Time flees away without delay. While I’ve been doing busy, 2017 is almost over now. I’m feeling there are too many good albums to pick only 10 this year. Anyway, I show you my current favorites from this year's releases and I shout this out loud that every single album from top 5 in the list is worth the number one. Plus, I mention Song Of The Year 2017 and some other good albums dropped from top 10 in the bottom. So, here we go.

Number 1 : "Tarot" - AETHER REALM

Number 2 : "Dead Shores Rising" - DESERTED FEAR

Number 3 : "Old Scars, New Wounds" - ACT OF DEFIANCE

Number 4 : "Heal" - BLOODRED HOURGLASS

Number 5 : "Mirror City" - SYMPULSE-E

Number 6 :  "Phamtom Anthem" - AUGUST BURNS RED

Number 7 : "Will To Power" - ARCH ENEMY

Number 8 (1/2) : "Shadows Inside" - MISS MAY I

Number 8 (2/2) : "Infinitas" - ALL WILL KNOW

Number 9 : "Poetry of the III-Minded" - SHADE EMPIRE

Number 10 : "The Eclipse" - SERENITY IN MURDER

Next 12 albums as near to top 10

Song Of The Year: SUNLESS RISE - "Flywheel"

Happy New Year and Stay Metal!!!

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