The Windscale Inception – behind the scene pt.2

The interview with Syranic about their incredible EP “The Windscale Inception” pt.2

Q: I would love to hear about the rest of the songs from the EP "Windscale Inception". Could you introduce each song of them for the metalheads in the world who are interested in your music and want to listen to the whole EP?

Julian:  Phew Kumi… you know me, the songs always have a deeper meaning - this will take time but I'll do my very best ;)

1.Endless Open End
I guess I explained that quite well in your first question ;)

Transcience is a song which was inspired by mainly 4 bands: Strapping Young Lad, Meshuggah, Gorgoroth and our friends from Under the Pledge of Secrecy. The Chorus is something special, I dreamed it exactly in the way as you can hear it on our EP… the groove, the vocallines and so on. The Lyrics are inspired by Markus Bischof from Heaven Shall Burn, I listened a lot to Heaven Shall Burn during writing this song and I wanted to do something similar. In first case I wanted to sound as brutal as him (don't know whether I made it) and I wanted to get the same deeper meaning of social conflicts and aspects of religion in the lyrics.
The Lyrics are about bigotry, false moral, vanity, compliance, dogmatism and many more bad aspects of humankind. Aspects which lead to mostly all problems we have in our world, violence, rape, war, pollution, murdering of humans and animals - all bad aspects of humanity. I believe that all these behaviours are caused mainly by the fear to die and this leads to the point of being afraid to be meaningless. Power and force are the tools to go down into history and mostly all people we know since more than thousands of years are known for their unlimited use of violence and ruthlessness. Moral and ethics are just a weapon to hide what we really are, a mental menace, a threat to everything surrounding us hiding behind a mask of imagined characteristics which let us look like something better which we're truly not.












Just look at all monotheistic religions we have nowadays and you will get the point, made up to do good but they brought unbelievable violence, terror and destruction. Transcience is the science about transience and the deepest questions we have: Why is the world the way it is?

Well this is a much more simple one :D. The song is about the destruction of nature and our mother earth, which is mainly caused by a simple fact. There are just too much people on this spaceship called earth and we eat it all. I love this planet and I think it is the best thing which happened in the whole universe, that is why I am often angry about the things we do and about the disrespect we have for this planet. It is not just a piece of rock with some freaking trees, birds and mammals, it is a miracle which is worth fighting for - more than for my fucking iPhone… you don't think so? Okay let's fight motherfucker!


 4. The Mindscale Inception

This song is about the horrible feeling to be depressed and the rage you feel when you see no way out. Always a good thing to write about and really personal - open your heart and let hope reign despair! Get into it and think for yourself if you don't want to headbang and need some chilling times with your headphones.

5. Death Facility One
Our freakiest song with a lot of complicated rhythms. It is about the Lake Karatschai in Russia, the most polluted place on earth. The russians wanted the nuclear bomb so badly that they just put all their nuclear garbage of a Plutonium Facility for Nuclear warheads straight into the next river which ends in this lake. They lead the river directly through the core and back into the river - they really didn't cared at all! Today you definitely die if you stand more than 30 Minutes close to this lake and moreover it is connected to a riversystem which leads north to the polarsea. Scientists believe that it is possible that this connection might end in a nuclear pollution of the whole polar sea - an unbelievable disaster and all just caused by the addiction to the ultimate Overkill. "Damn the USA got the bomb, hurry we need to catch up" What a bunch of idiots! The sample you can hear in the beginning is combined of a documentary about Chernobyl, the first real SuperGau and something I still remember, it was horrible!


Q: The whole EP is absolutely incredible, I mean it's not only about the great songs but also about the awesome sound production with overwhelming instruments and vocals. I think many indie bands present themselves with a flimsy sound, but yor music is totally different from that. How did you dedicate your massive effort for the sound production as a producer and as an engineer for making such an amazing EP?

Hendrik:  Personally I think that a good production is one key element of metal and rock as important as any instrument could ever be. And the importance of that element goes beyond genres. For instance if your band is playing some really sophisticated stuff you need some good mixing to bring out all the details. But maybe even more importantly if your style is all about rhythm and unisono massiveness like ours you really need a massive sound to go with it. The riffs and chords themselves alone won't ever tell you the idea behind songs like that.
For »The Windscale Inception« I took that approach to the extreme. I would say my influences for this production were mainly Gojira and Periphery, but in the end it all made for some insane Strapping Young Lad-like apocalpyse sound. And I think that nothing else could have fit better to the meaning of those songs. Also I put a shitload of ear-candy everywhere. There are just so many subtle additional guitars, choirs, strings and synthesizers you wouldn't even know were there, but you would still miss if they were gone.

Hendrik:  As a producer I do keep my trademark effects and sounds throughout all my productions, but still I always strive to give every album the one single sound it needs. None two of my productions ever sound the same. Of course when it comes to multiple releases for one band I will keep the new sound in the same category as the old one, but I sort of dislike the way many metal producers have their one and only sound for everyone. I always want every one of my bands to have a distinct sonic identity.

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Q: Could you give some message to your music listeners in Japan?

The Band: Life, Love and all the best for your future. We all heard about the horrible Tsnunami and Fukushima and we're still shocked! Much love and respect to Japan, you are all in our hearts and we are with you! The Metal brotherhood never let you down!

2010 - The EP at disk union in Tokyo

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