In Embers (2019) – Aether

01 Golden Eyed Fox

Arose from embers to the fire
My soul as oak shall never break

Storms surrounding lonely pyre
All life should fall to my command

For I am a whisper in the silent dawn
A light in eye of fiercest of the storms
A gift from the gods!

I am breath, a promise of life
And I am a cloud in the starlit sky

In flames of sorrow I'll bind your spirit to my soul
Here in my hands you'll face the fiercest of the storms

My Golden Eyed Fox!

Surrender to fire
May forgotten embers give in to the night
In flames bathe innocence's pyre
Leave dust to the ashes and follow the light!

Tears of the son, his softly whispered words
Somewhere in time, the fire ceased to burn
And as aeons pass by fade his softly whispered words
Somewhere in time
I'm alive!

I am the Storm
The fiercest of them all!

02 Wildfire Within

Arise! My blood, Children of Fire
Let your fury breathe, awaken desire
Scent your prey in the dead of night
Still is time just before the strike

Silence arose in fear
Justice falls in the name of the divine!

The night has come
Swallowed the sun
Enfolding hearts in fear
Wildfire Within

Led by Fire burning deep inside
Fight the guardians of the dying light
For nothing shall forever last
But this Fire in our unsullied hearts

The night has come
Swallowed the sun
Enfolding hearts in fear
Wildfire Within

We'll light the flame
Through hate and pain
The beacon of our will
Wildfire Within our spirits enthean!

Come, guide the way
Through the days of dismay
Let the darkness be torn asunder
And new dawn appear from the night!

03 Elements


04 Tale of Fire

For years we've fought

With foes of our Lord

They fell one by one, all glory was ours

No one withstood our sacred willpower

Those times are but gone

Our magic we've lost

As traitor turned his back on the light

Thus broke our vow to serve the Fire

Yet from the shade

A hero emerged

He hit the trail and gathered the grails

And all of a sudden our blessing returned

Now reunite

The warriors of light

Those who have crossed frail border of death

The Sons of Fire, descendants of flame

Fire, light in the mountains and ocean depths

Fill our hearts with your fiery breath

Ravage our fears and bless us with strength

So we'll light up the darkness, oh

Fire, blood of the warriors, seal of their fate

Be our guide in the days of dismay

Carve our paths and straighten our ways

And we'll light up the darkness again!

05 Valhalla

Silently it came, as from the embers a flame...

Devoid of vital light
Neverending northern night
Embraces our sails
As we're crushing the waves

And inner flame of hope
Falters with each flow
Yet with each ebb it grows
Shall it burst out, if not - we're lost!

In every storm there's a light to behold
A sign of hope as the story unfolds
As every night has to give in to day
All that we fear will soon fade away!

And as our bodies perish in flames
Valhalla opens its gates...

And as night draws its veil
O'er the way, leaving fear
Neither hearts will tremble
Nor shall break the will!

Lest inner flame of hope
Turn to embers gold
And never cease to guide
Our sullen hearts to Valhalla's Fire!

All I see is darkness
And all I feel is pain
Oh Gods, am I dead or am I insane?

With embers our story ends
The Tale of Fire and its undying breath
All sorrow and pain we didn't suffer in vain
For in the scorching of pyre brighter future unveils

At Valhalla's mighty gates!

06 Last Battle

Fallow plains embraced in snow
Ancient fields where cold winds blow
Ne'er before witnessed
The scent of blood spilled on the ground

But its innocence now fades
Slashed with northern blades
To the symphony
Of vicious howls and battle cries

Slay them with a thunder
Throw into the sea
Sacrifice your enemies' blood,
Oden it's all for thee!

Slay them with a thunder
Throw into the sea
Sons of Thor, into battle we ride
Valhalla awaits for me!

As the prophecies fortold
By the hammer they will fall
In blazing fire they're
Burning stilled in throes of death

But the bloodshed's never o'er
Which is what we're craving for
For heathen lands shall
Always stay in righteous hands

Fight! For their demise!

I am the light which from dark skies descends
To tear fallen 'way from the night
For fate of the Nords carries burial in flames
A prelude to eternal fight
Fear neither damnation nor blade of your foe
For none shall evade hand of Gods
Embrace in your heart, there is truth to behold
I tell you the pagans will fall!

They will fall!

07 Forest

Years I've walked beyond the horizon
And suddenly I had a dream
A dream of the fallen and future king
No crown, no land in his power
And nothing left for him to be
In voice full of sorrow
He spoke to me

Open your eyes, what do you see?
Only way out is through window of dreams!

Run through the forest, so silent at night
Give way to your sorrow for freedom's divine
Cherish each moment of life that you have
And when darkness comes for you, leave the forest your breath!

So he spoke and so I have followed
My heart on a journey afar
Through oceans of sorrow and sands of time
Forlorn is path that I wander
But shadows won't poison my eyes
For each time I falter
I shall arise!

Fear not my child, embrace what you see
Only way out is through window of dreams!

08 Insomnia

In world of dreams we wander
Mere shadows in the night
Bereft of any guidance
Our journey's undefined

In fear of true deception
We slowly drift away
From stillness of the river
To shadow of the flame

As words have lost their meaning
Our feet will lose the way
And hope begins to wither
Like dreams of yesterday!

Now my spirit, arise!
From this slumber of lies
May your soul never bide
Leave the shadows behind!

In world of dreams we wander
In shadow of the light
We shed all our defences
To leave our lives behind

"Come, walk with me in silence"
A whisper calls my name
And distant echo voices
Lost dreams of yesterday!

Now my spirit, arise!
From this slumber of lies
May your soul never bide
Leave the shadows behind

Drift away with the flame
Embers guiding the way
May your soul never bide
Break the circle of life!

"Birds are silent for the night
Dreams turn in as daylight dies
But one soul lies anxious, eyes wide, awake
Bright embers in the rain..."

09 Dream

[Dream and the Waking]
I open my eyes
A flash of light pierces through my thoughts
Neverending night surrounds my heart
As I emerge from the dark

Fear of oblivion returns
In chaos of thoughts insanity reigns
Oh, lost I am in this etherial realm
Alone between Heaven and Earth
Where traces of past erase
Starlit skies, guide my way!

[Journey of Creation]
I see the light and fall...
Oh Creation, we'll bring a new dawn!

From darkness arise winds of fire and ice
With your veil embrace the Earth
And the navy blue skies cover all mountainsides
Guardians of ocean's domain
Let the forests and trees shadow rivers and seas
Let the spirit prevail the soil
And the essence of life fulfil this World!

[Aeons dreamt away]
As time spun the circle of life
Aeons have passed, stars fell from the sky
The vision fades in the blissful embrace
Of fire burning my veins
These eyes won't see you again
'Cause the Dream I live must end!

Time fades away
And I'm still unaware
If I'll ever be awake...