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Hibria – Metal Maniac Inside Japan Tour 2015 – Live Review


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Scream, sweat and enthusiasm - Metal Maniac Inside Japan Tour 2015 - Hibria Live in Tokyo

It was just 5 minutes left until the start of the show tonight when I arrived at O-East in Tokyo. Between Hibria and us (their fans in Tokyo), the venue has some special meaning as the theater where the strong bond between us had risen out through their first headlining Japan tour in 2009. After the first appearance for LOUD PARK festival, the second Japan tour with the album “Blind Ride” and the fourth landing for LOUD PARK again, they stood on stage at O-East again for Silent Revenge Japan tour in 2013. Because of a lot of brilliant memories with their past 5 shows, I expected so much for their performance tonight.

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 Finally the last couple of minutes passed by, then I found out the band never betrayed us! Suddenly the roaring engine broke the silence on stage, the familiar intro made me absolutely excited and made me scream in bliss. It couldn’t be better with the fact they chose the perfect kick-starter for the show tonight!!! And I also was surprised that Iuri sung the killer opener Steel Lord On Wheels perfectly with full force even it was the day right after he made through two full-length shows in Osaka and Nagoya already, whoa. We were all freakin’ crazy with the song from “Defying The Rules” and their energetic performance on stage.

The second song was one of their regular live set Welcome To The Horror Show. It seemed they were pretty enjoying themselves on stage and we were bouncing massive enthusiasm off each other through the familiar chorus part. After Tightrope which has heavy and tight riffs from the self-titled new album they played for the first time here, Iuri started talking to us how they missed Japanese fans and the show was going to be special.

Lonely Fight from the 4th album “Silent Revenge” they started playing after his greeting has a mid-up-tempo and mid-range, so we were simple swaying and getting into the groove. The next song Shoot Me Down set us on fire again by the fast rhythms and wild riffs built on stable technics.

After The Anger Inside from the second album “The Skull Collectors”, Iuri started talking to us again and he mentioned 10th anniversary version of “Defying The Rules” and shouted out Millennium Quest for the next song. It made me totally crazy again because the album is definitely one of the metal masterpieces for me for a long time and it got a new life with the kick-ass sound production last year as 10th anniversary version! Actually I can’t stop wishing someday they will play through the entire album in order in Japan, can’t stop loving the brilliant concept album full of killer tunes!!! And Iuri’s high-pitched power-vocals are just surreal as always and it brings the band as invincible live act. He definitely is the best power metal singer ever in the whole world. My neck and back were getting to be broken already…, and the intro of the next song made me emotional. It was Living Under Ice, from “Defying The Rules” again. I had to stare at the bleak ceiling for a while to fight back my tears with blissful feelings to being witness for the show tonight.

Well, in my personal metal taste, time for solos is no necessary… I’m not only talking about Hibria but also talking about any metal bands. I don’t feel so good when it could cut off my huge enthusiasm for a show with killer songs. So, I decided to skip mentioning about solos even each of Eduardo, Renato, Benhur and Abel did nice solo performances at the show ;)

hibria live 4 So, I’d love to shout out loud that the next song was one of my favorites: Defying The Rules! I was absolutely ecstatic with Iuri’s powerful and perfect vocals. It was just incredible he was still keeping his right tones! I’d like to point that Benhur has wonderful high-pitched voice as well and was doing a good job at the show. Against the fact, I already had some problem with my throat after shouting out the killer hook-line over again.

Luckily, Iuri told us to slow down and called Life for the next song. For the following song Shall I Keep On Burning, Iuri picked an acoustic guitar himself and started singing and playing alone on stage. No matter you like the style or not, you can simply find out such a great singer he is.

Blinded By Faith worked good for bringing back the metal mood slowly, and with Silence Will Make You Suffer, energetic Hibria universe rose again. They played Church from the new album and then played the final song of the set so far: Stare At Yourself! Such a luxurious set-list they made including 5 songs from the first album!!! After the set, we couldn’t stop screaming and clapping hands towards the dark empty stage for bringing them back there once again.

After a couple of minutes, they were back on stage with Silent Revenge. With the heavy and punchy sound, they had won to make us crazy again. Pain from the new album was the second song for the encore. I was really happy with the fact that they didn’t give scant weight to their classics and the set-list evenly covered all of their releases. That was just awesome.

Everything has an end. The familiar fast bass solo gave us to know that the next song was their flagship song Tiger Punch and it meant the show was getting over. Anyway, Japanese fans are emotionally attached to the song, so the chorus part became truly epic with booming roars by all of us! After the song, we made a massive round of applause and yelling for a long while for their super energetic performance through the show. We can’t wait to see them again on the next Japan tour and maybe at Loud Park as well hopefully.

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I’m an extreme metal lover and this is my indie extreme metal support website. Maybe some of the readers here would think I chose the wrong place to post this review because Hibria is not death metal band, even not an indie band in Japan. But I can say they are an EXTREMELLY energetic metal band and Iuri Sanson is an EXTREMELLY great metal singer. I can’t stop loving the band with their passion for metal. Plus, I’d like to spread the word about them worldwide especially to the metalheads in Europe, so I decided to post it here. Hope you enjoyed it. Thank you.

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Sight of Emptiness Live in Tokyo (2 days)


Those 2 days which my favorite Latin American extreme metal force Sight of Emptiness played in Tokyo for the first time were just more than overwhelming. They brought us their awesome music, passionate performances and the fresh breeze from their beautiful country Costa Rica.

Their first show in Tokyo had been started with "Deception" (you also know the song as their latest music video, right?). Usually, a fast song would be nice to kick-start a show, but the deep and philosophical song gave us a big impact with their passionate performance and I got goose-bumps. Eduardo's strong and husky screams are one of my favorite points of the band, and he showed us more powerful and soulful screams through them lives.

After his short greetings to the audience, he shouted out "Hostility" as the second song. Together with balmy synth melodies and faster rhythms, we started moving more active on the floor. Actually, after the show, the band told me there was some technical accident during the song, but who did recognize it??? We only went crazy with their epic performance. Anyway, I would like to mention that they played the song more perfect and energetic on Sunday.

Hostility from day 2

The next song was "Transition". That was impressive they chose the last track from the album "Instincts" for the short set-list of the first Japan tour. I love the powerful song anyway, I banged my head harder and was totally into their performance. Well, at their show on Sunday, some special thing for me happened right before the song. Eduardo shouted out my name for dedicating the song... how can I express my feeling at the moment exactly? That was unbelievable and absolutely honored, but it made me almost run away from the floor because of my shyness. Obviously, "Transition" became the special song for me since the evening anyway.

"Essence" they played right after "Transition" was a blast. I think many people there knew the song as the first track / first video from “Instincts”, we sang the clean part together and screamed the epic refrain "Living a dream with nothing to worry about". I can't stop loving their lyrical universe, by the way. So, it’s fabulous to sing-along or shouting out the way of life with our mother nature via their songs at them live.

Essence from day 1

When Eduardo shouted out “Burning Silence” (my favorite song from the album “Absolution of Humanity”) as the final song of the show, we went crazy, many metal horns started flying up in the air and we banged our heads to enjoy their epic performance ‘til the very last second. Triple-windmill-head-bangs by Eduardo, Andrés and Esteban on stage made us more enthusiastic for the show for sure. The brilliant time had gone so fast but I won’t forget their passionate and spiritual performances in Tokyo. They made me feel very proud of myself being a supporter for Sight of Emptiness in Japan. I hope they come back here with a new album and play gigs again at wider venues with a longer set-list in the future. They deserve it.

Burning Silence from day 2

I would love to shout this out to Eduardo, Andrés, Rod, Rafael, Esteban and Gabriel: Thank you so much for all your efforts through the Japan tour, thank you so much for coming all the way from San José, Costa Rica. Arigato! We love you guys!

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