Soulbound interview about “Towards The Sun” PT.II

Me: Actually, I surprised about the vocals especially in the chillout version of Down In Destruction, that's really brilliant! To tell the truth, I had not thought you were one of the best singers with the past demos before, but I was totally wrong... How did you have more fabulous vocal style or just the singing voice than before?

Band: First of all, those demos you talked about are almost over 2 years old, we all did a significant development since then and so did my singing of course. But still we’re in a process where we constantly looking to improve ourselves, we’re pretty sure that our next record will be even more awesome than Towards The Sun. This process would be pretty tough if we wouldn’t have the right people on our side who always help to improve ourselves. Plus those demos were recorded with cheap equipment, we don’t even identify ourselves with those demos anymore, it’s all about Towards The Sun now!

Me: My favorite song in "Towards The Sun" is just the title track. Do you guys have your own favorite song in it?

Felix(g): Mine’s the Chillout Remix, it shows a totally different side of us, I really like that!

Jonas(b): I’m gonna stick to Down In Destruction, it just makes me wanna do the hair windmill, hell yeah *laughs*.

Mario(d): I think I like Broken Pieces the most, I listen to it at work while I smash my work desk.

Patrick(g): I’m havin’ a real good time with Sunrise, I use it as my wakeup ringtone. Always a good start in the day!

Johnny(vo): My favorite is “Towards the Sun”. It has so much variety, it’s pretty technical, some parts are more like “In your face”, some parts are very smooth ... also it’s a cool song to perform on stage.

Me: Could you introduce each song one by one?

Band: Basically our songs are based on dealing with emotional problems we all have in our lives. Mostly about those found in interpersonal relationships.

The most important point we want to show with our music is, that we want people to deal with those problems in a positive, forward-looking manner. It’s not about caving in and giving up. It’s about standing up to those problems and about telling them exactly what you think. Don’t look back, don’t let those problems bring you down; always look forward, towards the sun!

Halloween is about someone who has to dissimulate himself towards people in society in order not to be the odd one out. Society makes us wear different “masks” to every special occasion in life; we change in order to get along with people who we think are important or are worth getting along with.

Broken Pieces is about a person who was a really big part of my life and then left me and it totally destroyed me. This song is about dealing with her like ‘I don’t need you, I’m better off without you”.

Curse Of Vanity is about someone you really can’t stand and you just literally wanna rip that persons head of. Also, it’s about dealing with it in a positive manner: Wrath. Yes, wrath is a positive thing in our opinion, as long as it is used right. Curse Of Vanity is about saying:” Go to hell! Get out of my life you jerk, I hate you!

Towards The Sun , well, it kinda explains itself. It’s all about pushing forward, don’t let anyone bring you down, go ahead, don’t look back, do whatever feels right for you and stand for it!

Down In Destruction: Depressions are becoming a bigger deal every day, especially in Germany. Some of us know what it’s like to be in such a situation and with Down In Destruction, we want people to get this thoughts out of their system in a positive and forward-looking way!

Me: The artwork of "Towards The Sun" looks totally simple but kinda expansive. What is the point?

Band: Of course we wanted the layout to be related to Towards the Sun, so we came up with the idea of designing the cover like an orbit, with planets, stars and of course the sun, which you can see once you remove the CD from its place in the case, that’s a pretty cool effect because you literally have to reach “towards the sun” in order to grab the CD and put it in your player. That way, our fans can relate even more to the concept of “Towards The Sun”.

Me: Now the whole world of Soulbound were revealed with "Towards The Sun", right? What's next? Do you have any plan for this year already?

Band: Well damn right we have! Playing even more shows, reaching even more people, having even more fun with this than we’ve ever had! We’re really looking forward to creating a new album and of course bringing you guys some fancy new T-Shirts. Maybe there will be another video, maybe some other cool stuff, stay tuned, stay with us, stay Towards The Sun!

Thank you so much guys!

Towards The Sun
1. Eclipse
2. Halloween
3. Curse Of Vanity
4. Down In Destruction
5. Towards The Sun
6. Sunrise
7. Broken Pieces
8. Down In Destruction – chillout mix

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