BLEEDING RED interview about the upcoming full-length “Evolutions Crown”

Part I. The interview with Timo

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Q1: How is the recording process going so far?

Timo: We're almost done now, I'm still in the studio every few days. We just have to finish editing the drums, put some decent keyboards under some parts to get a dreadful atmosphere, and mix some parts. It should then come back from the mastering on 5th January.

Q2: The album artwork is available now and it looks awesome! Who had the idea for that?  Is there any concept / theme in it?

Timo: We've found British artist Jonathan Straughan by chance on the internet. The whole thing was already finished and available for purchase. It fitted our purpose perfectly, because our lyrics deal with humans at a crossroads.

Timo: They can either fuck everything up in the future or evolve to a higher level. So the future of mankind lies in the human hand. I want to emphasize that we don't want to show that the earth herself is threatened by mankind - because she isn't! She can get rid of us and heal itself if she wants to, and it seems like we've gotten another chance.

In addition, the album title "Evolution's Crown" mixes up Darwinism's and Creationism's terms for the human kind. By combining them, we wanna make clear, that none of those paradigms has ever completely understood reality. So you can say, the album shows up new ways of thinking, while humanity is at the crossroads of self-destruction and evolution. And that is what the whole cover symbolizes.

Q3: Could you tell me details of the upcoming album? How many songs will you put it on?

Timo: There are going to be twelve songs on it, including two instrumentals. Each song is full of honest, aggressive and direct Metal from slow to really fast pieces! Also the songs from the 2009 Unmaster can be found on the album - with new, more brutal drums and a new mastering!!!

Also the track-list is official, already:
1. Bloodforce
2. The Running Man
3. Nameless
4. Wasted Screams
5. Thoughtcrime
6. Unmaster
7. Involution
8. Calm Before The Storm
9. Tritoxine
10. Frequencies
11. Goddess Of Black
12. Calling For Your Downfall


Q4: I heard the new album will be available on March 2012 via the label. It means all metalheads in the world will have a chance to get a copy of them in their countries, right? Are you guys ready for taking over the world, haha?

Timo: We definitely are! We want to touch and wake up people around the world and for that, we are perfectly prepared, I think. Our label "BLACK BARDS" took care of this, they are doing a great job, just as our manager Flori Milz does! I think the album can be purchased online all over the world via this link (it's a German page, sorry):

Of course, it will also be in record stores around the world!

Q5: Well, I would love to show the EP "Unmaster" to metalheads before the upcoming full-length will be out. Could you introduce the song "The Running Man" from the EP?

Timo: The Running Man is based on the 80's movie with the same title. It is about us humans being distracted by TV every day. Instead of thinking, questioning, and really living, they just want to be entertained and lied to via the propaganda shows every day. And because the whole elite plans rely on a distracted, mislead, dumb population, we want to help change that state with this song.

Q6: How is your plan for 2012?

Timo: Everything is based on the new album. After the release, we plan to play a lot of summer festival shows, perhaps organize a little tour in fall, and so on.
Of course, as soon as the recordings are done, we also start writing new stuff for the next album, already! In the end, we would love to play gigs all over the world, we will see...

Thank you so much Timo!



Part II. TASTE OF EXTREME METAL - “The Running Man”


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The Running Man
Something’s wrong in this fucked up world
It’s a world built upon lies
With the truth staying in the shadows
For your ratings they’re the price
Without reflection people believe just what they see
It’s the end of knowledge, no more arts
In their minds nothing but TV
Sadistic killers hunting you down
hypnotizing society
Your blood will keep them watching
As worth of life finally deceased
Information, a thing of the past
Valuable tonigh’s your death
You’re the Running Man
Time for your last breath
Come On!
Yeah, you’re the Running Man - prepare!
Prepare to be sent deep down below
For they can’t wait to see you running
Now it’s time to start the show
There is no choice
Now you’re running for your life
You’re the Running Man
Kill them in the final strive



Subzero, Buzzsaw
Assassins for their god
Fireball, Dynamo
Servants to your law
Watching the fight go down in fire
Struggling for air as the flames grow higher
Something’s wrong in your fucked up life
an existence built on lies
With the truth staying in the shadows
For your ratings I am the price
Without reflection people believe just what they see
It’s the end of my life? Want my death?
Time for your last breath!
You’re the Running Man - prepare!
Prepare to be sent deep down below
For they can’t wait to see you running
Now it’s time to start the show
This is my choice
Now I'm fighting for my life
I'm the Running Man
Kill you in my final strive

Unmaster – the copy of mine :)

Okay, I would love to tell it to you once again - Bleeding Red’s professional first full-length
Evolutions Crown will be out on March 21st. Check it out and make sure to get a copy of yours! Bleeding Red FACEBOOK