TASTE OF EXTREME METAL – “Endless Open End” by Syranic

I’m extremely happy and proudly presents my favorite band Syranic’s amazing kick-ass tune “Endless Open End” on my blog. I also had another interview with Hendrik and Julian of the band lately, so I’ll divide it in two and show you as “The Windscale Inception - behind the scene”. Okay here we go.

“Endless Open End” - SYRANIC
If you want to listen to the song with more greater sound, click the link below and play the audio file Click the audio file "Endless Open End" by Syranic EP

Endless Open End

I opened my mind, found a beast inside
I tripped out to hell and I died in the
Inner space of mine! I’ve only fucked the truth
Buried my lost soul - buried it in filth

So you hate it
Though you loved it
Though you loved it, ahh
Though you loved it, ahh

Stoked the fears with fear, lost myself in tears
Fought but lost the war, all I felt within
My skull oh it burned, (the) fucking trip it turned
(into) an endless open end, endless open end!

Help me like always
Come into my world
Oh come to my world

No one ever knew how trapped I have been
Darkness killed the kid, killed the rest of sense
I freaked out on hate - paralized by shades

I still bleed inside, hedonism it kills
Ahh, hedonism kills, hedonism
Ahh, hedonism kills, hedonism kills

Help me like always
Come into my world
An endless open end

We adore it, the killing, reprogramming
Of our mind fucked up souls
It is dying, the bleeding
Of the perception making us go-o-o-ods

So you loved it, though you hate it
So you hate it, though you loved it
Though you loved it, ahh

Help me like always
Come into my world

“The Windscale Inception” behind the scene pt.I

Q: "Endless Open End" is a totally killer tune as starting kick-ass intro. Could you tell us about the sound and the lyrics of the song? Do you have any special episode about the song?

Julian: The lyrics of Endless Open End are about the destructive feelings you have inside if you are deeply down. I wrote this song as a hateful statement after some really bad experiences and gave it a philosophical touch.

Julian: I believe that destructive feelings kill the child in everyone of us, you become a freak and totally disrespect everything you were and what you might become. You can hear that in one special part of the lyrics: "We adore it, the killing, reprogramming our mind fucked up souls it is dying, the bleeding of the perception making us gods".









Julian: I believe that the party societies of our time formed a mankind that adores self-destruction as a kind of modern "pursuit of happiness". The victim is our real consci- ousness, our perception, which makes us what we really are - a mixture of animals and godlike creatures with the reward to reflect and realize what we really are. Hate destroys this ability and brings us closer to the inner abyss. Call it heaven, call it hell… it is all just the same description of 0 and 1, good and bad. To say in Master Yodas words: "Fear is the way to the dark side".

Julian: The funny aspect of "Endless Open End " is that some parts are inspired by blues legend Tom Waits. I wanted to do that and Hendrik just gave me a megaphone and said "Go ahead you ugly Bastard". I did that with every single inch of my body - blues rules and Tom is legendary!


You can check it out how he screams in the EP… haha :D

The Windscale Inception

1. Endless Open End
4.The Mindscale Inception
5.Death Facility One


“The Windscale Inception - 
behind the scene” will be continued. Stay tuned!

25th Oct. 2011 - Kumi666