Extreme Metal Over Japan 2012 vol.1 – The tour report

Part.1 - The full tour report by Benneth from Chaotic Tapestry Japan

Day one 11/14/2012 Tourism

Pretty excited after 4 month of intense promo and booking work for this tour, I go to Narita to pick up Deals Death in the morning, first meet with the guys, they are super nice and I already feel that this tour is gonna be awesome. After a quick stop to my place for shower, we decided to go check the ESP Craft House in Shin Ochanomizu and then Akihabara, to buy some video games, then the last tourist spot we did this day was Asakusa temple. The guys were really impressed about this spot, this temple is really cool and show you the traditional side of Japan.

11/15/2012 Osaka

After couple of hours of sleep, my driver (Tomoya Takeuchi, a big Thank you to this awesome guy) came to pick us, direction Narita airport once again to get Bloodshot Dawn. This was a bit stressful for me as they were landing at 10:00 a.m. and supposed to be in Osaka at 19:00 p.m. the same night.

All the guys are waiting us already when we stop to Narita, same feeling as for Deals Death, they are all cool, the difference is I know already couple of them. Then we had a 9 hours driving time to reach Osaka, when we went to the venue (Pangea) the show has already started. Bloodshot and Deals Death were not able to do any sound Check. I was really busy to meet everybody who helped me in Osaka to make this show and really glad to see that one of the most talented Drawing metal design artist was in the audience (Toshihiro Egawa, I want to thank him and his wife for their kindness and support).

In Osaka Hemorrhoid Carnage killed the stage, they are playing a Technical Death metal who remind me bands Like Obscura/Necrophagist/Archspire to name a few but better, those kids will be huge that's for sure!

Then Gotsu Totsu Kotsu go on stage, this band is just one of the most impressive Japanese act ever, Haruhisa the Bass/vocals is definitely the best Bass player I ever seen on live, they will tour in Europe in September with Bloodshot Dawn!

Venue start to get kind of full when Serenity in Murder reach the stage. They play a Symphonic Death/Black Metal. All members are pretty active on stage. Emi, the vocalist, has a god communication with the public. They are also pretty young but I am sure that they will become a major act in the future.

Finally time for Bloodshot Dawn. I never saw them in live but couple of friends (from Decapitated and Aborted) told me that this band is pretty cool. Well, I won't be disappointed: they know what they are doing and they are raping the stage. Josh has a good communication with the audience and people start to get crazy in the venue, Ben is playing is solo exactly like on the album (It's sad to say but now many bands can't play live what they are doing on studio). Anthony is smashing his bass and Doug was playing tight and sing in the same time. I had a really good moment to watch them.

After 5 minutes of setting it's time to Deals Death to come on stage, well I was really impressed by their show. They are happy to play in Japan and they show it. There is a symbioses between the members, they are not here to joke. Their music is really powerful and the sound-man did a good job. Everything was perfect!
For two bands who traveled 16 hours by plane and then 9 hours by van giving such energy in live was just awesome!!

After the show Toshihiro and his wife brought us to a bar in Shinsaibashi, we drank several beers then it was time to leave, Thank you so much Osaka!!

11/16/2012 Nagoya

We arrived in Nagoya around 7h30 in the morning, everybody was really tired after the Party with Toshihiro so we went to sleep at the hotel directly, we woke up around 11h00am, and went to visit the Nagoya Castle, it's always good to see the history of the country you are playing shows in.
This castle is really beautiful and everybody was felt this zen and peaceful sensation!

Let's get back to the show, well show started with Resurection, a metalcore band, pretty good live, vocalist can growl and do clean vocals. Then Gotsu Totsu Kotsu, who one more time blow my mind, Haru and Atsushi have fun when they play and you feel it, their set have so much energy!

Followed by Serenity in Murder who one more time played a really tight show, Freddy the guitarist is giving 100 percent of himself , I had a really good time.

Then Bloodshot Dawn go on stage, well, the audience are waiting them as everybody start to scream their name, the guys play a good show, the audience went crazy since the first riffs until the last, special mention to the sound-guy of Nagoya 3 stars club who did an excellent job for them.

Couple of minutes of setting then Deals death come with their melodic Death metal, it's really good Olle is really impressive and the show was insane!
After the show we stayed at the venue drink with people , then around 1h00 am it was time to come back to Tokyo.

11/17/2012 Tokyo Signing session

We arrived in Tokyo around 8:00 a.m., then went back to sleep, today was a day off so we organized a signing session to God'z Metal bar. We had time to do some tourism spot like the city hall of Shinjuku, then we went to do couple of interviews for Metalship webzine (Thanks to Guillaume Cattella for the time he spent with us!)
We also went to eat some fish and chips and pizzas in a British pub, we had a lots of fun, after that we went to the signing session. The signing session went very well, a lots of people came, bands had a lots of fun!
We went home around 23h30 to prepare for the Biggest show of the tour.

11/18/2012 Shibuya Cyclone

We arrived in Shibuya around 11.00 a.m. We had time to go visit the Disk union store, then the Donkijote, we ate some sushi and then time to go to the venue! Cyclone is a nice venue and I heard that tonight we have almost 130 presales, which is pretty insane!

It's early when Hemorrhoid carnage start to play, but still a lots of people are already here and everybody seems to enjoy the show! After it's time to Ogre, to reach the stage, Sayaki and his crew are not here to joke, they have been around since a while and you can feel it, I saw them several times in live, it's always a good moment!

The venue is really packed when Serenity In Murder come on stage, tonight was there best show, really intense and powerful, they play really tight and Emi is really active with the audience!

Then time to Bloodshot Dawn, as usual they deliver an energetic show, Josh is a really good front-man, Ben plays his solo perfectly, Doug and Ant are also good, this show was clearly insane!

It's 21:00 p.m. when Deals Death reach the stage, same as for Bloodshot dawn, the guys are really tight and happy to be in Japan, they show it, the show is really good, Olle is a good front-man, Erik and Sebastian plays there solo very well, Janne and Fredrik are super tight, no other word awesome show!

After the show we went to an Izakaya to party, maybe to hard haha, bands convince me to stay all night in Shibuya so we did. The morning it was time to say goodbye to everybody, I made a lots of friend on this tour, and had a lots of fun. I would like to thanks Everybody who came to those shows, it was our first real tour in Japan, and it was a success because of the people who came!

Special thanks to:
Kumi (for her support since the Day 1), Tomoya (for driving us the whole tour you’re the best man!), Fay (for Supporting me even when I am a dick), Mika (my beloved wife who accept that 9 guys come to sleep at her house), Toshihiro Egawa (for coming to the show and support us!), Freddy and Emi (for helping me to make this tour happen), Hemorrhoid Carnage/Gotsu Totsu Kotsu/Ogre/Resurection for their help for the Promotion and the badass show they played!, God'z metal bar (for their help in promo and let us to get drunk to their place) and one more time EVERYBODY who came to those show!
Without you guys nothing will be possible, if you want to keep having cheap shows in Japan please support us!

Our next Event is in February with Aborted and System Divide 5 shows through Japan please check the facebook for more info! https://www.facebook.com/ValentineSmasher

Thanks again

Benneth / Chaotic Tapestry Japan

- The whole photos below at Shibuya Cyclone by Live Action Hero -

Bloodshot Dawn https://www.facebook.com/BloodshotDawn

Deals Death https://www.facebook.com/dealsdeath

Fabulous moments passes so fast always, but the memories could dwell vividly in your heart forever… I’m sure I’ll never ever forget about the incredible time with BLOODSHOT DAWN and DEALS DEATH at Shibuya Cyclone. The kick-ass metal shows made me feel totally alive and blissful, gave me much positive powers for the future. Thank you so much for all guys from BLOODSHOT DAWN and DEALS DEATH. Thanks so much for all your efforts Benneth. You rule.

- Kumi666

Part.2 - The live review at Pangea Osaka by one of the witnesses of the show - "Are You Ready, Osaka?" An Extreme Metal Live Report! by Alicia

Extreme Metal Over Japan's first stop was at Osaka's PANGEA, and every band was terrific! The final European two groups in the five-band session were on their initial Japanese tour.

The first was English band Bloodshot Dawn. They'd just arrived in Japan earlier that day and before their set spent a few minutes calling out instructions to the sound engineer; Anthony, the bassist, loosened up the joints in his fingers with some warm-up exercises.

All movement stopped and the anticipation exploded as the opening strains of "Becoming Oblivion" gave way to some hellacious drumming and guitar solos. They may describe themselves as an "unrelenting, hyper speed, extreme-metal machine" but I thought their melodies were also lyrical and moving.

Deals Death had a much darker tone than Bloodshot Dawn and most of their songs had a very forceful, direct beat. The entire band radiated this mesmerizing charisma and the crowd sensed it too. Audience members would rush the stage, body-slam Olle, the vocalist, and crash back down to the floor. At one point Olle grabbed one of the most enthusiastic fans and spun him around. He looped the mike cord twice around the fan's neck, pulled hard, and screamed the chorus while the entire place erupted in utter chaos around the pair. Amazing stuff!

When will Boodshot Dawn and Deals Death return to Japan and perform for the crowds once more? For Extreme Metal Over Japan was easily one of the best lives I've seen this year. Kudos to both European bands for traveling such a long way to show us what death metal is really about!

Thanks a lot Alicia for your awesome review! - Kumi666