In The Embrace Of Sorrow, I Smile (2016) – Black Therapy

1. Tears of innocence


2. In the embrace of sorrow, I smile

In The Embrace Of Sorrow, I Smile

Behold, I walk this path alone,
blank faces all around me as I step into this unknown realm
my consciousness fades, drifting far away
an evanescent land is awaiting me

Believe me,
as I stare into the void, all I see is sorrow,
In the embrace of sorrow I smile, I smile

Sorrow, this feeling embraces me
while I am trapped inside the invisible walls of life
it consumes me and gets me addicted
it burns me, burning from the inside

I can see the light at the end of the path
I run towards it, hoping to finally find peace
In the embrace of sorrow I smile

3. The foolishness of existence

We can't deny our feelings, our emotions
'till the end we refuse to accept the foolishness of existance
struggling to survive in front of a dying world
loving, suffering, crying, existing
with every fiber of our body we endure

we live our life with weariness and irrilevance
without prospect and incentive
the mutation we yearned for so long comes in the end
but it's not what we craved, bringing deep disenchantment.

we want some event to rip this wearing monotony
bringing some vivacity
the mutation we yearned for so long comes in the end
but it's not what we craved, bringing deep disenchantment.

We despairingly hold on to our feelings
exasperated, at the mercy of events
as humanity grasps at a thin bush of grass
while falling from a cliff in front of a stormy sea
we know the bush of grass won't be enough to avoid our downfall
but we still hold up to it.

We can't redeem ourself, we are doomed to be destroyed by our own hands

4. Stabbed

I didn't think you were capable of this
I didn't think that I would get this from you
my so called "friends" were just an illusion
now that the blade came from someone I trust

you were trying to ruin the best things in my life
claiming you were trying to save me
while you were just furthering your own cause
I'm getting stabbed in my back
but my anger will strike you and give you what you now deserve
you won't get near me and you won't mess with my life anymore

your actions for quite some time
were leading me to a suspicion
but never I did expect
to witness something like this

trying to impose your vision of life
claiming you were right on everything
being disrespectful towards my opinions
like you were the truth incarnated

5. She, the weapon

She was selected to become a weapon
the final weapon to end the conflict.
Her lover, the only bystander of her dehumanization.
She became a tool of death, aware of being it.

AH! be cursed you, awareness!
it made her conscious of her condition, of her sin
of the pain she brings to others.
her soul yearns for existence, for life.
Love is the last fortress she has to remeber herself,
and he has the key to it.
Their moments together are the only instants
of a dying happiness in the midst of a storm.

She wants to get rid of her awareness,
but her inner conflict already has a winner.
her feelings scream at the agony of her self-assertion
while her body changes becoming pile of metal sheet

She became the goddess of oblivion
imposing an end to this madness we call life
standing as the last witness of what mankind was.

She was a weapon, a weapon capable of loving
and she became an eternal epigraph
to forget not the sweet love that gave her Hope

6. Painting of a black ocean

"Where does all this evil came from?
What was the first drop of ink that made this ocean black?
Who is the responsible for such hate?
(I'm) On the ground, just like feelings apparently in Morpheus' arms,
however dead and buried in fact,
murdered by the hands of blinded fiends.

Your fortress is reduced as a castle of sand and you,
a bastard baptised by the tar who pays dearly every step he makes,
YOU wait in vain for a rest that will never come as you cry inside,
though others can not hear it,
wandering between heaven and hell,
although you're never able to tell the two of them apart,
although God appears to have left this place forever after taking your hope away,
making it orphan, leaving you naked in an everlasting winter,
leaving you alone and tired out."


7. Voices in my head

A quiet morning comes
but my eyes are wide open
cause they won't stop to speak
I open up the door
I gently push my hand
while she still sleeps

I hear the voices in my head
my arms around your neck
what they made me do!?
to you

she suddenly wakes up
trying to understand
fighting the way she can
she's speaking with no sound
I can't hear her words
the whispers in my head cover everything

they finally stop, my mind is free, but I realize the horror I made
her limpid eyes will haunt me for ages, asking for mercy
while I killed her with my bear hands
what kind of sin did she commit to deserve this?!
only the voices know

I hear the voices in my head
my arms around your neck
your chest is out of breath
of life

8. Theogony

Oh, it's the Chaos that often breeds life, all the most powerful emotions come from it.
In ancient times there was a poem that sung how it all began

At first, and as first, primordial chaos came to be
Then Gaia the safe foundation that would serve as a home for the gods and mortals
And Tartarus - in the depths of the Earth
And Eros - fairest among the gods
Then came Nyx and Erebus, place of darkness between the underworld and the earth

Of Nyx were born Aether and Hemera, whom she conceived in love with Erebus.
From Gaia Uranus, She bares also Ourea, the Nymphs, and Pontus with his raging swell


9. The final outcome

Trapped in prison of ignorance
build around me since my early days
moving is arduos
when your feet are walled, walled in the ground
I am the son of cement

the mirror doesn't lie, I am more and more deformed
I swallow infected food, I breathe putrid air

Quenched for too long by a toxic rain
I show you the final outcome, created and then tossed by the whole world

It's not easy to unravel the puzzle
moving inside the horrific maze!
I hear pitiful laments coming from everywhere
teared to pieces, dead bodies on the ground

switch your brain off and don't question anything
close your eyes and you'll not see the blood
rip the heart from your chest, you raised me in this way,
now deal with it

10. Infected

You'll spend your days in company of solitude
the world won't stop to hold you by your neck
You'll choke up till the skyline
until you'll be salt for the earth

I'd like to tell you that this will someday end
But I don't want to lie
This will be your reward for your resistance
You will fake to be alive
giving up to all the possibilities
just for one life

You'll erase your feelings, never setting foot somewhere else again
Your angry soul will feed with itself
you'll be mocked, insulted, isolated
You'll sell everything you have just to see from afar what the others have

You'll become infected when you'll think of the infection
You'll easily take a weapon and you'll get hardly rid of it
You'll be forced to side with one party in which you don't believe
but it doesn't matter, once the fog clears, You'll see every road leads to disillusion