Soulbound short interview – “We’re hitting the Studio right now to record a few new tracks.”

It’s been a lil long time since we had an interview last time, huh? How have you been?

Mario: Tell me about it! Far, far too long! We’ll, as you might know, we’re hitting the Studio right now to record a few new tracks. Jonas and I just finished their recording sessions; just three more to go and hopefully we’ll be able to show the guys out there our new stuff as soon as possible! We’re not even planning to play any gigs during our time in the studio, cause we really wanna put all our time and energy in it.

Did you play much gigs since Towards The Sun was released?

Johnny: Yeah, quite a few, there were some pretty big shows among them where we really had a blast! It kinda was a good reward for spending so much time on ‘Towards the Sun’. Now the time has come to reap our award (laughs). We’re still getting so much positive feedback, feels really good.

You guys are currently working for some recordings, right? For what? Will you going to release the first full-length?

Patrick: We will definitely release a full-length-record, but not right now. We’re recording those tracks so we can send them to record companies and agencies. Plus, we’re doing this because we’re considering recording an album there and we wanted to get an idea first how we would get along with the people of Cubeaudio-Studios and how the recording session itself would feel for us.

Is there anything you can tell your fans about details of the recording stuff at this point in time?

Felix: We took off our recording session with a whole different approach. ‘Towards The Sun’ was recorded in many different places with different equipment each time. This time, we wanted to do it different, all magic will happen at Cubaudio-Studios. Also, this is our first time actually working together with a producer; it really took the recording process on a whole new level. Anyway, we don’t want to beat the fans to the punch; all we can say we’re having a whole lot of fun recording those tracks and we can’t wait to show you guys our new stuff!

As far as I saw photos of the recording, you guys’re in a very good mood and enjoying it, right? How can you keep your motivation for it? I guess recordings are tough stuff, right?

Jonas: We’re doing the thing we love with the people we like most, together, as a unit. It’s as simple as that. Besides, right now, we’re getting to know a studio and producers who’re really trying to push us forward, beyond the stage that we’re in now. This process by itself is motivation enough. Sure, recording sessions are pretty tough, but all in all, if you’re hearing the music you create coming together for the first time, it really speaks for itself, awesome feeling! It’s the thrill to create a musical piece and show it to the people out there and see how they react, that’s kinda one of our drugs that we’re addicted to (laughs), besides playing gigs, of course.

I found out you’re going to produce some new designed shirts, right? Can you tell me about it? Who designed it?

Jonas: Right, we designed some awesome new T-Shirts, all of them were conceived by out guitar guy Patrick. Of course, all of those T-Shirts are fair-trade and high-quality, we don’t want to sell some cheap bull-crap which wears out after washing it two times. We want people to actually wear our stuff and be happy and maybe even a little bit proud of it!

Thank you so much guys! Good luck for the new record! I would love to have a longer interview with you when you’ve finished ‘em all!