Darkest Horizon

Live videos from Metal Up Your Life on 06-Feb-2016

The Last Hangmen, All Will Know, Soulbound and Darkest Horizon shared the stage at Metal Up Your Life. You also can see some guys from Burden Of Life and Parasite Inc. in the absolutely stunning photo below!


You can check all those bands I mentioned above here. If you find something interesting there, please buy their music and merch and support those brilliant bands!

So, here we go with some fabulous videos from the concert filmed by ghostuser.de!!!

Off-stage shot 1 - merch booth


Off-stage shot 2 - couch potatoes ~ Kötti from Burden Of Life, Johnny and Felix from Soulbound


Incredible beautiful gifts from my support bands. I love you all!!!


Special thanks to Kai and ghostuser.de !!!  Give your like for ghostuser facebook


DARKEST HORIZON released their full-length “The Grand Continuum”



German melodic death metal force DARKEST HORIZON released their new full-length "The Grand Continuum" . Check some songs from the album via following YouTube videos and be sure to grab your copy on DARKEST HORIZON Official Homepage !!!

DARKEST HORIZON Official Facebook