BLOODSHOT DAWN interview on 28th July 2012

Some days ago, BLOODSHOT DAWN the epic melodic extreme metal force from UK announced their very first Japan Tour on this fall. So I had a short interview with Josh the singer/guitarist/ manager and so on and Doug the drummer of the band urgently.

I'm absolutely stoked that Bloodshot Dawn Japan Tour on this fall has been confirmed! It will be the first time overseas tour for you, right? How are you feeling about it now?

Josh: We are completely honoured that an unsigned band from a small village in the UK can be offered such an opportunity in this day and age where there is such a vast amount of bands throughout the world. The fact that we are playing in Japan for our first shows outside of the UK is a dream come true, simply adding to an incredible 2012 we have had so far.

Do you have any thoughts about Japanese metal scene and metalheads?

Josh: For us, and from what our peers have said Japan is supposed have the best fans in the world (you must prove this statement for us)! As manager of the band I have always felt that Japan was high up in the list of countries of the world thats market we want to break into! Also we know how much you guys love guitar solos, and we have 1 or 2 of those in the record!

The brilliant first full-length "Bloodshot Dawn" will be available in Japan in upcoming days. Could you introduce the album by yourself shortly to metalheads here? How do you describe Bloodshot Dawn's music?

Doug: The album is an intelligent blend of extreme metal influences. It combines brutal vocal styles, blastbeats and crushing riffage, with an impressive display of melodic fretboard wizardry. Impressive lead work and melodic hooks, in the styles of Arch Enemy and Scar Symmetry, are built upon death and thrash metal sections, akin to the likes of Decapitated and Testament.

Here’s some “fretboard wizadry” by Josh and Ben that you can see:

Please give some message to Japanese fans.

Josh: Bloodshot Dawn are coming, and we are taking no prisoners! Be prepared to have your face melted by our guitars and for some epic partying times!

We are really looking forward to seeing your shows in Japan on this November! Thank you so much!

Here’s the current flyer for the upcoming Japan Tour


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The official music video “Godless”

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