The Last Hangmen – “We need your help for making 500 copies of the upcoming album!”

As a pure metal supporter, I would love to post this blog. Just a short note to let you know that you can visit the link below or check the ad on the right and donate to The Last Hangmen for making the production of their second album possible:


It seems to me that their new challenge is absolutely pertinent: They are trying to avoid exploiters in the music industry and believe their fans only!

As you know, nowadays many metal bands are struggling with the awful situation of how to produce their own music or simply finance their band because of less income through exploiters like labels or some brokers as well as illegal downloads and piracy. So, I’m happy to know that one of my favorite Melodic Death metal bands The Last Hangmen didn’t give up in their tough situation and decided to believe PURE Hangmen FANS only.

If you want to get a copy of their second album "Executing Empires" and listen to it when they finished it with your financial help, please visit the site and show your passion. It doesn’t matter how much you’ll donate, it all adds up. So, don’t be shy! Love and support the kick-ass melodic death force!

I’m already eager and hyper for their upcoming new album and I’m sure they will rock the world again very soon!

The Last Hangmen on Facebook:

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