BLOODSPOT IS BACK! – Short interview

It has been a long time since we had an interview last time. How have you been?

Howdie: For sure we went through the usual ups and downs you have to deal with when you are in a band. Different opinions on different topics, some absolutely awesome live-shows, some very chaotic live-shows and of course good old everyday insanity. But all in all we have been very good. We are very excited about our upcoming release and the touring afterwards. We can't wait to get back on the road again!

You guys announced the new front-man Pete some months ago. Is everything going well with him so far? Could you introduce him?

Howdie: With Pete everything is going great! Right from the beginning he operated with full capacity! He didn't need much time to fit into the bands' working-habits. He actually brought a lot of fresh creativity into the songwriting. Not to mention his absolutely powerful voice. Apart from that he did a new logo-design and the whole artwork for the upcoming album. In my personal opinion the band is getting a real individual "image" for the first time, like something that makes you sure about "yeah man, THIS is Bloodspot". Last but not least Pete is just a very kind person and I love to hang out with him. His character also fits perfectly into the band. So, as you can see, I'm really in love with this guy. Maybe I should tell some bad things about him, so he doesn't become airborne. But at the moment there's just nothing one could seriously complain about. Pete is definitely the right man in the right place!

I am curious about the future release. You guys have been writing new songs for the upcoming album, right? How is your plan for the new album?

Howdie: Yeah, we wrote some new killer-tracks for you guys and girls. Right now we are working on details until we are absolutely satisfied with every song. In June we will hit the studio for recordings. The release is planned for November. We are currently into communication with a label, so it maybe depends on the results when the album will be released exactly. But apart from that, a new video clip and some other stuff are already in progress. And most important: We will promote the new record with a lot of live shows at the end of the year! So you really have some reasons to be curious! We are as well!

Do you think the new release will have the same direction as Embrace The End?

Howdie: No, I don't think so. There will definitely be a lot of similarities, because we did not change our style completely or something like that. But all in all, the new material will be quite different to what we did on Embrace The End. For sure one big reason for this is the fact that we got a new man at the vocals. He sounds different, his connection to music is different, he is just a different person. The other very important aspect is, that the songs on Embrace The End represent the whole band history from the first song we ever wrote to the latest song we wrote before the release of the album. This period of time is about 5 years. 5 years which I would call in some way the identification process of Bloodspot. In my opinion, we weren't really sure about in which direction we wanted to go during this time. So we just tried out some different things. I think this was a very important process for us. But through the last 2 years, especially with the songwriting for the new album and the fresh influences from Pete, we were getting more focused on what we really want to do. This process is still in full motion. At present there is a whole lot of energy and creativity growing within the band and it doesn't seem to stop. To sum it up: The new songs will be a bunch of shameless brutal motherfuckers, so go fucking prepare yourself!

You guys are a totally live-band, aren’t you? Could you tell me the upcoming live schedule?

Howdie: Yeah, we absolutely love to play live an it is very important for us! As I mentioned before, we will be on the road at the end of the year to promote the new album. In the meanwhile we will play some smaller festivals like "Metallergrillen" or "Kalkwerkfestival". You will find the final dates of all shows for the rest of the year soon on our website and on our facebook-page. Thanks a lot for the interview and for your incredible support! You are just awesome Kumi!

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