Soulbound interview about “Towards The Sun” PT.I

Me: First of all, congratulations that you guys finally released the very first professional recordings  "Towards The Sun". How are you feeling now?

Band: Thank you Kumi! It’s hard to describe how you feel after almost two years of endless weekend-recordingsessions, tons of photo-shootings and a bunch of concerts in between. All we can say is, we’re so glad that this huge project has come to an end and we’re even more stoked about showing our stuff to other people. In my opinion that’s what they call ‘to carry off the bays’.

Me: The band signed with a record label already, right?

Band: Indeed we did, we’re really happy to call Deafground Records our supporter; they’re helping us out with promotion issues and lots of other stuff. Best regards to our friend Maurizio and of course to the rest of the awesome Deafground crew! It feels really good to know that there’s someone who’s supporting us, big relief!

Me: You guys replaced the second guitarist from Jens to Patrick, huh? Do you mind if I ask you what happened in the band? Could you introduce Patrick to Soulbound fans anyway?

Band: That’s correct, well, look, being in a band is a really time consuming hobby – I’m not really sure if “hobby” is the right description for that what we’re doing, it’s definitely a whole lot more than that. You got to make the decision yourself, spend time with the band, or spend time with your friends, family and so on. Jens’ decision fell on the latter and that’s perfectly fine for us. There was no fight and there never will be, he was a good friend in Soulbound and it’ll stay this way.

Band: Anyway, let’s talk about Patrick! He’s a fuckin’ great guy and we got along with him very well since the first time we met him! You get to know each other very well, when you’re on tour and we had a whole lot of fun together! He’s a great guitar player and also an amazing graphic-designer! We’re really happy to have him and also we’re pretty damn sure that you guys will also like what you’ll see and hear on stage!

Me: I noticed Hendrik Kröger from Syranic did a great job as a producer this time again. How was the recording process with him?

Band: Damn right! Hendrik is an awesome producer, working with him was really pleasant and he really exceeded all our expectations with the record! I think the communication between the band and their producer is the most crucial part when it comes to setting up a record. We really got to know each other during this time and the mutual respect kept growing every day, we’re really happy about that. It all went so smoothly, we couldn’t imagine someone else doing the job that Hendrik is doing for us!

To be continued… Stay tuned!

By the way, “Towards The Sun” is already available at famous metal CD stores called disk union Hard & Heavy Ochanomizu, Shibuya, Shinjuku and their online store, also you can find it on Amazon Japan. Check it out!

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