TASTE OF EXTREME METAL – “Far From Innocence” Bloodspot

Bloodspot ”Far From Innocence” from The Demon EP! Check it out with an introduction of each member by Dom!

Bloodspot “Far From Innocence”
If you want to listen to the song with more greater sound condition, click the link below and play the audio file :) Listen to "Far From Innocence" from Bloodspot in HQ

Far from innocence

1, 2, Fuck you!

Stealing from ourselves by just closing eyes
Try to calm the voices in the back of your head
What a fucking great attitude
Stay where you are and watch them die from far away
Witness equal victim
You know which side you‘re on!

We are
Far from Innocence!
The first without sin shall cast a stone!
We are
Far from Innocence!
Once and for all!

Tight hands by a mouth that‘s shut
Not able to see the reality
Of truth; of mankind
There‘s nothing more to say than
this is your only view
Can‘t help with what I‘m saying
Fuck off! Be on top!
Come a bit closer; I‘ll show you what I mean!

We are
Far from Innocence!
The first without sin shall cast a stone!
We are Far from innocence!
Once and for all!

We are
Far away
From what we were meant to be!
We are
Far from Innocence!

Once and for all!

Far from Innocence!

About Daniel “Howdy” Geberzahn
Dom:  He is our rhythm guitar player. He does a real great job in creating mind blasting fast riffs! Check out his riffs on the album! You'll see what I mean!

About Marius Vent
Dom:  He is the newest member of the band and our lead guitar player. He has a huge talent when it comes to musical theory and is a huge improvisation talent. He wrote and plays all solos on the album.

About Jürgen “Kuno” Kuhn
  He is our bass player. He makes music for, I think, 25 years by now within bands and has a great feeling when it comes to groove and being tight. He is
our centre of relaxation. And believe me, we really
need something like this.

About Björn Grontzki
Dom:  He is our drummer. He is the one who founded this whole thing back in the days of BLINDFOLD, a former hard rock cover project, from which BLOODSPOT was created. He learned everything from himself. He is a really crazy guy. I know him since the days we were together in the kindergarten and we grew up together. He is a real good friend.

About Dominik “Dom” Jahr
Dom:  Last but not least: me! I am part of BLOODSPOT since the first day just like Howdy and Björn. I never really tried something like vocal coaching or something like that and to be honest: I give a shit about it. Just try and make your own experiences! Your body will give you signs if you are not doing it right!

How was the song “Far From Innocence” ?

Bloodspot are the one who set fire to our metal spirits with their kick-ass thrash-death-tunes and makes us moshing and banging, huh?

They already finished making their real-kick-ass full-length album “Embrace The End”, I’ve already listened to it all and can say it’s more brutal than the previous EP! Plus, there’s some surprise in it, so, all of you extreme metal fans might have much fun with it!

The moshers who are
enjoying a gig of Bloodspot!