for the right time
bright eyes, black spots - so big and strong
sharp fangs, brown coat - big claws to survive
Power and instincts collide, to choose the one they'll eat tonight
quietly, slowly in the night, looking for a place to hide
Almost extinct... fighting to live
wondering why, you can't understand
it's not about you - it's all about them
Just another example
what happens when man
follows - his desire to feel like a god.
Beauty dies
and the thirst remains the same
HEAR THEM ROAR... we kill what we cannot replicate
Ignorance: our way to live
looking for some place to live
they no longer feel free
all the damage has been done
justified by stupid thoughts
we should learn to live with them
otherwise we must rethink
what the hell we're doing here

3. Obsession
Big enough to kill 'em all
his blood is cold, just like his rules
seeking control, to scare them all
don't get to close, he's fast and tough
Deep in the swamp he sharpens his fangs
hungry as hell he awaits in the night
Remains so calm and tight - waiting for the right time
Remember, he's fast and cruel, greedy and pretty rough
Run now to save your life, get away from his dirty path
imagine the way you will die, crushed within his deadly jaw
worthless - useless - nonsense
can't get away from him
Run now to save - your life
Again his games are so much clever
next time, you should come up with something
better to fight back and win the battle
it's a war, panic and blood - all around
tear me down & end this pain - right away

4. Fearless
Little creatures living in my forest
making noises, jumping in their territory
Full of some colors you haven't seen
with crazy shapes to avoid the heat
strong enough to live alone
complex inside and complex outside
venom to kill a thousand around
strong enough to not be scared
Nature and beauty collide to discover
The greatness you show in the darkness
So many ways
To search for something, in a secret hiding place
Where time is full of life
For rainy days
A fate descending, found but lost without a trace
Where time is full of life
Now it comes the time to see if you survive
Any menace that comes after you
Hot inside and cold outside
Hot inside and cold outside
Always awake to face your games
Always awake to watch your steps

5. Paradox
She crawls like a ghost, demanding a throne
for you to obey instructions of hate
watch out, she's fast, she likes to feel
you can't disappear
Don't look at her eyes, but don't run away
'cuz once she has spit her venom on you
your body will freeze and break all your bones
there's no way out
Cold blood runs fast - She smells your fear
Call out for help - or say good bye
The hour has come, all eyes are on you
expecting a move, for you to survive
take a deep breath, no more mistakes
the tension increase
Her tongue freaks you out, again & again
no wonder why you can't move a hair
sometimes you win, sometimes you lose
release all your faith
You hide with no luck whatsoever
the presence of death is all over this place
She bites you three times within seconds
you can't comprehend what just happened to you
dizzy and weak... the nightmare is here
paralyzed... the cycle repeats... she still reigning...

6. Deception
Covered by a thick...
Avoiding the light, to feel more secure
digging a hole to gain all control
ready to fight against all the odds
fearless and calm awaits in the night
Out from the dark, something has arrived, all exits blocked, you can't hide forever
Pretending I'm harmless, invisible to you
my body is burning to get close to you
is what I'm looking for
Still coming at you - no matter what it takes
Cry my name tonight
and you will save your life
absorb what's left in me
rejoice this isn't the end
Somehow can't figure this out
uncomfortable voices surround me day and night
my pulse goes down and my memory churns as my heart dies
no longer as strong as I used to be... I ask myself
Why is life so deceiving?
Why this shell is so heavy?
Why I can't see through your eyes?
Why this is happening to me?
My mouth is dry and the air becomes as heavy as my past
...the air becomes as heavy as my past

7.  Hostulity
Swimming away - they just smell the knife
Revenge is near - we'll make you pay your lies
Swimming away - can't stay where they are
Revenge is near - you must face your downfall
One more time - slaughter time
to fulfill - someone's dream
Bringing to a world
who cannot believe
menace we go through
over here
Looking for a place to hide from them
not ready to become someone's feast
screaming to a world who can't believe
the madness we go through over here
Feels like you don't care - what could be our destiny
ruining what we build - to satisfy all your desires
Ohhhh no
we forgot that you don't have a heart
Ohhhh no
you don't give a shit about what we feel
what we feel - YOU DON'T CARE!
Not funny anymore to be afraid
listen to our cries so you can change
the way to handle things in our own place
we wonder why you choose to be like this
False words - cowards like you make us feel sick
Dying slowly we perish in sadness
hoping it will change - silently we wait conceiving the future

8. Passion
With a clear vision
nonstop till the end
flying together
to take care of them
Flapping their feathers
singing through the day
planning a journey
staying up there
Time to leave the nest
fill your wings with air and rain
just follow the signs
to conquer the dawn and night
Passion, your reason
to remain awake
Reaching the limits
of your tiny heart
falling away
flying high to reach the sky
Being locked in a cage... with no reason
dying slowly now
Stealing my life once again

9. Genetics
The day has come
for them - to take control - again
Wake up and watch
how things are gonna change
in front of your eyes
you won't believe what's next
Sit tight and contemplate your end
Feeling so small - they are gonna get you
Nowhere to go - they are gonna get you
Climbing the walls - they are gonna get you
Getting so close - NOW
They can see you now, years and years of torment
inside a cage just waiting, the smell of death arriving
Smart enough to teach us how we
should live our life and not destroy
what they have built over the years for us to discover
Save 'em - Embrace 'em
Out of control - this evil eating your soul
thirsty for more - can't stop the killing
corrupted science - changing the cycle

10. Sanctuary


11. Departure/Obsession2.0


12. Transition
She was born as a shapeless lump
growing slow and evolves so strong
and transforms using you as a host
holding a force that emerges from her soul
- She unfurls all her tones to absorb the control -
- Cracking the shell - seeking the way –
Hunger has come! -
She flies away alone to conquer her own world
demise won't come until she finds the source of joy
don’t hide again but blend within the grey sky
unfold your wings and rise...
Transition - Defenceless - Mourning will come...
Transition - Defenceless - Fear her control...
Reflecting her beauty
she prefers to feel the pain
smelling the rain
here he comes to take away
Her life, the light
getting close with no remorse
slowly she feels - how her body crumbles down
Has come the day
to reborn in someone else