ALL WILL KNOW interview about “Contact.”, about the band – pt.2

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Could you explain about all songs from “Contact.” one by one shortly?

Jan: Ok, so let’s start with “The Weakest Spot”, our album-opener. It’s funny because this song originally was written on a nylon guitar, guess that’s hard to imagine ;) While arranging the song two aspects went different as usual: Felix composed guitars in the verse and I did the keyboards for the pre-chorus.

“Static” was written by Danny and a friend of him and is one of the ‘We Are Guilty’ songs which Steve and Danny wanted to play with ALL WILL KNOW too. Steve wrote the lyrics with a nice recitative in the bridge of the song.
“Static” has been a feature on a few sampler-CDs here in Germany and even on the compilation of Germany’s “Legacy” and “Orkus” print-magazines.

“Feeding The Aftermath” starts with a nice idea from the rhythm section before Mo starts singing in a Symphony X-like style. That was the last song to be finished during our recordings and is one of the songs Steve and Mo wrote the lyrics together. The bridge is maybe one of the parts most people would call progressive.

The Rise And Fall Of…” is the orchestral introduction, made by Felix, to “A Dying Heart” which was written by me. That song will also be featured on our label’s Deafground Records-Sampler “Brutal Visions Vol. 1” which will be released at the end of May. Did you notice that nice siren-part before the last chorus starts?

As I said before “How Far Would You Go” is a very personal song composed by Felix. Mo did the lyrics and describes the darker times of a relationship. That song has been released as a digital single some weeks before our album via Noizgate Records.

For “Mental Takedown” we invited our good friend Jagger of DISBELIEF to sing a duo with Steve. Mo has a break and so I think this is the heaviest song of ‘contact.’ for which again Steve wrote the lyrics.

“Counting Stars” is one of my songs with a strong hook-line and a quite progressive verse. Mo did a nice sing-along-chorus and you’ll hear a very nice melody in the guitar solo. This is one of the more groovy songs which make people banging their heads in live-situations.

Last but not least “Devolution” is one of Danny’s songs with another guest-singer: Frank Nordmann, the longtime Agathodaimon singer. This time it’s all three singers contributing their parts and therefore maybe it’s one of the most versatile songs on the album.

Did you get any positive feedback from listeners about the album already?

Jan: Oh yes, we received quite a lot reviews from many magazines and different countries. Most of them were very enthusiastic about our debut and the three big print-magazines in Germany, “MetalHammer”, “RockHard” and “Legacy”, gave us good grades! Of course there are always some mags who didn’t like what they heard but that were not many - and after all it’s a matter of taste of course. In our concerts we nearly always get positive feedback and people say they enjoyed the show very much, as well as discovering the band.

Please tell me about your plan for this year as much as possible.

Jan: Well, at the moment we’re right in the middle of our release-tour. Currently sitting in the tour-bus heading for our concert in Saarbrücken. There are four concerts left of the tour which ends on the 11th of May with our release-party in Darmstadt. Our good friends from Soulbound are with us that evening, as well as in Würzburg and Bielefeld during the next weeks and we think this will be a very cool evening!
After the tour we have some concerts confirmed too and our fans will also see us Open Air on some festivals, for example the Trebur Open Air at the beginning of August. Please check our homepage or facebook for the exact dates and more information ;)

“Contact.” will be at metal CD stores (disk union) and Amazon in Japan very soon. I’m sure it will be some day before the release day of this interview on my blog sites. How do you feel about it? Do you have any messages to Japanese metalheads?

Jan: It’s great that our CD is available in Japan, THANKS A LOT to you, Kumi!! We hope to see you and the Japanese metalheads someday and will be able to play a concert in front of you! Til then we say thanks to all the fans of our music and everyone who supports us! Horns up!!!

Thank you so much guys! We love All Will Know! - Kumi666

ALL WILL KNOW first album >>Contact.<< teaser

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